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Welcome to your top resource for becoming the best version of you. Are you ready to align your mind, transform your health and create a life you LOVE? Our wellness programs empower and guide you through the healing process. We bridge science and spirit to benefit your body, mind, and soul for deep healing on all levels.

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"Our leaders had an invaluable experience with Cate. We left inspired and incredibly grateful. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a delicious breakthrough for success."

Nick Severino, Vice President, APPLE

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Wellness Coach, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Biofield Tuning® Practitioner, & Functional Nutritionist

With over 13 years of experience and extensive training across the globe, Cate uses simple and effective methods to help you transform your health and create a life you LOVE! She guides you to naturally heal limiting subconscious beliefs, suppressed emotions, health problems, chronic stress, and more. She provides the tools and support needed for deep and sustainable healing.

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Get the easy-to-follow, step-by-step tools that have helped countless people create the health & lives they LOVE!

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PSYCH-K is a POWERFUL way to heal underlying issues with your health & life.

Using specific postures and movements to create a Whole-Brain State, PSYCH-K empowers you to reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs AND access higher levels of consciousness. This proven energy psychology benefits ALL areas of your life, including health, weight loss, stress, self-love, trauma, fear, finances, career, relationships, and more.

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Tuning deeply relaxes your nervous system & activates a powerful healing response.

Using specialty tuning forks, Cate combs through your energy field, guiding stuck energy back into circulation for optimal healing and potential. As soothing sound waves transform dissonance into harmony, many underlying mental, emotional, and health issues resolve. With a coherent system, you’ll experience greater health, harmony, and flow!


Wellness Coaching & Retreats

Ready to heal on a deeper level & enjoy your life more?

Our programs get to the root of issues so you can live well in mind, body, and soul. We specialize in a blend of effective wellness methods that remove the blocks keeping you from feeling bliss. Together we transform old subconscious b.s. (belief systems), buried emotions, trauma, and other incoherence keeping you stressed, stuck, and frustrated with the outcomes in your life.

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Individual Wellness Coaching

Ready to break through your limitations? Get one-on-one coaching to transform your health & create a life you LOVE!

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Wellness & Spiritual Retreats

Schedule an individual or group Wellness Retreat to relax your body, reset your mind & rejuvenate your soul.

Want to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself?


Client Reviews

Check out Cate Ritter Wellness reviews from clients around the globe. We look forward to working with you!

Enlightening & Transformational

psych-k bend oregon amy"My sessions with Cate were enlightening and transformational. She's a pure and bright light. I learned about subconscious beliefs that I didn't know were holding me back. Together we worked through this so I can live the life I desire. I’ve seen changes manifest in my career and relationships. I immediately lost the feeling of anxiety I had on most days. I noticed that I don’t have fear holding me back; instead I wake up each day with wonder and curiosity. If you've been working on transformation and still feel stuck, jump in and give it a try!"

— Amy S. from Bend, OR

BIG Improvements

"I had been studying Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Eckhart Tolle and others and became very interested in PSYCH-K. Since working with Cate I’ve noticed subtle, yet BIG improvements. I didn’t realize how tense I was before. Now, my body is much more relaxed. I feel calmer and more peaceful with much less stress and worry. I’m not triggered as much. Things definitely flow better and I’ve noticed a lot more synchronicities.

PSYCH-K has helped me see things more clearly from a fresh perspective. I’m more creative, intuitive, and trusting in the process of life. I can’t thank you enough for all of the positive tools you've given me, Cate. I’m so excited for more time with you! You're a blessing in my life. Much LOVE to you!”

— Vicky C. from Reno, NV

Profound Results

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"Cate is a beautiful and highly gifted wellness coach and sound healer. I received a PROFOUND Biofield Tuning Session from her that transmuted and balanced my energy field with tangible results.

I could feel the residual energies from my childhood and ancestral traumas leave my body as she cleared these fields. I've done a lot of emotional and energy work, yet I could tell there were still remnants that needed to go. Although I was exhausted the day after, I got the clear message to slow down and not fall back into my habit of overdoing. I knew my body needed downtime to process and integrate the energetic shifts. After some much needed self-care and relaxation, I've felt renewed and rejuvenated ever since!"

— Ginny M. from Pacific Grove, CA

Transformative Process

"After doing PSYCH-K with Cate, I am speechless! Cate embodies every possible attribute that one would want in someone who will guide you through this transformative and powerful process. She’s the perfect balance of knowledgeable, warm, confident yet gentle and fun! She celebrates your success just as much as you! She is truly special and I couldn't imagine having gone through this process with anyone else. Not to mention that the process of PSYCH-K is very real and very transformative, but that part will speak for itself, you will see. Cate, you were born for this and I am so grateful that I was guided to you!"

— Jenny M. from New Hampshire

Hopeful & Excited

psych k canada review"Cate, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've allowed numerous old stories within me to finally heal. A more colorful version of myself has surfaced to new grounds. Today I speak about myself and see life differently. I wake up feeling more grateful, patient, positive, hopeful and excited. A very subtle, yet significant shift has made its way in. Many old stories that I've unintentionally convinced myself of for years have finally lost their grip. Thank you for your soft and sweet energy. It allowed me to feel very comfortable with you and surrender. With love and gratitude…"

— Malek G. from Montreal, Canada

Energized & Alive

“Hello, Cate! OMG, it has been a wild ride since our Biofield Tuning session. I popped out of bed the following morning at 4:40 a.m. feeling more energized and ALIVE than I’ve ever felt. It was incredible! Lots of insights and aha moments have been flowing through. I’ve been letting go of things (material items, patterns, habits, beliefs, and I canceled a trip I didn’t want to take), addressing areas and relationships that needed adjusting. My husband and I are pursuing our dreams now instead of waiting. I attribute all of these developments to our session. It was like a fire was lit inside me! Thank you, Cate! It’s so much fun to work with you! The sessions have felt otherworldly, incredible, and a huge sigh of relief all in one!”

— Melissa K. from Bend, OR

"Cate's passion for health is contagious. She's an excellent, credible resource in the world of health & wellness."

Olivia Harlow, Editorial Producer, OUTSIDE MAGAZINE

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High Vibration Diet

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Nourish With Self-Love

When you become the primary source of love in your life, it changes EVERYTHING.

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Heart-Brain Coherence

Improve your intuition, brain function, decision-making, stress levels, & more!

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