PSYCH-K® allows you to change limiting subconscious beliefs to create a life you LOVE!

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What is PSYCH-K®?

Healing With Energy Psychology

PSYCH-K uses a series of quick, easy, pain-free and proven processes to put your mind in a Whole-Brain state. This state activates “super learning” — the ability to synchronize the hemispheres of your brain and download NEW beliefs into the subconscious. These NEW beliefs create a NEW reality. They can improve how you feel, behave, interact with others, and view your world.

Created by Rob Williams, M.A. and endorsed by Bruce Lipton, PhD., this form of rapid belief change produces results far beyond affirmations, willpower, positive thinking, and most self-help programs. Start NOW!

“The ‘secret of life' is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.”

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Cell Biologist, World-Renowned Speaker & Best-Selling Author​

Why Subconscious Reprogramming?

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Why care about the subconscious? Your life is a reflection of your subconscious programming. Neuroscientists estimate that over 95 percent of reality is created from subconscious beliefs. Unfortunately, most of these beliefs are limiting and self-sabotaging.

Do You Have Limiting Beliefs?

  • Does it feel like something's missing in your life?
  • Do you feel frustrated, unfulfilled, blocked, or lost?
  • Are you working hard without getting the outcome you deserve?
  • If things aren't working out how you want, it’s likely due to your subconscious beliefs.

Subconscious Blockages

Limitations within the subconscious mind create blockages that affect all aspects of your life. PSYCH-K can help you improve your health, body image, mood, self-esteem, relationships, finances, career, athletic ability, spirituality, and more.

PSYCH-K® allows you to change subconscious beliefs to help you create the health and life you deserve!

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Transform Self-Limiting Beliefs...

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Into Self-Enhancing Beliefs!

Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

5 BIG PSYCH-K® Benefits

PSYCH-K creates a Whole-Brain State that can have a profound effect on your mind, body, and soul.

A Whole-Brain State (WBS) can change subconscious beliefs, situations, traumas, and fears that limit your life. It also unifies your mind to elevate your level of thinking and expand consciousness. This is a key contributor to the spiritual healing behind P-K, which can result in healing on all levels. Lastly, a WBS calms your nervous system. It gets you out of stress mode and into a relaxed parasympathetic state. This is the ideal state for healing and living.

1. Increase LOVE

Do you want to feel "in love" with your life every day? P-K can help you live in a Honey Moon with yourself, others and your life… all of the time! Old fear-based programs kept you safe as a child, but sabotage your success as an adult.

PSYCH-K clears old beliefs that block the love in your life.

2. Support Healing

Can PSYCH-K support your health and weight loss? Yes! All “dis-ease” starts in the mind and manifests in physical form. When you heal your subconscious mind, your physical issues heal too. As Dr. Lipton explains, your subconscious beliefs influence your body at a cellular level.

Your beliefs direct your cells and tell them what to do. To improve your health, you must first improve your beliefs.

How do you do this? P-K allows you to rapidly change beliefs and receive important messages needed to heal. “Dis-ease” in the mind often results from ignoring important emotions or spiritual “messages.” That’s why you can do “all the right things” without getting the health results you want. P-K helps you finally “get the message.” This allows your mind to get out of “dis-ease" and manifest the wellness you deserve.

3. Deeper Connection

Are you ready for deeper, more loving and meaningful relationships?

PSYCH-K helps you connect more with yourself, others, and spirit. Loving others starts with loving yourself. When you’re connected with yourself, you’re more connected with your higher self. This allows you to feel more self-love, intuition, confidence, and compassion. As a result, it benefits your relationships by improving how you behave and communicate.

Lastly, it can also help you experience more Divine connection. When you feel safe, secure and supported by Spirit, it’s much easier to relax and trust the process. It's also easier to release your fear, anxiety, and worry.

4. Greater Passion & Purpose

Do you want to live with a great sense of purpose and passion? P-K helps remove the blockages preventing you from doing what you love. This enables you to shift perspective and see things with greater clarity. Then, you can focus on doing what makes you feel alive. Connect with what you’re passionate about. This results in greater purpose, and success.

