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Nourish Yourself with Self Love

nourish yourself with self love

What does it mean to nourish yourself with self love?

Self love is the love and appreciation you give yourself. To nourish yourself with self love means to prioritize your needs, happiness, and well-being. It isn’t always easy and you might think you’re being selfish, but it isn’t selfish unless you expect someone else to do everything for you.

Self love means taking care of yourself in the best ways you can so you can show up for others as your BEST self. It gives you strength to get through tough times. It helps you view weaknesses and failures as opportunities to grow instead of personal flaws. Nourishing yourself with self love helps you have more compassion for yourself, which helps you have more compassion for others. It also provides a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Why is Nourishing Yourself With Self Love Important?

Our society perpetuates the “never enough” vibe constantly. It’s easy for us to get caught in the cycle of I need this or that to be happy. I have to achieve this or that to be successful. I must look like this or that to be beautiful. It’s no wonder that our outer world focus of feeling like “we’re NEVER enough” creates an inner world of “I’m never enough.” That’s why nourishing yourself with self love is not only essential to surviving but THRIVING. Rather than focusing on what you lack, loving yourself helps you live from a place of “I am and always will be enough.” This creates a foundation for success.

Nourish Yourself With L-O-V-E

To begin, shift your perspective to your soul. Remember, you’re a soul having a human experience. Take a step back from your life and get perspective with who you really are. You’re not your body, job, appearance, or any of that superficial stuff. You’re much deeper and you know it. When you see yourself from a soul level, it becomes easier to love who you are at the core of your being. This is extremely helpful to accept yourself more right now. Nourishing yourself with self love is one of the most powerful and important things you can do.

When you become the main source of love in your life, it changes EVERYTHING. It’s where all other love radiates out. This is the key to your success in ALL areas of life. Self love is the foundation to be who you are, fulfill your potential, and express your greatness.

Your heart is the home of your soul. It’s where your power to create a beautiful life comes from. Your health, career, finances, relationships, and more will flourish when you LOVE yourself. And the more you align with this heart vibration, the more it will attract the right people and opportunities to support your well-being. 

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Self Care Ideas

First, nourishing yourself with self-love is a journey, not a destination. This isn’t something you achieve. It’s an on-going process which is why it’s important to create daily self-nourishment practices. You want to build a healthy foundation to nourish yourself on all levels — body, mind, and soul. Check out the self-care ideas below to love yourself more every day, and you’ll blossom into the best, most badass version of yourself!

Prioritize Yourself

Make time to prioritize yourself EVERY day. Think of yourself as a cup and self care as water. All of the self care things you do fill your cup. The goal is to have your cup overflowing so much that you give the overflow to others. But, unfortunately, most people give to others without replenishing themselves. Eventually, you end up feeling drained, depleted, and frustrated. You might have a freakout moment, get sick, or blame others. But, you’re the only one to blame if you don’t prioritize yourself. So the best way to prevent an empty cup is to keep filling it with self-care. Once you’ve taken care of your needs, then you can support others.

For example, imagine meeting a friend for lunch. Would you rather have her show up with an empty or full cup? With an empty cup… she’s lacking sleep, forgot to eat breakfast, and is so stressed she can’t remember the last thing you said. Yikes! You’re probably going to feel drained after being around her. In contrast, let’s say she’s got her self care A-game going. She shows up refreshed, she ate a healthy breakfast, and she’s so present with you it makes you feel seen, heard, and valued. Ummm… I’ll take the self care superstar for a friend over the never-good-enough self love-lacker. So do yourself and others a favor and prioritize yourself! When you show up with a full cup of self love it will inspire others to do the same. Cheers!

How to Practice Self Love

Your life is a reflection of your level of self-love. Practicing daily self-care is how you build up your self-love storage.

how to practice self love

Start Your Day with loving affirmations. “I am a beautiful soul, I shine, I glow!”

Grooming — Groom yourself with care. When you treat yourself well, you’ll feel well. 

Nourish Your Body with a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, or body moisturizer wrap.

Diet — What and how you eat reflects your self-care. Eat a high-vibration diet!

Hydrate upon waking and throughout your day.

Exercise to release stagnant energy to help shift your mood and increase confidence.

Meditate to increase self-love, compassion, acceptance, and well-being.

Take Breaks throughout your day to relax and calm your mind. 

Express Gratitude — End your day by writing down 5 things you’re grateful for.

Self Care Sunday — Make every Sunday a Self Care day! Focus on caring for yourself.

