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15 Things That Lower Your Vibration

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Being mindful of your energy is a transformative practice that can greatly enhance your life and positively influence those around you. The best way to keep your vibes in check is to be aware of things that lower your vibration and drain your energy. We’ll cover 15 energy-draining areas that kill your vibrational buzz and provide tips to elevate your energy quickly. 

What is vibration?

Science reveals a profound truth: everything in our world is consciousness manifesting as energy. Energy is made of atoms, which are made of subatomic particles that are constantly vibrating. Even though things appear to be still or whole, they’re made up of tiny particles in continuous motion. Bill Hicks said, “All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration.” To delve deeper into this captivating connection to consciousness, visit

Nurturing Your Energy Body

Caring for your energy body is just as important as tending to your physical well-being. Everything, including yourself, possesses a distinct vibration. This unique vibrational frequency represents your energetic essence, a vital life force that flows within your body and biofield.

Elevate Your Vibes

When your vibes are high, you experience a high-functioning brain state ideal for facilitating decision-making, creativity, and deep thinking. As your vibrational frequency increases, stress, anxiety, worry, and frustration naturally diminish. By consistently making high-vibe choices, you invite a positive flow into your life. Through practice, you’ll cultivate greater presence, connection, compassion, joy, and love.

Elevate Your Vibrational State

Your vibrational energy is in constant flux, which is why your decisions are vital. Every choice you make has a BIG impact on your vibration. By honing your intuitive tuning skills, you empower yourself to raise low vibrational energy effortlessly. Through practice, these skills become a superpower, connecting you to the present moment and your Higher Self. As your consciousness expands, you activate profound healing within your mind, body, and soul.

Got Good Vibes or Bad?

From a spiritual standpoint, the universe itself is neutral, unbiased. However, as observers, we assign value judgments like “positive/good” or “negative/bad” to experiences based on our beliefs and perceptions. It’s important to note that feeling low vibes isn’t inherently “bad,” but being mindful and intentionally directing your vibrational energy towards the experiences you wish to manifest leads to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. To gauge your vibrational energy, pay attention to the typical emotions you experience, as they serve as indicators of where your vibes currently reside, allowing you to realign as necessary and create the desired experiences in your life.

low vibration emotion fear

Low vibration emotions…

Are associated with darker feelings such as negativity, pessimism, fear, anger, blame, shame, bitterness, frustration, hate, greed, jealousy, and depression.

Things that lower your vibration feel… heavy, stuck, dis-ease, drained, depleted, confused, weak, imbalanced, and more. Your brain doesn’t function well and you feel disconnected from your intuition. You experience more conflict, discomfort, and pain as things don’t seem to flow no matter how hard you try. 

High vibration emotions…

Are generally associated with light feelings, such as positivity, love, joy, happiness, excitement, forgiveness, compassion, and peace.

Things that raise your vibration help you feel… light, fluid, easeful, energetic, clear, strong, grounded, and more. When your vibes are high, you feel more connected to yourself, others, this planet, and beyond! You feel whole, healthy and aligned with your goals. You experience greater clarity, love, joy, personal power, and peace. Life seems to flow easily and effortlessly, with abundant synchronicities supporting you.

Things That Lower Your Vibration

Your vibration is a powerful force that influences your energy levels and attracts experiences into your life. It’s crucial to develop the ability to swiftly recognize anything that drains your vibration, preventing you from being pulled into a downward spiral. Let’s explore 15 factors that lower your vibrational frequency, providing insights on minimizing their impact and offering practical strategies to make choices that rapidly elevate your vibes, enhancing your overall well-being.

1. Dehydration

Healthy hydration is often overlooked, leading to chronic dehydration that hampers essential bodily functions and healing processes. To cultivate greater energy flow, it’s vital to give your body the hydration it requires at a cellular level. Start your morning with lemon, lime or coconut water and hydrate throughout the day, allowing your energy to become more fluid and supporting overall well-being.

2. Poor Diet

Take a moment to reflect on your dietary choices. Are you consuming nutrient-rich, colorful, raw foods, or is your diet predominantly filled with processed refined products? To enhance your vibrational energy, it’s essential to steer clear of low-vibration foods such as alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, GMO foods, sugary beverages, wheat, unhealthy fats, and oils. Opt for high vibration foods in their natural, whole state, and prioritize reading labels to choose products made from quality ingredients. Gradually replace low-vibe foods with healthier alternatives and allow yourself two cheat days per week for indulgence.

