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Live a Natural, Non-Toxic Lifestyle

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Want to live a natural, non-toxic lifestyle?

Are you concerned about toxins and chemicals in your home? Got health problems that won’t improve? Check out these tips, checklists, and products to detox your home and improve your health. These simple changes can have a BIG impact on your wellness. 

View How to Reduce Toxins in Your Life. Toxins come from many different sources. This includes air, water, food, hygiene and beauty products, and environmental chemicals. Toxins wreak havoc on your body, your health, and the environment. That’s why it’s smart to detox your body AND your home. Start reducing your toxic load! Improve your health by following the Lifestyle Tips below. We’ve also included a home checklist and Healthier Products.

Tips to Live a Natural, Non-Toxic Lifestyle

How do you live a natural, non-toxic lifestyle?

Here are 10 quick tips…

  1. Read labels on all foods, supplements, and non-food items
  2. Filter your drinking water and shower water
  3. Use air purifiers in your home, especially in the bedrooms
  4. Choose local and organic foods when available
  5. Avoid processed and refined foods
  6. Cut out toxic cookware and kitchen items
  7. Avoid artificial fragrances
  8. Pass on plastics and BPA
  9. Clean regularly with non-toxic products
  10. Pull the plug on pesticides and other yard chemicals

Healthy Home Checklist

Ready to live a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle?

Well, that starts at home. Here’s a checklist to reduce toxins in your life…

Overall Home

Want to make your home more natural and less toxic?

Basic principle: If you cannot safely eat it, then you shouldn’t apply it to your skin or inhale it.

  • Clean regularly using microfiber cloths, non-toxic cleaners, and a HEPA-filtered vacuum
  • Avoid artificial fragrances from air fresheners and candles
  • Reduce plastics and avoid BPA
  • Refrain from wearing shoes in the house
  • Check and search for healthier products on
  • Clean indoor air with HEPA air purifiers and indoor plants
  • Select natural fibers (cotton, wool, jute) over synthetic (polyester)
  • Choose natural materials for furniture, pillows, bedding, blankets, etc.
  • Test your indoor moisture levels with a moisture meter
  • Eliminate excess moisture with dehumidifiers and charcoal bags
  • Outdoors: choose non-toxic alternatives to pesticides and herbicides
  • For homes built before 1978, test for lead-based paint
  • For dust, clean and wash your bedding weekly
  • Use dust mite encasings for pillows, mattresses, and comforters


Get rid of toxins in your kitchen!

  • Always run your fan when using your stovetop
  • Select natural cleaning agents, dish detergent, and dish soap
  • Check and change water filters as needed
  • Store your food and beverages in stainless steel or glass containers
  • Use reusable water bottles, produce bags, and grocery totes
  • Choose non-toxic cookware and kitchen items (glass, ceramic, enameled, stainless steel)


Want to say buh-bye to toxins in your bathroom?

  • Run the fan in your bathroom while you shower and after
  • Choose better sunscreen, beauty, and hygiene products via
  • Use shower head filters to reduce chlorine and contaminants


Ready to clean your laundry without chemicals?

  • Use soap nuts or natural options for laundry detergent.
  • Try dryer balls made from wool instead of dryer sheets.

Products to Live a Natural, Non-Toxic Lifestyle

These 10 products are much healthier and less toxic than conventional items. Although these changes seem small, they will have a BIG impact on reducing your toxic load.

Healthier Laundry Products…

1. Soap Nuts

Want to clean your laundry without chemicals? Soap nuts are a great non-toxic laundry option. They’re a 100% natural, hypoallergenic alternative to laundry detergent and fabric softeners. These nuts are what laundry detergents are made out of AND they’re free of chemicals, fragrances, and other harmful ingredients. To use them, simply put 5 nuts in the cotton drawstring bag provided and add to your wash. Note: you can add a little oxygen bleach for whites. Remove the bag before transferring your clothes to the dryer. Reuse for 5 loads or until the nuts deteriorate.

2. Dryer Balls

Ready to dry your laundry faster and add a natural scent? Use wool dryer balls and essential oils instead of dryer sheets. Those conventional laundry products leech chemicals into your clothes. Eventually, those chemicals end up on your skin. Wool dryer balls are a much healthier alternative. They soften laundry, reduce drying time by up to 25%, prevent static, and save money. They last for thousands of loads! Add them to your dryer with optional natural scents.

3. Essential Oils

Want your natural, non-toxic lifestyle to smell good? You can! Ditch the artificial air fresheners and cancer-causing candles. Essential oils are excellent for making your own perfume or room spray. To make a spray, simply combine oils with water. You can also add them to cleaning agents for a natural scent. If you enjoy candles, avoid petroleum-based ones such as gel and paraffin. Select soy or beeswax candles with a natural scent instead.

Natural Cleaning Products…

4. Microfiber Cloths

Ready to clean without chemicals? This non-toxic option is magical! No really, microfiber cloths are also known as a “magic fabric.” These reusable cloths are an easy way to clean without using any cleaning products. You can even get microfiber mops for hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. Use wet microfiber cloths for cleaning and dry for dusting.

5. White Vinegar

Whether you want to freshen up the fridge or tidy up the toilet, vinegar works well. This all-purpose, non-toxic cleaner is perfect to use throughout your home. You can use it straight up without any dilution. Or mix it with water and essential oils for a nice scent. Vinegar is a much cheaper solution. It can replace the pricey, toxin-filled products congregated under your sink.

6. Baking Soda

Keep creating a non-toxic lifestyle. Swap your chemical cleaning products for a natural alternative that can get any job done with ease. Similar to vinegar, baking soda can be used for many cleaning tasks around the house.

7. Castile Soap

Clean and sanitize your surfaces the natural way. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is great for just about any cleaning task. You can use it on your face, body, hair, food, dishes, laundry, mopping, and even pets. It’s the perfect way to clean your house and body without chemicals. It’s free from synthetic preservatives, detergents, and foaming agents.

8. Dish Detergent

Most people don’t realize the harmful chemical residue remaining on their kitchenware from dish detergent. Yuck! Select a more natural dish detergent. Choose one that’s free of harmful chemicals that end up on the plates, cups, and utensils you use daily. Find a safe brand on EWG.

Less Toxic Products…

9. Glass Containers

Looking for non-toxic food storage options? Store food and beverages in glass or stainless steel containers. Avoid plastics and BPA whenever possible. Plastics contain BPA (Bisphenol A) and phthalates. These chemicals  mimic estrogen in your body and disrupt your hormones. Reusable grocery totes and bags are also better for your body and the environment.

10. Water Filters

Lastly, one of the best ways to live a natural, non-toxic lifestyle is to filter your water. Filter drinking water using a Reverse Osmosis system or try a Berkey countertop unit. For showers, use a Rainshow’r Dechlorinating filter to reduce contaminants, especially chlorine. A shower filter is inexpensive, easy to install, and can reduce chlorine by up to 90 percent!