Integrating Biofield Tuning

After Biofield Tuning, you'll want to integrate your session for maximum success. We've outlined what to expect, beneficial self-care tips, and more!

Biofield Tuning is a powerful sound therapy modality. Using awareness, intention, and sound, Cate guides energy back into flow. As a result, you feel less stuck and have more significant potential in all areas of your life, including your health and well-being. Tuning supports deep relaxation, emotional flow, trauma release, and more.

biofield tuning process

The Tuning Process

Whether in-person or remote, the session format is similar and equally effective. Cate begins by activating energy centers and the Sushumna central energy channel that runs along your spine. This process primes you for Tuning and helps you get present.

Once energy is flowing, Cate uses a pendulum to determine the best approach. She begins at the outer edge of your field (preconception) and works towards your body to your current age. The tuning forks provide vibrational feedback that guides you into harmony. We complete the session by re-checking chakras, grounding you, and wrapping you in a sonic love cocoon for easeful integration.

After Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is an enjoyable experience. Most people feel relaxed, calmer, lighter, clearer, and more self-aware, while many feel more present and open to signs and synchronicities. Although some people experience detox symptoms, those usually pass within a day or two. Follow the self-care tips below for support.

Detox symptoms can include:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Feeling very emotional
  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Rare instances: fever, rashes, phlegm, loose stool, vomiting

tuning fork on hand

Sound Therapy for Relaxation

Sound Healing Self-Care

Integration plays a crucial role in sound healing success. After Biofield Tuning, Hydrate, eat a High-Frequency Diet, and enjoy more grounding activities, such as walking barefoot in nature or enjoying an Epsom salt bath.

1. Hydrate Deeply

Hydrate well before, during, and after your Tuning session. Drink plenty of water upon waking up and throughout the day. External hydration such as soaking your body or feet in an Epsom salt bath for 20 minutes can assist in the release of blockages.

2. Connect to Earth

As weather permits, walk barefoot outside on grass after your session. Connecting bare feet to the earth grounds your energy, moving excess energy down and out of the body while drawing the earth's negatively charged ions into the body.

Experiencing more electromagnetic equilibrium can relieve many symptoms.

3. Shift Perspective

Coming into energetic harmony often requires a shift in perspective. Journaling can help you gain more significant insights that bring clarity. Becoming more aware of and observing your habitual patterns opens up new potential.

4. Practice Patience

When it comes to healing, slow and steady wins the race. Be gentle, kind, and patient with yourself as you integrate your experience. Commit to yourself and increase your self-care by Nourishing Yourself With Self Love. Stay curious and have fun on your healing journey. You're exactly where you need to be for your soul's growth and expansion.

“If you want to know the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration.”

— Nikola Tesla

The Biofield Anatomy Map

Biofield Tuning Founder Eileen McKusick created the Biofield Anatomy Map. Like neuroscientists mapped the brain, Eileen has mapped core Biofield patterns, which are also said to contain the map of your subconscious mind. Why is this important? Subconscious limitations create energetic and physical blocks that keep you stuck. Any obstructions in your life begin as blocks in your mind.

Biofield Tuning helps liberate you from old patterns, beliefs, emotions, and memories, so you resolve issues at the root to experience greater flow and freedom in your life. Working on a vibrational level gives us a direct way to identify and adjust patterns, thereby redirecting energy in your system.

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Resolve Issues at the Root

Biofield Anatomy Map Outline

During a Tuning session, Cate uses a pendulum to determine where energy is blocked and needs assistance getting back into the flow. Using the Biofield Anatomy Map, we explore the imbalances at the seven major chakras and the chakras at the knees and feet. The front chakras relate to giving, while the back chakras relate to receiving. Check out Eileen's book, Tuning the Human Biofield, for detailed info. The following energy blockages can be associated with the corresponding feelings.

Earth Star Chakra

Located below your feet, the Earth Star connects you to the negative ascending energy of the earth. Connecting this battery terminal helps you ground and discharge energy.

Foot Chakras

Right: next steps, where you're headed, and how you feel about it

Left: mired, stuck, wanting to move away from stressor but can't

Knee Chakras

Right: challenges moving forward, confusion, obstacles

Left: difficulties with attachment and letting go

Root Chakra

Right side: busy-ness, overdoing and overthinking

Left side: things you want to be doing, being, or having; unmet needs

Sacral Chakra

Right side: guilt and shame

Left side: frustration and disappointment

"The sides of each chakra are like file drawers containing records of a specific emotion or state of mind." — Eileen McKusick

Solar Chakra

Right side: relationship with your father; anger; connected to the edge of Adrenal Field

Left side: relationship with your mother; powerlessness

Heart Chakra

Right side: saying yes when you mean no, caretaking, accommodating

Left side: sadness, grief, loss, and depression

Throat Chakra

Right side: speaking but not being heard

Left side: that which you do not say or express

Third Eye Chakra

Right side: thinking about the past

Left side: worrying about the future

Both sides: concussion or head injury

Crown Chakra

Relationship with time and nature

Sun Star Chakra

Located above your head, the Sun Star connects you to the positive descending energy of the sun and cosmos.