5. Align With Abundance

When your mind flows better so does your life. P-K helps you remove unsupportive beliefs around money. When you change these views, you can align yourself with the infinite flow of abundance. It can also help you attract more opportunities to make money and receive abundance.

“If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t… you’re right!”

Henry Ford

To help you develop a better understanding of how PSYCH-K works, we've outlined the subconscious reprogramming process from start to finish.

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Pre-Session Prep

How to Prepare Before

Learn how a little preparation can help you get faster, more effective results.

More Info

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During Session Steps

What Happens During

Discover what happens during PSYCH-K as you're guided throughout the process.

Learn More

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Post-Session Success

What to Expect After

Start taking action on your NEW beliefs and making them part of your life now.

More Info

Got questions? Learn more about PSYCH-K including the basic concepts, steps, benefits, science and people behind this healing modality.

What can PSYCH-K help with?

The PSYCH-K Process works to change limiting beliefs you have at a subconscious level.

PSYCH-K® Can Improve EVERY Area of Your Life...

  • Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance, Confidence 
  • Relationships, Communication, Connection
  • Money, Finances, Abundance
  • Career Success, Purpose, Fulfillment
  • Health, Healing, Well-Being
  • Body Composition, Fat-Loss, Performance
  • Spirituality, Divine Connection, Intuition, Transformation
  • Traumas, Distressing Situations, Phobias
  • Addiction​

Is there science behind PSYCH-K?

Yes! Brain Mapping (qEEG) offers scientific validation that changes are made within the brain during the PSYCH-K process. Read More

How do remote sessions work?

Most of our sessions are remote. As a Facilitator, Cate receives permission from her higher self and your higher self beforehand to be a “surrogate” for your muscle testing (i.e. do the muscle testing on your behalf). Cate prefers video sessions so you can do the movements and postures together.

Remote sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. You’ll still fully experience the shifts that occur.

Who are Bruce Lipton & Rob Williams?

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. is a Cell Biologist, Epigenetics Expert, World-Renowned Speaker & Best-Selling Author. He recommends PSYCH-K as an effective way to change beliefs at a subconscious level. Learn more!

Rob Williams, originator of PSYCH-K and author of "PSYCH-K... The Missing Piece/Peace in Your Life!" Rob says, “PSYCH-K is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your life.” Watch Rob on YouTube

Subconscious vs. Conscious Mind

Subconscious mind — operates below conscious thought or awareness. This mind operates very fast, is habitual, and runs about 95-99% of your life.

Conscious mind — what you're aware of. This mind is very slow at processing info, but very creative. It only runs your life about 1-5% of the time.

How do you maximize the power of your mind? PSYCH-K is the solution to have your mind operate from a Whole-Brain State. It does this using simple processes to change limiting subconscious beliefs, so you can create the life you want. Learn more.

“Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation.”

 Lao Tzu, ​Chinese Philosopher

New to subconscious reprogramming? Read what clients from around the world have to say about their PSYCH-K experience.

Enlightening & Transformational

psych-k OR"PSYCH-K with Cate was enlightening and transformational. She's a pure and bright light. I learned about subconscious thoughts that I didn't know were holding me back. Together we were able to work through this so that I can live the life I desire. I’ve seen changes manifest in my career and relationships. I immediately lost the feeling of anxiety I had on most days. I noticed that I don’t have fear holding me back, instead I wake up each day with wonder and curiosity. If you've been working on transformation and still feel stuck, jump in and give it a try!"

— Amy S. from Bend, OR

Liberating & Healing

psych-k ca“My PSYCH-K experience with Cate was amazing. She really helped me have the courage to speak my truth. Very liberating and healing. I highly recommend this PSYCH-K Facilitator and this amazing modality! She's a deeply compassionate healer who can help others with many energy medicine tools!“

— Ginny M. from Pacific Grove, California

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