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Mindfulness Journal Benefits & Prompts

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Did you know writing in a journal can be one of your greatest allies for supporting your health and well-being?

Done mindfully, journaling is an excellent healing tool for reducing stress, getting clarity, and growing to new levels. What is mindfulness journaling? It’s expressing yourself freely with a sense of heightened awareness. In doing so, you allow the release of negative emotions, stress, dis-ease, and trauma. This creates space for solutions, creativity, and inspiration.

5 Benefits of Mindfulness Journaling

Journaling is easy, inexpensive, portable, fun, and even therapeutic! It’s a great daily activity for anyone and everyone. It’s excellent for empaths, highly sensitive people, deep thinkers, over-thinkers, and anyone looking to expand consciousness. Even writing for a few minutes a day can reduce stress, fear, anxiety, worry, and depression. Below, we’ve outlined 5 positive outcomes of mindfulness journaling. Psst… it’s also a great addition to PSYCH-K!

1) Foundation for Positive Change

Mindfulness journaling allows you to hold space for yourself to express your true feelings. This is HUGE! If you’re like most people, then you don’t have a lot of uninterrupted “me time” to fully and unapologetically express yourself. Getting your deepest thoughts and feelings on paper helps you identify limiting beliefs, habits, and relationships. With mindfulness, you can quickly see patterns and take action to shift them. By holding space for yourself, journaling sets the foundation for positive change in all areas of your life.

2) Get to the Root of Your Problems

Mindfulness journaling helps you understand things on a deep, underlying level. It gives you a chance to slow down, ask “why?” and better understand what’s going on. This shift helps you get to the root of your issues, so they can be healed and released. Done right, mindful journaling allows you to get out of your own way, see new perspectives, and find the best solutions moving forward.

3) Empower Yourself

Empower yourself by using journaling as a personal therapy session with your higher self. You can complain and get your “gunk” out. Then, call BS by asking, “Is that really true?” You’ll find most of your worries are based on false fears. This higher perspective empowers you to understand the deeper lessons of why things are happening not to you, but FOR you. Suddenly, obstacles become opportunities. Then, you can let go of the low vibration feelings you were temporarily experiencing and return to enjoying the present moment. The present is the most POWERFUL place to manifest the health and life you desire. 

4) Heal Long-Held Issues

Mindfulness journaling helps you understand your issues, process them, and let them go. Without acknowledging your feelings, your issues end up stored in your tissues and create dis-ease. So take action daily to get the garbage out of your mind so it doesn’t end up festering in your body and draining your energy. Continue working through your issues instead of attaching to them. Get the closure you need to forgive, recover from trauma, and make peace with the past. Writing has a powerful healing ability to transform stress, worries, tension, and trauma into a higher perspective that’s essential for healing long-held issues.

5) Strengthen Your Intuition 

To strengthen your intuition and expand consciousness, ask questions as you write. Why did this happen for you? What did the person or experience teach you? What did you realize? When you write in this way, you begin to see more higher guidance. You also realize how the Universe really is responding to your thoughts, words, beliefs, and behaviors. When you understand why things happen, you can shift things to produce more positive outcomes. This strengthens your ability to swap fear for faith and trust the process of your life.

How to Start a Mindfulness Journal

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Find a Journal and Pen

Set up for success by getting the tools you need to make writing an enjoyable and elevating experience. First, find a journal that you LOVE. You can stick with one journal or have multiple for different purposes. For example, some people like to have two journals, one for daily venting and one for the special insights that come through in the process. Others like to have color-coded journals that correlate to the chakras. Red could be your venting journal, while yellow might be your intuition coming through, and green for heartfelt gratitude. Lastly, find a pen that feels like you’re creating MAGIC with every word you write

Choose Your Method

Handwriting is best for journaling as it invites more creativity and mindfulness. With writing, you can highlight anything worth re-reading, make side notes, and draw pictures. Putting pen to paper also engages your subconscious mind for deeper insights. But, typing and dictating are also good options. No matter which method you choose, do your best to eliminate distractions during the process and be sure to store your journals in a private place.

Create a Writing Ritual

Creating a writing ritual can get you into a routine of expressing yourself. But, being spontaneous with writing can also spark creativity. It’s great if you can plan 15 minutes a day to focus on journaling. Make it special by diffusing some lavender, lighting a candle, or putting on some soul-soothing music. Keep in mind, this is a tool for you to use to connect more with yourself. There are no deadlines or grades and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Experiment and find out what feels best for you.

Express Yourself Freely

How you express yourself is just as important as what you express. So express yourself freely, knowing that no one else will read your work. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or how well you write. Focus on what’s naturally coming through and let it flow. Also, it’s common for mindfulness journaling to bring up underlying emotions that need to be expressed, so let yourself cry, laugh, or punch a pillow. Enjoy this experience — it’s part of your healing journey.

Choose a Topic

Start by setting an intention, such as “I would like to let go of the past to connect more with the present.” You can write as if you’re talking to yourself, your health “issue” (a.k.a. messenger in disguise), your addiction, your inner child, or your loved ones. This is your process and only you know what feels right. As you journal the feelings and thoughts you’re experiencing, you create space for deeper ones to come up to also be acknowledged so they can be released. Use the journal prompts below for inspiration.

