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10 Nutrition Tips for Better Health

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Get the most out of your health and weight loss goals with these 10 Nutrition Tips!

As a Wellness Coach, I’ve discovered 10 Nutrition Tips to maximize your nourishment no matter what diet you follow. First, it’s important to understand that… Eating healthy is NOT about counting calories or feeling deprived. The more restrictive you are with what you eat, the more stress you create. Stress is the biggest contributor to dis-ease.

A good wellness program is one that makes healthy eating delicious & doable, so it’s sustainable.

Mealtime is most beneficial when relaxed, fun and enjoyable. Food is meant to be savored. It isn’t just fuel, it’s nourishment for your body, mind and soul.

10 Nutrition Tips You’ll LOVE

Ready to improve your health and reawaken how you feel in your own skin? Get started with these 10 Timeless Nutrition Tips that are sure to satisfy your senses and help you shed extra weight. Begin with one tip at a time and, before you know it, you’ll have deliciously implemented all of them into your lifestyle with ease.

1. Hydrate Upon Waking

Many people suffer from chronic dehydration, which is why hydrating properly upon waking is crucial for your health and well-being. The morning is a peak cleansing time. The body requires hydration to cleanse and clear toxins out of your system. Hydration is essential for overall health, including detoxification, digestion, fat loss and more.

Start your day with one or more of these delicious optimal hydration options, including lemon/lime/coconut water or cucumber/celery juice. After hydrating, wait 15 minutes before consuming anything else to give your body time to cleanse and flush out toxins. Continue hydrating throughout your day by creating hydration love notes/reminders.

hydrate with lemon water

Quench Your Thirst With…

  • Lemon or lime water — squeeze and add the juice to 16 ounces of water
  • Coconut water — enjoy 16 ounces (great source of natural electrolytes)
  • Celery juice — 1 bunch or 16 ounces of juice
  • Cucumber juice — 2 cucumbers or 16 ounces of juice
  • Infused water — use sliced cucumber and mint or frozen blueberries and basil

2. Eat More Mindfully

The easiest wellness tip you can follow right now is to eat more mindfully. Mindful eating means being fully present for each bite, chew, sip and swallow. You’re aware of what’s going on inside your body and around you. When you engage your senses, you connect with the present. As a result, this helps you enjoy food in a more nourishing way and connect with your body on a deeper level. Even without any diet changes, this simple nutrition tip can have a major impact on your health. When you improve how you eat, you’ll naturally improve what you eat.

3. Choose Whole Foods

What is one of the most important nutrition tips to remember? Choose natural, one-ingredient foods over processed products. Stop counting calories and start focusing on nutrients. Quality is far more important than quantity. Whole foods contain more nutrients to support health, energy, vitality, and fat loss. Although this tip sounds simple, it can be challenging to eliminate most processed foods. Get creative and find healthier alternatives with tip #6 below. Also, include raw foods daily such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Enjoying a BIG salad at lunch is a great way to include raw, whole foods.

NUTRITION TIP: Eat a wide variety of colorful whole foods

4. Eat the Rainbow

Aim to consume a rainbow of colors every day. Colorful foods nourish your body with health-promoting antioxidants that support anti-aging, reduce inflammation, balance chakras, and more. For example, add fresh berries to oatmeal at breakfast. Enjoy a mixed veggie salad at lunch. Try a kale, collard, or seaweed wrap at dinner. One easy way to enjoy more colorful meals is to choose greens over grains. Most people eat twice as many grains (especially refined grains like bread, cereal and pasta) as they do greens. Include more veggies by juicing, adding to salads, and using for pasta (such as zucchini noodles or “zoodles”), wraps, and rolls.