3. Lack of Sleep

Restful sleep is essential for giving your body the necessary support to recharge its energy reserves. Aim to establish a consistent bedtime routine, aiming to be in bed by 10:30 pm, and ensure you sleep for at least 8 hours of per night. If sufficient nighttime sleep is challenging, incorporating a 10-30 minute nap during the day can be beneficial. Additionally, meditation is a restful practice that can recharge your “energy battery.” For a quick energy boost, consider trying the Synctuition Deep Meditation Program, where each 25-minute Sound Journey has the equivalent effect of four hours of regular meditation, providing a revitalizing experience.

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4. Ignoring Your Body’s Messages

Paying attention to your feelings is a simple way to assess your vibrational energy. Your body holds valuable insights into your energetic state. Symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, skin problems, sleep disturbances, low libido, and frequent illness often indicate low vibration. While they may appear as physical ailments, their root lies in energetic imbalances. Take time throughout the day to connect with your body, listen to its messages, and respond with the care you need.

5. Sedentary Lifestyle

Movement plays a pivotal role in preventing stagnant energy that can lead to dis-ease. Incorporating daily gentle movement and play helps flush out old energy and emotions, promoting overall well-being. Engage in activities such as walking, hiking, rebounding, or yoga to stimulate energy flow. To encourage regular movement breaks, set a timer for 1 hour before sitting to work or watch TV, placing it across the room. Repeat this practice throughout the day, prompting you to get up and move. Even a brief stroll around the office or a lap around the living room can significantly enhance energy flow, revitalizing your body and mind.

6. Stagnation in Your Life

Energy is inherently meant to flow, and when any aspect of your life feels stagnant, it’s crucial to explore solutions that keep things moving. Take a moment to identify areas of your life that could benefit from improvement and grant yourself the time and space to process emotions, express yourself, and release old energy. Journaling is a powerful tool to clarify your needs and chart the best path forward. Engaging in creative pursuits sparks inspiration, allowing you to break free from the daily routine where many people find themselves stuck. Unleash your playful and creative spirit to cultivate positive shifts and embrace the natural flow of energy in your life.

7. Toxic People

Avoiding toxic, energy-draining individuals, often called “energy vampires” or “Debbie Downers,” can be challenging. Begin by recognizing who drains or replenishes your energy. Pay attention to how you feel after spending time with others. If you experience negative emotions, exhaustion, or a decrease in energy, take note for future reference. Mindfully assess how others influence your energy to safeguard yourself from being drained. Embrace the opportunity to welcome more loving, supportive, and energizing people into your life.

8. Too Much Tech Time

In our tech-centric world, it’s crucial to be mindful of the time spent using electronic devices. Prolonged exposure to cell phones, computers, and TVs can rapidly drain your energy. Recognize that your body isn’t designed for extended periods in close proximity to these devices. To counteract the negative effects of screen time, prioritize spending more time in nature. Engage in activities like walking barefoot on grass and connecting with plants. Nature, being one of the most potent sources of energy recharge, allows you to cleanse and rejuvenate your energetic body through the practice of “nature-bathing.”

woman nature bathing

9. An Unsupportive Environment 

Your home serves as a physical reflection of your vibrational energy. By becoming aware of the energy within your surroundings, you hold the power to transform it. Cleansing, organizing, and simplifying your environment can have a profound impact on raising your vibrational frequency. Dedicate time each week to ensure your living space is set up for energetic success. Minimize toxins by choosing natural beauty, hygiene, and cleaning products. Regularly wash sheets, bedding, blankets, and clothes. Review your belongings and donate what is no longer needed. Energy flows more freely without clutter and excess, removing potential blocks and enhancing the positive energy in your home.

10. Focusing on Low Vibe Emotions 

Low-vibe emotions like stress, worry, fear, anxiety, and negativity can easily trap us. Instead of fixating on what you don’t want, redirect your mindset towards high-vibe emotions that uplift and make you feel better. Your mindset and how you handle life’s challenges have a HUGE impact on your vibration. While it’s normal to experience these emotions, the goal is to shift your focus. Acknowledge your feelings by saying, “I feel frustrated,” but be mindful with your words. Use the word “feel” to recognize that it’s a temporary experience, avoiding statements like “I am frustrated” that perpetuate a low-vibe state.