6 Mindfulness Journal Prompts

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Below are 6 mindfulness journal prompts to get started…

To enhance creativity during these mindfulness exercises, sit in a Whole-Brain Posture before writing. To do this, sit or lay down and cross one ankle over the other, then one wrist over the other. Make sure your wrists and ankles are crossed at the center/midline of your body. Close your eyes and set an intention or ask a question. Relax into it until you feel the process is complete.

Other options to increase creativity include writing with the opposite hand or covering one eye at a time with an eye patch. This stimulates the opposite side of your brain to enhance brain function, creativity, and intuition.

1) Quick Transformation

Need to process things and raise your vibration quickly?

This mindfulness journal prompt uses four areas to get started: Gunk, Curiosity, Gratitude, and Gifts. First, start by getting the gunk out, including low vibration emotions, feelings, and stress. Give yourself a voice to honestly express exactly how you feel. Include all of your “woulda, coulda, and shoulda” feelings.

After you get the gunk out, shift from focusing on your problems to finding solutions. Get curious by asking yourself questions. How would you like things to be? What would make you feel better and what steps can you take to move in a new direction?

Then, shift to gratitude. What positive things came out of this? How did this make you stronger? How did this help you become the person you are today?

Lastly, express the gifts or golden insights that came out of it. The gifts are words of wisdom that you trust with a deep inner knowing, such as “When I feel my best, I give my best.”

2) Gratitude 

Want to boost your mood and elevate your mindset?

Whether you’re feeling good or not, expressing your gratitude can help you feel even better. Journal every big and little thing you’re grateful for. Place more emphasis on people, places, and experiences than material things. This helps you count your blessings instead of burdens. Gratitude can take you from feeling overwhelmed to feeling a sense of peace in the present moment. To fire more neural pathways in your brain and improve brain function, take 30 seconds to FEEL what you’re grateful for in your heart. Do this daily, morning and night, for the best results. Need support? Check out this Guided Journal: Good Days Start With Gratitude.

3) Forgiveness 

Ready to forgive yourself, forgive others, and let go of the past?

Everyone makes mistakes. Wrap yourself in a blanket of mercy because it’s time to move on and enjoy your life to the fullest, now. Use this journal exercise to write a letter to yourself asking for forgiveness. Lift the weight you’ve been carrying and let it go for good. Can you see that you were doing the best you could with your level of awareness at that time? Do the same for anyone else you need to forgive. Put yourself in their shoes. Shift perspective to an observer who doesn’t take things personally. Acknowledge and give gratitude to them for doing the best they could with what they knew. Send them love and forgiveness.

After you write these letters (don’t send them), use the Ceremonial Release below to assist your process. This can be tremendously healing for all of the relationships in your life, especially the relationship you have with yourself.

4) Inner Child Healing 

inner child healing girl looking up

Want to feel more connected to yourself and heal deeply?

Write a letter to your inner child. Express everything you would like her to know. Give her props for how amazing she is and everything she did well throughout your childhood. Let her know you two are together and supported now. You can work together on making all of your wildest dreams come true! When you’re done journaling, do the things your inner child loves that are fun, playful, silly, and exciting. Go eat with your hands, lay in the grass, blow bubbles, or play with your dog. It’s optional to finish with the Ceremonial Release exercise below.

5) Self-Love

Ready to love yourself like your life depends on it (because it does!)?

Every act of self-care is an act of self-love. Writing a love letter to yourself is one of the best self-care exercises to boost your self-love. Use this letter as a reminder of the commitment you’re making to yourself every day for the rest of your life. Start by expressing gratitude for yourself. Write out the qualities and values you love about yourself, the accomplishments you’re most proud of, and your aspirations.

Then, answer some questions to get clear on how you would like to treat yourself moving forward. How can I take better care of my physical body? How can I take better care of my mental and emotional well-being? What can I do to value my time more? Am I expressing or numbing myself? What does my soul need? Sign it with love and reflect on this regularly.

6) Create a Glorious Future 

Want to feel psyched about the possibilities ahead?

Take yourself on a trip to your glorious future! What would you like your life to be like in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years? Go through different areas of your life, such as wellness, family, relationships, career, home, etc. Be specific. What do you see, hear and feel when you think about the experiences you want to have? Focus on the experience over the outcome. Engage your senses. What does it look, feel, taste, smell, and sound like? Write out every important detail and empower yourself by using empowering language. Instead of saying, “I want…” Say, “I would like…” You’re welcome to post this somewhere you can view it daily. This can motivate you to take action on creating the health and life you want now.

BONUS: Ceremonial Release

This is optional, but a ceremonial release is a great way to purge your past once and for all. Start by setting an intention to allow this energy to be fully released from you so it can be transformed into something beautiful and more beneficial in your life. To receive closure with what you’ve written, rip out the pages you want to release and read them one last time, then rip the paper to shreds, bury your letter, or burn it. For a supercharged energetic release, it’s ideal if you can burn your writing outside on the night of a full moon. Howl for extra good luck!


Need more support on your healing journey? Work with Cate to break through the barriers in your life! She’ll guide you throughout the process and provide you with the tools needed to improve your health and enjoy your life to the fullest. Contact Cate to get started!