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How to Change Limiting Beliefs Fast

change limiting beliefs fast

Want to know how to change limiting beliefs fast? 

We’ve got the perfect solution! First, it’s essential to understand limiting beliefs, why changing them is beneficial, and how to do just that.

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs don’t support the results or life that you want. A limiting example is, “I am not good enough.” An empowering example is, “I am good enough, now and always.” Here’s where it gets interesting. Most limiting beliefs happen at the subconscious level of the mind. That means they’re below your level of awareness. This is important because…

Neuroscience shows that you operate a whopping 95-99% of the day from your subconscious!

That means you’re only consciously creating the life you want less than 5% of the day. So most of your life is run on subconscious autopilot, which isn’t bad, but scientists have found that most subconscious beliefs are limiting. They’re often negative and self-sabotaging.

Do you have limiting beliefs?

Take a look at your life. Most people experience limitations in various areas, including health, abundance, career success, etc. Are there any areas you feel blocked? Do you try hard without getting the results you deserve?

Subconscious Programming

How are beliefs formed?

You form many subconscious beliefs during childhood. You continue programming them throughout your life. But, the ones that often have the BIGGEST impact are from the time just before you’re born to about age 7. That’s because it’s a highly programmable time. As a young kid, your brain is like a sponge. It absorbs everything! During those years, you’re in a theta brainwave state like hypnosis, which is how you become “programmed.” Again, this programming isn’t bad. But, scientists have found that as many as 70% of our beliefs are usually limiting and not supportive of the life you want to create. 

Where do you get (limiting) beliefs?

Your beliefs come from your environment, including your parents, guardians, teachers, and others. Like a computer, you need software or programs to operate. These programs teach you how to function and behave in your family, school, and society. If an authority figure tells you to do something as a kid, you don’t even question it. You don’t yet have the brain capacity to question it. You assume it’s true and operate from it. Many beliefs protecting you as a kid create limitations as you age. As your life changes, the survival and coping mechanisms you learned earlier in life can get in your way.

Beliefs Become Filters

Why do limiting beliefs have such a BIG impact?

Your underlying beliefs create filters that influence how you see or perceive reality. To better understand this, think of yourself as a camera. Without filters, you can picture reality precisely as it is. But, everyone views the world through their filters. You don’t see the world as it is when you look out. You see the world as you perceive it to be.

You see yourself, life, and the world through the filters of your beliefs.

That’s YOUR reality, not THE reality. For example, let’s say you believe the world is dangerous. Then, you see everything through a filter that focuses on danger. Your mind will find things that affirm this to be true. Your beliefs create your reality. If your reality isn’t what you want, use PSYCH-K (P-K) to change limiting beliefs. 

Should you blame anyone? 

No one is to blame. Everyone passes down the programs they receive from previous generations. So to get to the root, you would have to return to the first cell that ever divided. That would be a lot of work! The good news is that you don’t have to know how these limitations began. You can reprogram any limiting beliefs now using P-K. 

PSYCH-K quickly replaces limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

overcome limiting beliefs

How Does PSYCH-K Work?

PSYCH-K gives you direct access to your subconscious to reprogram limiting beliefs. Founder, Rob Williams, says, “PSYCH-K is like an owner’s manual for your brain.” You rewrite the software of your mind like a computer. With P-K, you use simple methods to change the “printout of your life” to change on a MUCH deeper level than you ever could consciously. 

PSYCH-K Muscle Testing

How do you get direct access to your mind? 

Muscle testing is a communication system that allows us to connect with your subconscious to:

  • Establish accurate communication for accurate results
  • Find and get permission to change limiting beliefs and perceptions
  • Choose the best Balance Method
  • Confirm that the change has taken place
  • Celebrate… Hooray! Buh-bye limitations!

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing (MT) is a small but important aspect of PSYCH K. There are many MT methods. P-K uses a unique form that’s different than most MT. It’s more “mind testing” that helps you discover limiting beliefs within your subconscious.

How does P-K use muscle testing?

During PSYCH-K, we use muscle testing (MT) to communicate with your subconscious. This communication system helps you tap into the wisdom of your body, mind, and soul. For in-person sessions, we MT using your body. For remote sessions, Cate acts as a MT surrogate. Remote sessions are equally effective, and you still feel the shifts as if you were in person. 

Why is muscle testing helpful?

Communicating with your subconscious allows us to find limiting beliefs. Most people have tried many healing modalities without success, but that’s because most methods don’t involve the subconscious.

No matter how many books, videos, or self-help programs you’ve experienced, there’s often a BIG gap between your wisdom and life. You might know a LOT of info but can’t seem to get your life to reflect it. That’s where changing underlying limiting beliefs come in.

And although you might think you believe something, that’s usually on a conscious level. Your conscious beliefs are often entirely different than your subconscious ones. For example, you might want to lose weight, find a new job, or heal a health problem. But, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to make the progress you want. There’s an apparent discrepancy between your conscious desires and underlying beliefs. That’s where P-K comes in.

PSYCH-K Belief Change Techniques

PSYCH K is quick, easy, and powerful! Again, changing limiting beliefs on a conscious level is NOT very effective. Why? Your subconscious mind is a million times more powerful at processing info than your conscious mind. It’s like having a Ferrari instead of a golf cart! That’s how P-K can take blocks you’ve had for 20 or more years and change them in minutes. The more you understand the power of your mind, the more you can transform your limitations and create the outcome you want.

Do you have to know the details to change your limitations?

No! You don’t have to re-live your childhood or past trauma. There’s no need to figure out all the details. Why? Because in P-K, you’re dealing directly with your subconscious. It’s like a computer. Your memories are stored in files. If you know the files are destructive, you don’t need to read them before you delete them. Sometimes we use PSYCH-K to edit files as we change them. But, for the most part, we leave it to your subconscious to do the processing.

PSYCH K transforms limiting beliefs in minutes.

rapid belief change process

Rapid Belief Change

How does it work so quickly?

P-K works quickly because it works with the Quantum world, the energy world, or the world in which everything originates. That’s how P-K changes limiting beliefs rapidly and helps you heal on all levels — mind, body, and soul. Yes, it even supports spiritual healing as it connects you with your higher self or the Superconscious. The Superconscious is involved in bringing you a spiritual lesson and, from a spiritual point of view, nothing happens by accident. EVERYTHING has a deeper purpose. So never judge yourself or others for having challenges. Often, these spiritual lessons lead to breakthroughs. These “wake-up calls” are essential for your soul’s purpose and growth.

PSYCH-K for Health

How do your beliefs benefit your health and body? 

P-K helps address things from a deeper level. It goes beyond the mind and body to the quantum level in which everything manifests. In your body, your beliefs and perceptions turn into biological and chemical responses. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, discusses this in detail. Many health issues aren’t genetic but based on subconscious perceptions. There’s a direct correlation between your beliefs and your health.

The bottom line: Limiting beliefs create a limited life. So work with your mind to create the life and health you deserve! 

Creating a New World with New Beliefs

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