Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness

Our Corporate Wellness Programs are a fun and efficient way to develop a healthier, more powerful workforce.

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive corporate environment it’s more important than ever to take care of your employee’s health and well-being. Our interactive offerings yield a strong return on investment that increases productivity, reduces sick days and saves money.

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Build a healthier, more productive & profitable work environment!

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Why is Employee Well-Being Important?

Having a healthy workforce is crucial to the success and well-being of any company. Workplace wellness programs offer many benefits including:

  • Alleviate boardroom “brain drain”
  • Inspire more effective communication and teamwork
  • Encourage creative thinking in a fun environment
  • Build stronger connections between team members
  • Promote better health in a manner that delivers bottom-line results!

"Our leaders had an invaluable experience with Cate. We left inspired and incredibly grateful. We highly recommend Cate to a team looking for a delicious breakthrough for success."

Nick Severino, Vice President, APPLE

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​Our delicious and interactive Corporate Wellness activities inspire participants. We provide unique tools and strategies to increase energy, improve focus, lose weight, gain more restful sleep, reduce sick days, and improve health. These key components produce sustainable high performance in and out of the workplace.

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Lunch & Learn

Inspire & Activate

Select from a variety of wellness topics that will engage your team in an insightful discussion that promotes a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

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corporate healthier happy hour

Healthier Happy Hour

Refresh & Connect

Develop strategies for thriving in the world of client engagement and entertainment. Learn the best beverages, and foods to replenish your body and support health-related goals.

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Culinary Challenge

Support & Savor

Choose from a selection of healthy, hands-on culinary challenges that encourage creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, and efficient communication.

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Corporate Wellness Fact: Research shows that for every dollar spent on wellness, the company saves $3.27!

Coaching Topics

Brain Boosters

Eliminate boardroom “brain drain” while increasing energy and focus

Includes: Maximizing mental function to reboot and refresh in any environment.

Peak Performance

Fast and efficient wellness tools for peak daily performance

Includes: A Day in the Life practical strategies for healthy living from start to finish.

Road Warriors

Sustainable high-performance methods for the business traveler

Includes: Healthy travel tactics and daily routines for thriving regardless of schedule.

Smart Swaps

Upgrade your daily diet and lifestyle with enjoyable alternatives

Includes: Easy-to-follow checklists for healthy living at home, at the office or on the go.

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Program Details

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Essentials with Daily Application
  • Full Event Customization & Amenity Inclusion (such as yoga, spa, golf)
  • Take Home Materials for Healthy Office & Travel Guides, Grocery Lists & Recipes
  • Healthy Corporate “Care Packages”
  • Phone or Skype Consulting & Follow-Up Support
  • Options for Menus, Meal Plans, Meal Delivery & Employee Wellness Incentives

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