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Looking for easy-to-understand answers to common PSYCH-K FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)? We've got you covered! Let's face it, subconscious reprogramming can be a confusing and overwhelming topic. Don't worry though. Cate will guide you throughout the process and answer any additional questions. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information. We offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation as well.


psych-k FAQ

PSYCH-K FAQ - Basic Info

PSYCH-K (P-K) is a proven form of energy psychology. It uses simple, pain-free, and easy processes to put you in a "Whole-Brain State." This allows you to change subconscious beliefs that restrict your potential in life. Neuroscientists also believe this leads to higher levels of consciousness.

It's pronounced "sy-kay." "PSYCH" is an alternative spelling of "psyche." Note, many people misspell it as PSYCHE K. It means mind, soul, or spirit. The "K" stands for the key to sustainable change. By freeing your mind, you also free yourself from limitations.

P-K comes from a combination of divinely inspired ideas and different healing modalities. It includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psycho-spiritual processes, Milton Erickson Style Hypnotherapy, Educational Kinesiology, Acupressure, and Reiki.

PSYCH K Method

There are many other forms of energy psychology that reprogram the subconscious. Hypnotherapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) are examples. However, the PSYCH K Method is quick, easy, proven, and pain-free. It produces results beyond affirmations, positive thinking, willpower, and most self-help programs.

Talk Therapy

Although talk therapy can help, it doesn’t change subconscious programs. And it can reinforce unhealthy programs by talking about them repeatedly. In contrast, P-K empowers you. It allows you to shift from being a victim ("this happened to me") to the victor ("I actively create the life I want"). It can also reprogram stressful situations and traumas without having to talk about them.

Positive Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations can also change subconscious programs. But this takes years and requires tremendous effort. Again, the P-K can reprogram a subconscious belief in under 15 minutes! Once the new beliefs are in place, they're set. You don't need to be reprogrammed again unless you experience a trauma that could alter them.

Contact us to schedule a free 15-minute phone call with Cate. She can provide a demonstration to help you better understand the process. 

This is one of the most commonly asked PSYCH-K FAQ. There are a couple ways you can do P-K.

First, you can do P-K by yourself if you’ve taken the Basic Workshop. After the P-K training you'll have the skills to do it on your own.

Second, you can do P-K with a Facilitator. This is recommended to start. A skillful Facilitator can provide a unique perspective. He or she can help you dig deep at what’s causing your core issues.

Are you confused about whether to start working with a Facilitator or take the Basic Workshop? I recommend having a few sessions with a P-K Facilitator first. See if it resonates with you. Some people love it so much they want to do the training for personal or professional use. 

I’ve worked with many Facilitators to help them discover underlying issues that can be challenging to find through solo work. I’ve also worked with clients that decided to take the P-K training to continue this work on their own. Try a session and see what feels best for you. If you decide to take the training, then I’m happy to provide recommendations.

They're located worldwide. Cate Ritter is a preferred PSYCH-K Facilitator. She's located in Bend, Oregon with in-person and remote coaching options.

See PSYCH K Reviews! The benefits vary per person. But, most people feel calmer, clearer, more relaxed, and at peace after a session. It can strengthen your connection to your intuition and the Divine to help you feel more empowered. 

Belief Change Benefits

Neuroscience indicates that at least 95% of your brain is subconscious.

The subconscious mind stores your attitudes, values and beliefs from past experiences. This is important because these beliefs create filters that influence how you perceive yourself, your life and your world.

Since the subconscious operates below the level of conscious awareness, you’re unaware of the beliefs blocking your success. This is why P-K is so beneficial. It changes subconscious beliefs to activate your full potential in creating the results you want.

P-K can improve every area of your life. This includes self-love, self-acceptance, confidence, communication, relationships, connection, abundance, money, purpose, fulfillment, career success, health, well-being, weight loss, body composition, spirituality, intuition, divine connection, transformation, and more. It can also help reprogram phobias, distressing situations, traumas, and addiction.

Although P-K can provide immediate relief from your issues, that’s not always the result. To get to the root of your problems, it’s best to dig deeper. It's important to examine your challenges and see WHY they were created. Then, you can see that you’re safe without them. You’re free to let them go. And you can stop issues from being created again in the future. This is what produces the most effective and sustainable results. And this is what can help you heal and drastically change your life.

