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Kambo frog venom healing has been used for many years to cleanse, detox and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

Do you want to feel superhuman? Would you like to feed your fear a suck-it sandwich? Want to give your immune system a BIG boost?

Well, Kambo might be worth trying! Many people feel strong, calm, and clear after experiencing Kambo healing. It can boost your immune system for days, weeks, and months after.

What is Kambo?

It’s a Giant Monkey Tree Frog native to South America. During a Kambo ceremony, the venom (a waxy secretion) from the frog is applied to your skin. You might be thinking, “How the heck does poison heal?” This frog poison can help the body remove deep toxins to enable powerful healing. It shocks your system with a toxic boost that’s loaded with health benefits.

Kambo is great for the immune, endocrine and nervous system. It’s also helpful for increasing energy, circulation and stamina. ​

Can Kambo help you heal?

Yes! Kambo is full of peptide healing power. This frog venom contains at least nine healing peptides. As a result, it’s one of the strongest natural immune boosters and pain-relievers in the world! Dermorphin peptides found in Kambo are potent painkillers. They can be 30 to 40 times stronger than morphine! Other peptides found in this jungle remedy also improve pain, digestion, blood pressure, heart health, immunity, and more!

Frog Poison — What to Expect

The effects of Kambo are intense but fast, usually 20-40 minutes. Kambo is legal in the U.S. It’s not psychoactive. For best results, find a certified Kambo practitioner. He or she will provide detailed info and instructions.

Before Application

Pre-session you’ll fast for ten hours and avoid water two hours before.

Once you arrive at the Kambo ceremony space, you’ll get comfortable, ask questions and drink two liters of water. The practitioner will create small points or “gates” on the surface of your skin. This is where the Kambo is applied. If it’s your first time, a test point is created. A test point helps determine the best number of gates. Gates can be placed on various parts of the body. For example, near the shoulders and ankles is most popular. This can also include chakras and meridians for targeted therapy.

During a Ceremony

Once the gates are open, the frog venom is applied. 

Kambo quickly enters your lymphatic system, scans your energy and gets to work where it’s needed. It deeply cleanses the liver and organs. It travels throughout your body and wakes up your body’s defense system. This activates powerful healing potential.

What is Kambo like for most people?

Well, your body can react to the toxic boost in a variety of ways. You may experience: 

  • Increase in heart rate
  • Swelling in the face, hands, and throat
  • Temperature changes
  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Cramping
  • Nausea

You release toxins through purging. People often call this the great Amazon purge! This can include vomiting, going to the bathroom, sweating, crying, and shaking. Although purging mostly takes place during the session, it can continue after as well. It’s quite fun to see what you purge. Sometimes there’s a rainbow of colors that come out! 

After a Ceremony

After about 20-40 minutes the Kambo venom is removed from the gates. Your symptoms quickly disappear. Then you can rest, relax, eat some light food, and connect with the group.

The Kambo benefits are felt short and long term. Many people feel…

  • A deep calmness
  • Heightened senses
  • A sense of well-being and positivity
  • Increased energy
  • Quick reflexes
  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • High levels of motivation

Frog Venom Cleanse

​For intense healing, I did three sessions in one lunar cycle. After each session I felt superhuman. I also experienced health improvements and a deep emotional release. There were a few times that I found myself crying and laughing at the same time. It was quite liberating!

I felt calm and happy during my experiences. I love being in a healing group, even if everyone is purging! Now we know why they call it the great Amazon purge! There’s something special about connecting with others in such an intense and vulnerable setting. It’s nourishing on a soul level.

Benefits Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Restful sleep
  • Less inflammation and pain
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Improved digestion, immunity, and circulation
  • Greater productivity, creativity and focus
  • Felt superhuman, grounded, calm, connected, and confident
  • In tune with the Spirit of the Frog

Frog Venom Ceremonies

The first Kambo ceremony helped me realize the many fears I was creating in my life. It became clear how to replace these fears with love. As a result, I was able to eliminate much of the daily suffering I was experiencing daily. Each Kambo ceremony helped me speak my truth and live more from my heart. I started to take action on the life I wanted. I stopped waiting for the “right time.” Ever since then, I’ve been able to see things more clearly.

Wellness Boosters

Want to get started? Schedule a Wellness coaching session. Wellness coaching before or after Kambo frog medicine can help maximize the benefits. PSYCH K, nutrition, lifestyle, and heart coherence techniques can give you the wellness boost you need.

Get ready to take your health and life to the next level!

Kambo on YouTube

Watch this What is Kambo? Youtube Video to learn more!

What’s the scientific name?

Kambo frog is also known as phyllomedusa bicolor. But, phyllomedusa bicolor doesn’t exactly roll off of your tongue easily, so most people refer to it as Kambo, Kambo frog, monkey frog, Kambo frog medicine, or frog medicine.

Does Kambo have a psychoactive effect?

No. It does not have a psychoactive effect like psychedelics. However, It may produce sensory enhancement. But this is minimal compared to psychedelics such as ayahuasca.

Is Kambo frog healing safe?

Yes. It’s safe when given by a certified IAKP Kambo practitioner.

Is Kambo legal?

Yes, it’s legal in the U.S. and most other countries.

Are the frogs harmed?

No animals are harmed during this process.