Questions About PSYCH-K®?

Subconscious reprogramming can be a confusing and overwhelming topic. That's why we created these easy-to-understand and thorough PSYCH-K FAQ. As a PSYCH-K Facilitator, Cate will guide you throughout the process and answer any questions.

Basic Info

Reprogramming Process

Benefits & Results

Science & People

“PSYCH-K® is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your life.”

Robert M. Williams, M.A. Originator of PSYCH-K®

Blocked to Blissed

“During our sessions, I felt safe, comfortable and at ease. Cate made me feel like she has known me for a long time and was able to guide me to the core beliefs that I most needed to reprogram. I started feeling much better even after just one session, and felt really great after the third one. I just can't believe how I am feeling right now compared to how I was just two months ago. I am feeling more positive, confident and motivated. I feel and know my worth. I love myself, accept who I am and where I am right now. I feel at peace! I am a lot better at handling situations that would threw me out of balance back then.”

— Aycan A. from Vancouver, WA 

Patience & Genuine Care

Cate is one of the strongest people I've ever met. I'm intrigued by her range of services but honestly it's just being in her presence that grounded me and filled me with much needed light during a very dark time. Her patience and genuine caring is a rare find in this world. If you cross paths with this beautiful beacon you'll forever be a better person. Love you Cate!”

— Andrew D. from Calgary, Alberta

Emotional Shifts

"I absolutely loved working with Cate! The tools she taught me made a big impact. It was surprising how much we accomplished even in just one session. I felt some emotional shifts almost immediately. I look forward to working with Cate again. I can't recommend her enough. She is a gifted PSYCH-K facilitator.”

— Yolanda Z. from Payson, AZ

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