So don’t be discouraged if your life isn’t perfect after one session. Your life is complex. It may take a few sessions to get the outcome you want. Be patient and active with your healing process. 

P-K is a spiritual process with mental and emotional benefits. It's not used to heal physical issues. However, P-K helps identify and resolve underlying subconscious limitations, or stress that lead to unwanted health issues. Resolving these areas often supports self-healing. It can also help you realize your own powerful healing ability.

P-K is not meant to "treat" anything. It empowers you to better understand yourself and what’s happening in your life.

Yes, your life is full of challenges. But, you have a choice to be defeated by challenges or learn from them. When you’re defeated, you become a victim. Then, you attract more of those situations that you don't want. But, when you learn from challenges, you become a victor. You rise above your challenges and grow. P-K is better than a cure, it helps you evolve your mind, body and soul to a new level.

P-K is a tool to help you transform limiting subconscious beliefs. P-K creates potential that you must take action on to create results. It doesn't guarantee results. But, a Whole-Brain State can result in significantly more potential to manifest your desired outcome.

P-K is most effective if you’re fully committed to the process and take action. The more mindful and determined you are, the better. 

Also, uncomfortable emotions often arise. It’s your choice to ignore them. Or you can acknowledge them, hear their messages, and release them. This is when deep healing happens.

Scheduling Info

Visit our Contact page and fill out the info requested. Cate will provide a schedule of times available and info to prep for your session.

You’ll receive a Venmo request or PayPal invoice to submit payment. Payment plans are available upon request.

Not sure which program is best? No problem! To try a session, you can pay an hourly rate of $175. If you decide to continue, we'll deduct the $175 from the 3-Hour or 9-Hour Program you choose. That way you get the best rate moving forward.

Most of our sessions are remote. To do this, Cate receives permission from her higher self and your higher self beforehand to be a “surrogate” for your muscle testing. This means she does the muscle testing on your behalf. Cate prefers video sessions so you can do the movements and postures together. Remote sessions are just as effective. You’ll still fully experience the shifts that occur. 

Bonus: remote muscle testing can also be used to help friends, relatives and even pets!

Please notify Cate at least 24 hours ahead of time to cancel or reschedule your session or it will count as complete.

Yes. All programs expire one year from purchase. “Special offers” must be completed within 4 months of purchase and are non-refundable.

It depends on what you’re working on. One session is a great start. But several sessions allows you to dig deeper at the root of your issues. 

Most people start with three 1-hour sessions or two 1.5 hour sessions and space them 1-2 weeks apart. You want enough time to integrate. But not too much time where you lose focus of what you're working on.

After you complete your first 3 hours, it’s helpful to space your appointments 2-4 weeks apart.

For follow-ups that are longer than 3 months apart, it’s beneficial to have a 1 ½ hour session.

Do I need P-K forever? No. Once you’ve reprogrammed a belief, it’s set for life unless a trauma happens.

How it Works

It’s important to understand that PSYCH-K is a “do with” process. Cate is not doing it “to” or “on” you. She guides you through the process to realize and activate your inner healing power.

P-K uses muscle testing (MT) to communicate with the subconscious and superconscious.

We use MT to:

  • Receive permission
  • Test for true/false subconscious beliefs
  • Test for positive/negative perceptions
  • Confirm results

Note: the muscle testing verification confirms that a change has occurred. This can help satisfy a skeptical conscious mind. 

Being able to communicate with your subconscious helps us find underlying limitations.

PSYCH-K muscle testing allows your subconscious to relay info to your nervous system. This info produces either a strong (true or positive) or weak (false or negative) response.

To better understand this, think of your subconscious as a computer. You provide it with info (a Belief or Perception) and it checks its files. If the info is false or not believed (i.e. it did NOT find the file), then it sends a weak signal. If the info is true or believed (i.e. it found the file), then it sends a strong signal.

Your subconscious won’t let you lie here. But, there are times we can get inaccurate results. This can happen when you’re dehydrated or stressed. Don’t worry though. We have specific protocols to get back on track and proceed with our session.

Optimal Brain Function

Balance — Subconscious Delivery Method

A PSYCH-K Balance is a Whole-Brain Activity that acts as a messenger to deliver the NEW belief or perception to your subconscious.

Balanced Brain

A Balance increases cross-talk between both brain hemispheres. This creates a Whole-Brain State (WBS). A WBS is ideal for reprogramming the mind with new beliefs and perceptions. It can also reduce stress and increase your brain performance potential. Accessing both sides of your brain helps you overcome challenges easier. It can also help you solve problems faster and accomplish more.