Ancestral River & More

What are some areas we encounter during a Biofield Tuning Session? Depending on the person and intention, there are many areas to explore, such as the Ancestral River, Parent Zones, and Common Ditches. We can also Tune specific cells, organs, body systems, scar tissue, and more.

Ancestral River

Did you know you inherited the song's tone from your ancestors' DNA? You didn't just inherit eye and hair color from family but also their mental and emotional tendencies. Although it seems irrelevant, your ancestors' physical, mental, and emotional experiences are alive and influential in your life. By tuning into the DNA that informs you, you can remove the noise, change the key, and improve how that info expresses itself in yourself, your ancestors, and your descendants.

Mother and Father Zones

The Mother Zone (left) and Father Zone (right) reside on the sides of your biofield and hold the info of your parents.

Right and Left-Hand Ditches

Many people's energy gets stuck in left and right-hand ditches on the sides of the body. When you're energetically stuck, you get stuck attaching to old patterns. The central channel balances the feminine and masculine energies. Any imbalanced expressions of these polarities can leave you stuck on one side or the other.

The right-hand ditch holds more active masculine, yang-like imbalances such as anger, blame, aggression, overthinking, overdoing, and self-righteousness.

The left-hand ditch holds more passive feminine, yin-like imbalances such as sadness, disappointment, frustration, unmet needs, stifled expression, and powerlessness.

"Tuning reveals who you are beyond your pain body. So much of a person’s potential can get stuck in this contraction of stuck energy. Anything you do to level up your energy elevates all of us."

Eileen McKusick, M.A., Biofield Tuning Founder

Additional Techniques

The following sound healing techniques are incorporated into sessions as needed.

Sonic Meridian Flush

Cate uses weighted forks and crystals on your body to stimulate and open meridian pathways. Relax deeply as sound waves liberate stagnant energy and restore your natural flow of vital life force. This flushing process is excellent for supporting your body's innate healing ability, including detoxification.

Diaphragm Release

Cate uses weighted forks on your body/hologram to relax and release your diaphragm to promote deeper and easier breathing and release stress, tension, and trauma in the body. Feeling overwhelmed? Consider a diaphragm release.

Spine Walk & Slide

Open up the back chakras for receiving while increasing communication between each vertebra, supporting spinal flow, and alleviating back pain!

Sacral Stabilization

Stabilize and support your sacral chakra for more grounded, focused, and creative energy.

Singing & Vocal Toning

Using our voices, we open up vocal pathways and create greater resonance in the heart, brain, and body.

Sound Healing Services

After you've experienced a standard Biofield Tuning session, check out what you can enjoy next! Whether you're looking for a profoundly rejuvenating Adrenal Rhythm Reset or a Sonic Soul Retrieval, we've got you covered. It’s best to schedule more frequent sessions getting started (every other week) and space them out as you need a Tune-up (monthly). Each session builds upon the last.

Adrenal Rhythm Reset (ARR)

Adrenal issues are a new epidemic. Many people get stuck in a stress response that leaves them exhausted, depleted, and drained. By resetting your adrenals' rhythm, we help harmonize all energy systems throughout your body so they work more effectively.

Left Adrenal: regulates physical stressors such as physical pain, physical abuse, or having been in a dangerous situation.

Right Adrenal: regulates social stressors such as relationships.

Do you need an Adrenal Reset?

Symptoms of adrenal imbalance include anxiety, exhaustion, depression, physical weakness, nervousness, irritability, thyroid issues, hormone imbalance, digestive issues, food allergies/sensitivities/intolerances, insomnia, difficulty making decisions, brain fog, sweating, and cravings.

Note that it's best to experience a standard Biofield Tuning session before an ARR. Please plan 1-2 integration days of lighter activity and more rest after an adrenal-focused session. It takes about 3-5 sessions to shift the adrenals into a balanced rhythm.

sound therapy for sonic soul retrieval

Sonic Soul Retrieval

Like Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Sonic Soul Retrieval uses the power of intention and sound to help the body heal suppressed emotions, ancestral trauma, and even past lives! This process uses crystals and invites the omnipresent magic of the world around us.

Group Biofield Tuning Sessions

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Sound Therapy Tools

Cate uses specialty Biofield Tuning forks, various instruments, and crystals to assist her in the Tuning process. Tuning forks may wear boots for specific uses. For example, the Circuit Boot is especially beneficial for pain and inflammation.

As Cate connects with your field, the forks act like a needle on a record player, broadcasting the vibrational language of the body. Like a metronome, the forks give your body a steady rhythmic input to auto-correct or self-adjust. These forks also produce an electromagnetic charge, enabling us to use them like magnets to click-drag-and-drop energy in the field. Each fork produces a different frequency and has a particular purpose.

weighted tuning forks in sound therapy

Unweighted Forks

Unweighted forks are audible and are used in the field. These forks are activated using a hockey puck.

