The Mind & PSYCH-K

What is a PSYCH-K Balance?

psych-k balance

A PSYCH-K Balance is a movement or posture-based activity that is used to reprogram the subconscious mind.

It’s called a PSYCH-K Balance because it balances both hemispheres of your brain to create a Whole-Brain State (WBS). A WBS has been proven to change limiting beliefs and perceptions within your subconscious. And research shows it raises consciousness to elevate your mind to new levels of thinking and awareness. This means PSYCH K can remove blockages in your life that are preventing you from succeeding in any area. You’ll also feel the effects of a WBS during and after your session. Many people feel lighter, happier, and more at peace. While others feel more in the “flow” with a refreshing shift in perspective. Schedule a FREE 15-minute consult!

We’ll cover everything you need to know about PSYCH-K Balances so you understand how this belief change method can benefit you.

Who can benefit?

Everyone can benefit from subconscious reprogramming! If you want to upgrade your mind to create a better life, then P-K can help. It’s great for kids over age 7, teens, parents, spouses, partners, athletes, and business owners. It can benefit people struggling with addiction, phobias, perfectionism, OCD, and much more. Although P-K doesn’t guarantee results, it can benefit people with health issues. It does this by getting to the root of the problems and healing on a soul level. This spiritual healing is needed for physical healing to happen. All things manifested in the physical form start on an energetic, soul level first. So get to the root to get the results you want with your health and life. You deserve to heal your mind, body, and soul.

PSYCH-K Balance – Getting Started

Do I need to choose a Balance?

No. You do NOT need to know anything about Balances ahead of time. Your subconscious will guide us during your sessions. However, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the various reprogramming methods.

How do you choose a Balance?

You can look through the list of PSYCH-K Balances (below) and see if one resonates with you. But, as your Facilitator, Cate will use muscle testing to determine the best one. This allows your subconscious to choose the most effective tools.

What should I reprogram?

Start with a Belief Statement, such as “It’s safe for me to be seen and heard.” Or you can reprogram around your perception of a situation. This can be a traumatic childhood event, such as when a parent scolded you to be quiet. Or it could be a future situation, such as a job interview you perceive to be stressful. We can also ask the Superconscious mind if there’s a message for you. What’s the Superconscious? It’s often referred to as your Higher Self, God, Spirit, or Source. Don’t worry, Cate guides you throughout the process. 

Should I Balance on my own?

You can Balance on your own if you’ve taken the Basic Workshop. But, this process is most powerful with a Certified Facilitator. This allows you to play an active role in the “do with” process. A successful session depends about 20% on your Facilitator and 80% on you. The power to change and heal is within you!

That’s why this modality is so empowering… You have the solutions you seek, you just have to learn how to access them. 

Before & After

Before Each PSYCH-K Balance

First, we muscle test to connect with your subconscious and test the Belief or Perception in question. Muscle testing provides true or false and positive or negative responses. If the response is true or positive, then a Balance is not needed. If the response is false or negative, then we get permission and proceed with the Balance method your subconscious chooses.

After Each PSYCH-K Balance

After the P-K Balance, we muscle test to confirm that the process is complete and celebrate with a high five, bear hug, or party dance. To help your NEW Beliefs and Perceptions become part of your reality, we create Action Steps that move closer to the life you want. Once you experience it, you’ll have a better understanding of how it works and the benefits.

PSYCH-K Balance List

Each P-K Balance serves as a delivery method for your subconscious. It might help to think of them as different postal carriers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Each method creates a WBS that allows you to replace limiting perceptions and beliefs with supportive ones.

The following P-K Balance methods are great for remote or in-person sessions…

New Direction

This is the go-to PSYCH-K Balance as it can benefit everything. Not only does it help you reprogram your mind, but it’s also calming for the nervous system which can reduce stress, boost creativity, provide clarity, increase intuition, and more. Cate will guide you into this Whole-Brain posture. You’ll do this seated or laying down with your ankles and wrists crossed.

New Resolution

A popular PSYCH-K Balance, this Whole-Brain activity can be fun. Your mind will choose between several standing exercises, including Cross Crawls, Figure 8’s, and Ear Rolls.

Rapport & Communication

Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication. Why non-verbal? It’s estimated that 97% of all communication is non-verbal. This is HUGE because how well you communicate is crucial to your success. This PSYCH-K Balance uses NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It supports rapport, communication, cooperation, honesty, trust, and respect. 

Life Bonding

Starting from the time of conception to the end of your physical life, this reprogramming method helps you clear trauma from birth, dissolve fears around death, and enjoy your life more now. This activity directs your breath between two power points in the body to release stress around your experience at birth and your perception of death.


This P-K Balance is created by your Facilitator specifically for you. 

Additional Balances

The following P-K Balance methods are best done in-person…

Belief Points with Energy Focusing 

This PSYCH-K Balance originates from the ancient healing method of acupuncture. Different points on the body are related to different emotional and psychological issues. We access 12 Belief Points on your body and pair them with 24 specific Goal Statements to focus energy in a specific way that creates rapid change in minimal time. 

Core Belief

Align your mind and body with 13 pairs of core beliefs that include the areas of self-love, forgiveness, Divine Intelligence, and more.


This helps improve relationships with spouses, partners, family, friends, parents, siblings, employees, employers, and anyone else in your life. It’s a great way to work out problems or challenges. You can even use this PSYCH K Balance to improve a relationship with someone who has passed.

Belief Change Tools

VAK to the Future

This tool can come up before a Balance to provide the subconscious with clarification on your goal. V.A.K. stands for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. A V.A.K. is a worksheet that asks specific questions to better understand what you want to see, hear, and feel when you accomplish your goal. It’s a great way for you to get clear on exactly what you want and it can help you build momentum. 

Hakini Mudra

A hakini mudra, a.k.a. mudra for the mind is a hand position used to “lock-in” the NEW Belief or Perception during reprogramming. Derived from Sanskrit, Hakini means “power” and mudra means “gesture.” This hand gesture represents the power of the mind. It unites both hemispheres of the brain to promote calmness, increase concentration, energize the brain, and support memory. The Hakini Mudra also promotes intuition and increases your connection with the third eye chakra.

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