Optimal Brain Function

Your brain performs best when it's in a WBS. This means the left and right hemispheres are communicating with each other.

Unfortunately, life experiences can trigger a dominance of one hemisphere. The more emotionally charged or traumatic the experience, the more likely it's stored and creates an “auto-response” when faced with similar situations.

Everything happens for a reason. There's often a message behind your challenges or symptoms. PSYCH-K processes have safeguards at the Superconscious level. This prevents "killing the messenger" before you receive the message. We ask permission to make sure it’s safe, appropriate and in your highest good to Balance or reprogram now.

Result Timeline

It depends what you're working on. The results are usually felt immediately, but can also unfold after the session.

Take Action for Faster Results

During a session, you'll create Action Steps of easy and doable things you can do now. These help manifest your NEW Beliefs. For best results, you want to take action immediately. Continue with your Action Steps until you get the results you want.

For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, then you'll take action eating better, reducing stress, etc.

Trouble-Shooting Results

If you're taking action but not getting results, then contact Cate. She'll help you dig deeper into core issues that may need reprogramming. She can also look at secondary gains that might be preventing your success. She'll discuss this in detail during your session.

Duration of Reprogramming Results

Once you Balance or reprogram it could last a lifetime. Your new beliefs remain in place until newer beliefs supersede them or they’re no longer needed.

Revisit or Revise

Balances may need to be revisited and revised as your goals evolve. Traumas and distressing situations can also create the need for additional Balances.

Questions to Consider

If you find yourself re-creating patterns you previously Balanced, then ask yourself, “What benefits do I gain from the old thoughts or behaviors?” This can reveal secondary gains that may have created the problem. The topic of secondary gains is discussed during sessions.

No. Some people like to say their Belief Statements like mantras or affirmations, but that’s not necessary. Once they’re reprogrammed you just have to take action. At the end of your session, we create Action Steps to make these NEW Beliefs part of your life now.

People & Science

Robert M. Williams, M.A. is the originator of PSYCH-K and author of "PSYCH-K... The Missing Piece/Peace in Your Life!" 

Rob says, "The overall mission of P-K is to Nurture Sacred Global Evolution. To be more specific, I have noticed that many people seem to have forgotten their true identity as spiritual beings having a human experience..."

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. is a Cell Biologist, Epigenetics Expert, World-Renowned Speaker & Best-Selling Author.

He recommends many belief change modalities for reprogramming the subconscious on his website. However, his top choice is P-K.

Dr. Jeffrey Fannin is a neuroscientist. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology, MBA, and Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. With over 20 years of experience in neuroscience, he's involved in cutting-edge research. He owns the Center for Cognitive Enhancement. 

Dr. Fannin learned about PSYCH-K in 2010. After utilizing P-K in his research, he found that clients got easier and faster results. He then partnered with Rob Williams, Originator of P-K. They used Brain Mapping (EEG) technology to publish peer-reviewed neuroscience articles. This research validates the “whole-brain” state benefits achieved during P-K. It focuses on balanced brain performance, quantum entanglement, and subconscious belief patterns.

This is another common PSYCH-K FAQ. And yes! Brain Mapping (qEEG) offers scientific validation that changes are made within the brain during the PSYCH-K process. View the Science Behind PSYCH-K.

Neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, worked with Rob Williams to document the effectiveness of P-K. With Brain Mapping technology they created solid research. This research shows the value a PSYCH-K Whole-Brain State and its role in the evolution of consciousness.

Quantum Physics

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. says, “Quantum physics is the most valued science on the planet. There’s no science with more truth than quantum physics and the primary principle of quantum physics is consciousness is creating your life experience.”

Conscious & Subconscious Mind

There are two levels of consciousness, the conscious mind and subconscious mind. What level of consciousness do you operate out of most of the day? The subconscious! In fact, over 95% of your life is created from your subconscious mind. And over 70% of your subconscious programs are negative, self-limiting, and self-sabotaging.

The Subconscious Solution

P-K can reprogram your subconscious beliefs (programs) to help you manifest the life you want.

P-K is a form of energy psychology (EP). EP is a mind-body approach for understanding and improving the psyche. It focuses on bioenergy systems. This includes meridians and the biofield to support natural healing.

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