Value Yourself

Value yourself, your time, and what you have to offer. You ARE special! You deserve to be loved. And who better to love you than YOU? You’re with yourself 24/7 and know yourself better than anyone. Why not value yourself and become your biggest fan? After all, it’s pretty miraculous that you’re here. Why not make choices that support yourself in having an awesome life instead of making this already challenging life even harder?

Value yourself for who you really are — a beautiful SOUL having a human experience in a physical body.

The flaws and challenges you experience are just part of your soul’s lessons. They don’t diminish your value in any way. So let go of the need to be perfect. You don’t need to have or do it all. Learn to value yourself more by saying no, delegating, and doing less.

Set Boundaries

Loving yourself includes respecting your time, energy, and needs. Set boundaries in all areas of your life that are imbalanced. If you have trouble setting boundaries with others, start by looking at the boundaries you set with yourself. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people that love, support, and respect you. You deserve the best, don’t settle for less!

Accept Yourself

Ditch the need to criticize yourself. It’s much healthier and more productive if you accept yourself as you are. Think about it. Would you rather have your flaws consume or empower you? If you’re constantly saying, “I wish my butt was smaller.” Then, you’re focused on what you lack and that attracts more lack in your life. When you accept and embrace your booty, you raise your vibration to attract more things to be grateful for.

So accept yourself and love the skin you’re in. There are plenty of people that CHOOSE to embrace their flaws and they end up becoming some of their most lovable qualities. Think about Owen Wilson’s nose, Frida Kahlo’s unibrow, or Eva Mendes’ mole. Embrace and enjoy the things that make you different. That’s what makes you special!

A Note on Perfectionism

Perfectionists struggle a LOT with self love. Although perfectionism is often viewed as a great quality, it perpetuates the feeling of never being enough. When you’re constantly striving to achieve, you get drained easily. It’s exhausting trying to do everything right, ALL of the time. Naturally this comes with a lot of criticism, judgment, and comparison. And it’s destructive for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Imperfections are what make life exciting and help you grow. 

Be Your Own Best Friend

be your own best friend

As Oscar Wilde said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

So be your own best friend forever (BFF). This is one of the hardest things for most people to do. The next time you have a challenge, make a mistake or feel off your game, think about what your BFF would tell you to do. He or she would probably give you some loving words and tell you to be easier on yourself.

To practice doing this, write yourself a letter from the perspective of a kind and compassionate friend. Use it to reflect on how you’re feeling and give yourself a pep talk. What advice and encouragement can you give yourself? How can you give yourself more lovin’? And if you need additional support, take yourself out on a date. That’s right! Get dressed up and treat yourself to doing something special. This quality “me time” is one of the most fun and powerful things you can do to nourish yourself with self love. So give yourself the deep affection and attention you need from your newest BFF… yourself. 

Go Silent to Get Clear

Go silent to listen and connect with yourself. Plan a few hours or even an entire day to be silent. Avoid talking, TV, social media, and most technology. This is a time to go silent and listen to your inner voice. Detach from your thoughts. If you think, “I’m not smart enough.” Separate yourself from that thought by saying, “I’m having the thought that… I’m not smart enough.” So it’s not you, it’s just a thought. You can choose if you attach to the thought or not. Practice doing this and you will feel better quickly.

You also want to be mindful of which inner voice you listen to… your inner critic or your intuition. Your inner critic comes from your head. It’s a perfectionist and a judge that focuses on negativity and lack. It’s full of blame and shame. Be careful of the thoughts you choose to focus on and don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts will come and go. In contrast, your intuition comes from your heart. It focuses on honoring your inner knowing and wisdom. It sees abundance, positivity, and things to be grateful for. 

Enjoy Life More

Enjoying your life more is one of the best ways to nourish yourself with self love. Get creative and express yourself by dancing, painting, writing, running, listening to music, or anything else that excites you. There are no wrong ways to be creative. Have fun! Celebrate every step in the right direction. Get out there and enjoy being you, enjoy doing things that light your fire, and enjoy your incredible life.

Dig Deeper

Still feel stuck? The key is to flip the “never enough” script to “I am and always will be enough.” That’s where PSYCH-K (P-K) energy psychology can be especially beneficial. It can reprogram underlying subconscious beliefs, programs, and perceptions keeping you stuck. It helps you release judgment, comparison, shame, and blame. P-K empowers you to remove subconscious barriers preventing you from experiencing the TLC you deserve.

Now, you have plenty of tools to start nourishing yourself with self love. Experiment and see how exciting and fun your new relationship with yourself can be! 

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