To boost low vibrational energy and create the high-vibe state you desire, begin by simply faking a smile. Scientific research reveals that smiling, even if it’s not genuinely felt, can shift brain chemistry and swiftly improve your mood. By consciously choosing to smile, you tap into a powerful tool that positively influences your emotional state and uplifts your overall energy.

11. Limiting Beliefs & Perceptions

Limitations in your life can manifest as blocks in your energy. To remove these obstacles, consider utilizing Energy Psychology practices like PSYCH-K to clear limiting subconscious programming. This transformative process can be likened to replacing foggy glasses worn throughout your life with rose-colored lenses. Our coaching approach emphasizes the cultivation of self-love and self-worth. When you genuinely love and feel good about yourself and your life, it creates a powerful energetic shield, making it easier to keep low vibes out and effortlessly maintain a high-vibe state.

12. Lack of Self-Love

Embrace the practice of loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. As a wise African proverb suggests, “When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.” Self-care serves as a potent remedy for any feelings of lack. Nourishing yourself with love expands your capacity to extend the same to others and your own life. Treat yourself with the compassion and kindness you would offer a cherished best friend. Prioritize what you need and love yourself like your life depends on it because it does!

13. Attaching to the Outcome

When you hold onto rigid expectations and demand things to be a certain way, you limit the potential for creativity in life, and creativity is vital because life itself is a creative process. By releasing your tight grip on outcomes, you invite the flow. Flow is a state of dynamic creativity and powerful manifestation — where the magic truly happens. So, relinquish attachment to specific outcomes and embrace the beauty of the process. Surrender to the present moment, adopting an open and curious perspective. Ask yourself, “How are things unfolding for my highest good?”

14. Forgetting About Forgiveness

Holding onto past pain drains your energy continually. Remember that everyone is doing their best based on their current level of awareness. From a soul perspective, individuals are at different stages of growth, ranging from kindergarteners to graduate students. No one is superior; each person is on their unique learning journey. Rather than dwelling on low vibes of the past, practice forgiveness for yourself and others. Forgiveness is a powerful energy booster and a gift you give yourself. It begins with the willingness to let go. By releasing old energy, you create space for new, beneficial energy to flow.

15. Not Prioritizing Enjoyment

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s likely because you’re doing too much. Our work-focused culture often rewards workaholic tendencies. However, prioritizing enjoyment doesn’t make you less productive; it actually recharges you, making you more productive in the long run. It’s crucial to find a better balance in life. The more you infuse joy into your daily activities, the more freely energy flows. So, include activities you love throughout your day. Identify what brings a smile to your face, even to the point of your cheeks hurting. By fully enjoying every moment to the best of your ability, you supercharge your frequency and become a powerful manifestor. Remember, everyone, including you, deserves to enjoy life to the fullest.

prioritize enjoyment smell the flowers

Raise Your Vibes

Now that you understand the factors that lower your vibration, it’s essential to discover ways to raise your vibes. When your vibration is high, you experience improved well-being, enhanced immunity, increased creativity, and a connection to the state of “the flow.”

How can you raise your vibration?

The good news is that it’s easy to raise your vibes. Here’s how:

  1. Intention — Create an intention, such as, “I would like to raise my vibration!”
  2. Thought — Ask yourself, “What can I do to raise my vibration?”
  3. Choice — What choice can I make right now to move to a higher vibe? Even if you’re feeling down, the smallest upgrade can significantly shift your energy. 

To raise your vibes quickly…

  • Hydrate with lemon, lime, or coconut water
  • Eat an unprocessed, whole-food-based diet
  • Smile, laugh, and invite more joy into your life
  • Play and move your body via walking, yoga, or other forms of exercise
  • Slow down and be quiet
  • Meditate and relax your mind
  • Recharge with nature
  • Soak up some sunshine (being careful not to burn)
  • Journal and focus on gratitude. 
  • Ask yourself, “What choice can I make to raise my vibes now?”
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Have faith that your life is unfolding for your highest good
  • Sing, chant, play an instrument, or listen to music, especially the musical tone of 528 Hz, a.k.a. the “love frequency.”

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