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The PSYCH-K Method helps you transform your life from blocked to blissed!

Feel blocked and frustrated with life? 

If things aren’t working out the way you want them to, it’s likely due to your subconscious beliefs. Your beliefs create your reality. And, according to neuroscientists, between 95-99% of your life is run from beliefs that you’re unaware of! That’s right, the majority of your day you operate from subconscious programs that you don’t even know about. That’s why learning about the PSYCH-K Method is so important.

In this YouTube video, Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind.

Spoiler alert: He recommends energy psychology. And Bruce’s favorite form of energy psychology is the PSYCH-K Method. It’s the method he uses and teaches with PSYCH-K Originator, Rob Williams.

What is the PSYCH-K Method?

The PSYCH-K Method is a form of energy psychology. It puts your mind in a Whole-Brain State using a variety of quick, easy, pain-free, and proven processes. This synchronizes the hemispheres of your brain to allow you to download NEW beliefs into your subconscious. PSYCH-K is fast and effective. It’s much easier than affirmations, positive thinking, willpower, and most self-help programs. It helps clear subconscious limitations to support your success in every area of your life. The PSYCH-K Method can release stress, reveal lessons, and expose crucial messages for deep healing on all levels.

Importance of Belief Change

Nearly all constructive and destructive beliefs originate at the level of the subconscious mind. The PSYCH-K Method is a rapid belief change process that allows you to change your beliefs to change your life. As Bruce explains, these programs within the subconscious control your life, vitality, and behavior.

Want to improve your life? Start by improving your beliefs.

How do subconscious beliefs get created?

During the first seven years of your life, your brain creates a system for you to operate from in order to survive in society. To do this, you download programs on how to behave and function by observing your family and community. These programs create beliefs you operate from. 

Dr. Lipton compares a child to a computer to better understand why this programming is essential to your survival. When you buy a computer the built-in operating system allows it to work. But if there aren’t any programs in the computer, it can’t do anything. Likewise, when a child develops he/she creates an operating system. This system comes from observing people in his/her environment. So you create beliefs through observation. Here’s the problem…

Most subconscious beliefs are negative, disempowering and self-sabotaging. 

In other words, most of your life you’re not actively creating what you want. Instead, you’re living from limiting beliefs learned during childhood.

For example, one belief could be, “I don’t deserve unconditional love.” Operating under this unsupportive belief will greatly influence the outcome of your life. This includes your self-worth, relationships, finances, and career success. The good news is that you can change these programs with the PSYCH-K Method.

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Solution: The PSYCH-K Method

Blocked to Blissed

Your life is a reflection of your subconscious programming.

Any blockages in your life are the result of unhealthy programs within your subconscious. These create limiting beliefs about yourself, others and the world around you. So the first step is to find out what beliefs are at the root of your issues. Take a look at your life. Does your life reflect what you want or does it reflect subconscious programs? What do you struggle with? Do you have to work hard or put a lot of effort into the things you do? Why are you working so hard? 

The PSYCH K Method can help with many different areas. This includes self-love, intuition, health, weight loss, communication, relationships, finances, career success, purpose, and more. 

The PSYCH-K Method replaces limiting beliefs with enhancing beliefs.

How does the PSYCH K Method work?

The PSYCH-K Method creates a balanced Whole-Brain State. This turns on what Dr. Lipton calls super learning.” What is super learning? It’s the ability to synchronize the hemispheres of your brain and download a NEW belief into the subconscious. P-K allows you to change an unhealthy belief in minutes! It results in a rapid mindset shift that opens the door to new possibilities with your health and life.