Colorful Foods to Nourish You…

  • Red: apples, cherries, beets, tomatoes, peppers, pomegranate
  • Orange: carrots, cantaloupe, citrus, mango, oranges
  • Yellow: bananas, pineapple, turmeric, squash
  • Green: apples, asparagus, kale, cucumber, celery
  • Blue: blueberries, blackberries, grapes
  • Purple: eggplant, figs, cabbage, plums
  • Pink: watermelon, strawberries, raspberries

5. Read Food Labels

Always read food labels and focus on the ingredients listed. Follow this nutrition tip EVERY time you shop. Look for whole ingredients and a low sugar content. The fewer the ingredients, the better. For example, a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar contains 21 ingredients and 22 grams of sugar from refined sources, whereas a Chocolate Chip Brownie LÄRABAR contains 6 ingredients and 23 grams of sugar from dates. Although the LÄRABAR contains about the same amount of sugar as the Clif Bar, it’s comes from a whole food and contains far fewer ingredients.

6. Find Healthier Alternatives

Got F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out)? Rather than missing out on your favorite foods, find healthier alternatives or make it a cheat meal (#10 below). Swap processed foods for more nutrient-dense alternatives. With this nutrition tip, it’s best to include a smart swap every few days so it doesn’t feel like you’re making drastic changes. Before you know it, healthier alternatives naturally become part of your routine.

Choose Healthy Food Alternatives…

When possible, swap processed and refined foods for healthier alternatives or whole foods.

  • Cereal for steel-cut oatmeal — enjoy with fresh fruit & raw local honey
  • Bread for veggies — get creative with your vegetables (i.e. zucchini noodles)
  • Soda for kombucha — serve it in a special glass to feel fancy!
  • Cooking sprays for unrefined coconut oil — a tropical treat for cooking
  • Table salt for sea salt — sprinkle with LOVE & intention
  • Sweeteners for raw local honey — savor this phytonutrient powerhouse!

7. Opt for High-Quality Foods

Quality is crucial to maximize nutrients and minimize toxins. Choose organic, non-GMO foods as much as possible. Select the highest quality single-ingredient foods you can afford, such as wild salmon, grass-fed beef, and organic blueberries.

PRO TIP: A healthy diet consists of colorful veggies and fruits, quality proteins and natural fats. 

8. Supplement Smarter

Supplementing smarter saves you time, money, and frustration. Start by cleaning up your diet and including more superfoods such as wild berries, dragon fruit, wild mushrooms, sprouts, micro-greens, and leafy greens. As needed, include high-quality supplements to correct deficiencies and assist healing. Beware taking too many supplements and choose ones that contain bioavailable nutrients the body can easily absorb.

9. Detox Daily

We live in an increasingly toxic world. To improve your health and lose weight, it’s crucial that you reduce your exposure to toxins and support your body’s detox processes. First, it’s important to become aware of toxic sources and reduce your exposure to toxins.

Decrease Your Toxic Load…

  • Filter your water with Reverse Osmosis or a Berkey
  • Choose organic, GMO-free ingredients
  • Pass on plastics and opt for natural solutions/materials
  • Use EWG’s app to select healthier beauty, hygiene, and household items.

Next, incorporate gentle daily detox methods to support your body. Slow and steady is the most effective and sustainable detox approach. Avoid “quick-fix” detoxes as they release more toxins than can be safely eliminated and can end up making you sicker.

Excellent daily detox methods include drinking lemon water, fruit smoothies, celery juice, and cleansing herbal teas (i.e. dandelion, burdock, red clover, nettle). Incorporating the Medical Medium 28-Day Cleansing diet is another powerful detox option. Exercise, yoga, dry skin brushing, saunas, steam baths, and salt baths are also beneficial for detoxification.

10. Plan To “Cheat”

This last nutrition tip nourishes you on all levels, including your sanity! Rather than being overly restrictive with what you eat and creating stress, plan to “cheat” your diet.

To satisfy your senses and sanity, plan 1-2 cheat meals a week.

If planning is a challenge, then abide by a three-bite rule. These strategies help you feel nourished while making it easier to eat healthy the rest of the week.

Another wellness tip to consider to maximize your health… 

Are limiting beliefs around food, nutrition or health preventing you from getting results?

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