PSYCH-K Action Steps

PSYCH-K Action Steps for Success

We’ve outlined the best ways to maximize your PSYCH-K experience with practical Action Steps. First, make sure you’re ready to change. PSYCH-K can profoundly affect your health and life, but you must be willing to release the things that aren’t working. Clinging to old beliefs, fears, stories, or perceptions, keeps you stuck in the past with them. If you welcome new energy, you can become a powerful creator. A clear intention paired with determination can be miraculous!

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action steps for success

Action Steps Are Essential to P-K Success!

What Are PSYCH-K Action Steps?

PSYCH-K Action Steps are simple things you can do to move closer to the life you want. During your session, you’ll change limiting subconscious beliefs, then create doable steps to make your NEW Beliefs a reality now.

help beliefs come true

Action Steps help NEW Beliefs come true!

Why are Action Steps important?

Action Steps increase mindfulness of your goals so you can be aware of the shifts happening. Most importantly, Action Steps bring you closer to the results you want by shifting your energy towards creating the health and life you desire. It’s not about the result but what you learn and how you grow along the way. The journey is the destination. These steps get you moving in the right direction to support your highest good, often leading to better results than you could have ever imagined. So, TRUST the process, be OPEN to how it unfolds and express gratitude for every shift in the right direction.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

Zig Ziglar

3 Tips for Effective Action Steps

During your PSYCH-K Session, Cate will guide you in creating effective Action Steps. You want them to be…

1. Doable

Start small and make it so easy you can’t NOT do it. Want to hike Mt. Everest? Start with doable hikes and challenge yourself over time.

2. Enjoyable

Actions Steps aren’t "to-do list" additions. You want to feel EXCITED by them, not guilted into doing them. Pick things you enjoy doing.

3. Specific

Get specific with what you want by providing details for achieving your goals. Want to be a millionaire? Start with ways you can move closer to that. Buy a lottery ticket once a week. Ask your boss for a raise on Friday. Then, budget your money and set monthly goals.


After your session, Cate will email you a PSYCH-K PDF. This includes your NEW Beliefs, anything that didn’t need to be reprogrammed, helpful notes, and Action Steps. View this PDF regularly.

Action Steps in Action

Action Steps can be as simple as saying your Beliefs as affirmations, setting reminders on your phone or putting sticky notes around your home. You can turn your Action Steps into a meditation, visualization, or journal exercise. No matter what you choose, take action immediately. Passionately pursue your goal and prioritize each step like your life depends on it because it does.

Frequency & Duration

Action Steps can be one-time or daily. Adjust them to fit your schedule and continue until your goals feel fulfilled.

psych-k money action steps

Make choices that bring you closer to what you want!

Follow Through on Your Goals

Cate will help you create your PSYCH-K Action Steps. They're most effective when they're custom-made by you, for you.

Change your wallpaper on your phone/computer to remind yourself of a NEW Belief. For “I'm a happy and adventurous person,” put a pic of yourself smiling while white-water rafting.

Switch your ringtone to increase mindfulness and remind yourself, “I communicate with love.”

Treat yourself to something that reminds you of the self-love you deserve, such as a scarf, ring, crystal, or pair of slippers.

Create a dream board to reflect your dream life. Other helpful things include journaling, visualizing, and meditating.

Cleanse your energy by smudging yourself and your space. Cut the cords between yourself and others. Write a letter and burn it. These are all great for forgiveness, closure, and letting go.

Start a relaxing nighttime ritual by spending 30 minutes journaling gratitude, doing restorative yoga, and meditating.

Display $100 bills in your wallet and around your home to get you in an abundance mindset.

Print your bank statement, then black out the amount you have, and write in the amount you want. Post it on your bathroom mirror or desk wall. See it, feel it, believe it!

"Changing subconscious beliefs creates potential. Putting them into action creates results."

Rob Williams, PSYCH-K® Founder

Healing Troubleshooting

Be Patient

Not getting results? First, be patient. Chances are you've had those old beliefs for a long time. Give your mind time to integrate your new way of being, thinking, and living. View Healthy Mind Tips!

Revisit Action Steps

Next, revisit your Action Steps. Are you following through? Do you need to adjust them? Would you benefit from more PSYCH-K? Contact Cate to determine the best way to proceed.

Get to the Root

Have you gotten to the root of your issues? You might need to focus your reprogramming on a different area. For example, you want abundance but need self-love first. Believing you’re worthy of abundance can be the missing piece to getting in the financial flow. Get clear on what you want, then look at related areas. The beliefs you have could be symptoms of a deeper issue. Use PSYCH-K to reprogram perceptions of stress, fear, and trauma.

deeper underlying issues

Nourish the Garden of Your Mind

PSYCH-K reprograms subconscious beliefs and perceptions, which provides you the potential to make these shifts part of your life, but you MUST take action. Think of your mind as a garden. P-K pulls out the weeds (OLD beliefs) and plants seeds (NEW beliefs). But you must provide those seeds with sunshine, water, and fertilization to grow into beautiful flowers. So take action on your Action Steps!

Belief Change Success...

Secondary Gains

Not having success with PSYCH-K or other healing modalities? Secondary gains could be sabotaging your success. A secondary gain is when you benefit from an unwanted problem, condition, or circumstance in your life. Secondary gains can be unhealthy behaviors, addictions, health issues, and injuries. Without being addressed, secondary gains will continue to limit your success.

Secondary gain problem: You get an injury. Ouch!

Secondary gain benefit: Now, everyone gives you attention, your family takes care of you, and you get time off work. Yay!

Journal — Ask “Why?”

Journaling is a great Action Step and a valuable way to dig deeper into your subconscious and identify what to focus on. If anything arises, such as feelings, fears, or frustrations, ask, “Why?” until you can’t ask anymore. It may surprise you how deep some beliefs are.

Another area to ask “Why?” is with your NEW Beliefs. Why do you want this Belief? For example, why do you want more money? You want to feel successful, validated, and good about yourself. So, focus on self-worth to unlock your financial flow.

Lastly, journal what it feels and looks like when your NEW Beliefs are true. Give your subconscious details to create what you desire and, chances are, you’ll end up with something even better!

manifest like a master

Manifest Like a Master

Want to manifest your Action Steps and goals faster? Spend more time doing what you LOVE! What excites you and makes you come alive? What makes you lose track of time? Those things put you in a creative flow state ideal for manifestation.

Go Silent, Get Clear

Having trouble hearing your inner voice? Try a silent fast. It's simple: avoid speaking for a few hours and go up to a few days or more. Give yourself a peaceful getaway and let others know what you’re doing ahead of time so they can be respectful. A silent fast is a great way to listen to your higher self to boost creativity, connection, mindfulness, and more. Spend as much of this time in nature as possible. You might enjoy it so much that it becomes a monthly ritual to reset and recharge.

Want to Create Effective Action Steps for PSYCH-K Success?