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Our Wellness Coaching Programs provide comprehensive healing to help you achieve and sustain effective results in all areas of life.

We use various methods to help you transform your health and create a life you LOVE...

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Subconscious Reprogramming

Reprogram Subconscious Beliefs Hindering Your SUCCESS

Nutrition, Diet & Healthy Lifestyle

Create a DELICIOUS & Doable Daily Diet & Lifestyle

Weight Loss & Detoxification

Learn Fat Loss Hacks, Detox SECRETS & More

Heart-Brain Coherence

Build Stress Resilience With SIMPLE & Enjoyable Techniques

Have you "tried everything" without getting the results you deserve?

Do you feel blocked, stuck, frustrated or stressed with one or more areas of your life?

Our Wellness Coaching Programs offer PSYCH-K for reprogramming limiting subconscious beliefs. This form of energy psychology is supported by neuroscientific research and brain-mapping scientists. Reprogramming subconscious beliefs is an empowering process. It helps you get to the root of your issues to get the results you want. Then, you can start creating the health and life you deserve!

Individual Wellness Coaching

One-on-one programs focus on reprogramming subconscious beliefs (PSYCH-K®). Additional support may include heart-brain coherence techniques (HeartMath®), health, nutrition, detox, lifestyle, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking tips, recipes, functional labs, supplementation, and more!

Post-session, you’ll receive tips and resources to ensure success.

In-person and remote coaching available. All programs must be completed within one year of purchase.

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3-Hour Basic Program

Get started reaching your goals.

Investment: $450 ($150 per hour)

Complete within 2 months for best results

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6-Hour Advanced Program

Take your health & lifestyle to a new level.

Investment: $750 ($125 per hour)

Complete within 4 months for best results

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9-Hour Master Program

Transform health & create a life you LOVE!

Investment: $900 ($100 per hour)

Complete within 6 months for best results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Wellness Program

Each wellness coaching program is carefully created to ensure long-term success.

​Step 1: Preparation​

​Step 2: Transformation

​Step 3: Integration

Group Wellness Coaching

Group Coaching takes place in person. Post-session, participants receive tips & resources to ensure success. Follow-up sessions are available remotely.

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Wellness Workshops

Relax your body, clear your mind & inspire positive change!

​Join us for a workshop or create a custom one specifically for your group's needs & desired location.

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healing nature retreats

Healing Nature Retreats

Quiet your head & connect with your heart in a soul-rejuvenating retreat.

Heal yourself on all levels via nutrition, lifestyle, movement, yoga, meditation, laughter, self-love & more!

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corporate wellness lunch and learn session

Build a healthier, more productive & profitable work environment.

​Schedule a Lunch-&-Learn Session, Culinary Team Building Event or Healthier Happy Hour.
​Corporate Care Packages are also available.

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Wellness Coaching Testimonials

Completely Different Person

"Cate, I woke up this morning feeling like I’m a completely different person! I noticed that I wasn’t in any hurry to do anything and I’m always in a hurry to do everything. Instead I was having a good time laughing my butt off at the person I used to be. It felt so good and I just wanted to say thank you very much. Unfortunately the euphoria slowly diminished over the day but however showed me that with consistent work I can finally overcome old negative programming. It was an amazing session and you’re an amazing person! I look forward to speaking with you again real soon."

— Lawrence G. from Olympia, WA (Drove over 10 hours roundtrip for an in-person session!)

Deep Healing

“This amazing woman and her lovely energy works wonders. She is there to help you from her heart. The PSYCH-K session I had with her was deep on so many levels.”

— Catinka S. from Copenhagen, Denmark

Immediate Release

“It was a treat to receive a PSYCH-K session with Cate. She really has a strong knowledge and can help reach the core of issues that I was working with for quite some time. Although the steps seem so simple, I immediately felt a release after receiving my session with her. Definitely recommend a session with Cate.”

— Antonio L. from Aragon, New Mexico

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