174 Hz — a workhorse fork with a wide range of tones

528 Hz — this fork resonates an angelic and loving frequency that may have the potential to repair DNA

417 Hz — this fork creates a gentle, soothing sound

144 Hz — an extraordinary range of tones

Weighted Forks

Weighted forks are quiet and are used in the field and on the body.

Sonic Slider — produces the 12th harmonic of the Schumann Resonance and is excellent used as a self-care tool.

Schumann Pair — The 62.64 Hz is more yin and feminine while the 54.81 Hz is more yang and masculine. Creating a binaural beat of 7.83 Hz (the Schumann Resonance or earth's pulse), this pair is very grounding. This frequency is on the cusp of the alpha and theta brainwave states associated with meditating, creating, and healing.

Fibonacci Pair — The 89 Hz fork is a soothing "grandfather yinster," while the 144 Hz is a thorough "grandmother yangster." This bright and uplifting pair uses the harmonics of nature to restore the body's natural order and harmonic perfection. The Fibonacci sequence is called the "golden ratio" or "Phi."


Highly structured crystals can be used on the body and in the field to amplify sound for even greater coherency.

Sound Healing Science

The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) have over 6,200 publications and 396 clinical studies documenting the benefits of working with subtle energy and biofield healing.

More info at

The Nature of the Biofield

Watch Biofield Tuning Founder Eileen McKusick explain The Nature of the Biofield in this engaging Shift Network interview.

Eileen explains, "Unlike other healing modalities that use tuning forks, in Biofield Tuning we're not working with the premise that you need to use specific frequencies to tune specific chakras or organs. What we do, instead, is find resistance in the field and simply stay there with a coherent sonic input. It's much more about biofeedback. We're allowing the body to hear its own noise and then self-correct. Your body knows its own coherent expressions and it just needs to be able to hear itself rather than any other specific frequency to be able to get back to its natural harmony." 

More info can be found in Eileen's book, Tuning the Human Biofield.

BONUS INFO: Biofield Constructs

What's a biofield construct? A construct is a high concentration of energy in your biofield connected to repeated patterns in your subconscious mind (and thus life). These blocks often lose power just by acknowledging them, which allows us to restore more flow to your field and life. If a construct appears during a session, Cate asks permission to dismantle it through the power of intention and sound.

Greener Pasture Thinking

Location: above the right knee

Instead of enjoying the present, are you seeking something better? Are you on a constant search for happiness?

Relationship Zone

Location: sacral chakra

This area holds the energy of your relationships. ALL of your intimate relationships can be filtered through the quality of your relationship with your dad.

The Inner Critic

Location: right hip

Got a lot of noise in your head that focuses on your imperfections and inadequacies? Bringing awareness to this construct helps bring out your inner coach while quieting your harsh inner critic.

Wheels of Energy

Location: sides of the hips

Are you stuck in a cycle of chronic over-ing (overdoing, over-accommodating, or overthinking)? Or maybe you experience chronic frustration over unmet needs? Perhaps both?

Glass Ceiling

Location: above solar plexus

This self-imposed glass ceiling prevents you from asserting yourself by keeping you frozen in fear and low-self worth.

Heart Shield

Location: heart chakra

Many people put a layer of protection around their hearts when they feel powerless in their environment.

Hate Construct

Location: above the heart

As it sounds, this construct collects hate (especially self-hate) and creates a block over your heart.

World Pain

Location: inside left shoulder

This is a spot where you store pain and sorrow from the collective consciousness of humanity.

Throat Chakra Filter

Location: left side of the throat

This self-censoring filter creates energetic congestion as you hold back from expressing yourself.

Speaking and Not Being Heard

Location: right side of the throat

Energy accumulates here when you have a pattern of excessive sharing or arguing. It can also become stagnant when you're ignored or invalidated.

Not Listening to Self

Location: right side of the chin

Are you ignoring your voice or needs?

Hamster Wheels

Location: sides of the third eye

A hamster wheel of worry can be found on the left side of the head, while the wheel of regret lives on the right. These wheels are connected to and propel the wheels of energy on both sides of the hips. Remove these wheels to regain your power in the present.

Sense of Cap or Lid

Location: above the crown chakra

Are you under pressure? Do you feel self-limiting instead of self-supporting?

Sense of Pitting

Location: above the crown chakra

Fluorescent lights, EMFs, and other environmental factors can corrode this area and the integrity of your biofield.


Etheric artifacts can be present in different body areas, such as a noose around the neck, a left ankle shackle, or a sword in the stomach. These energetic objects can be from the past and your ancestors' lives.

"Sound will be the medicine of the future."

Edgar Cayce, American Clairvoyant