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Our holistic wellness coaching programs empower you to remove the limitations that hold you back, helping you live well in mind, body, and soul. We help you shift perspective and connect with your inner healer to transform the blocks that sabotage your success in all areas of your life.

Our heartfelt approach includes effective modalities like PSYCH-K®, Biofield Tuning®, and intuitive Wellness Coaching. Whether you're struggling with subconscious beliefs, emotional blocks, or past influences, our coaching is designed to guide you in releasing limitations and embracing a life of freedom, fulfillment, and joy!

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"Our leaders had an invaluable experience with Cate. We left inspired and incredibly grateful. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a delicious breakthrough for success."

Nick Severino, Vice President, APPLE

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psych-k subconscious reprogramming


PSYCH-K is a powerful method for addressing underlying health & life issues.

Through specific postures and movements that facilitate a Whole-Brain State, PSYCH-K® empowers you to reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs and access higher levels of consciousness. This energy psychology approach has proven success in all areas of life, including health, weight loss, self-love, abundance, and more.

biofield tuning sound therapy


Tuning deeply relaxes your nervous system while activating a powerful healing response.

Using specialty tuning forks, Cate carefully combs through your energy field, freeing stuck energy and liberating potential. As soothing sound waves transform dissonance into harmony, many underlying issues begin to resolve. Tuning allows you to experience a greater sense of health, peace, and flow.


Wellness Coaching & Retreats

Ready to heal on a deeper level & enjoy life more? 

Our wellness programs dive deep into the root causes of your issues to support true wellness in mind, body, and soul. We specialize in a blend of effective holistic methods that remove the blocks keeping you from experiencing bliss. Say goodbye to old subconscious b.s. (belief systems), buried emotions, trauma, and other energy that keeps you stressed, stuck, and frustrated with your life.

psych-k and wellness coaching

Individual Wellness Coaching

Break through your limitations with our one-on-one coaching. Get personalized guidance and support to create a life you LOVE!

relaxing wellness spiritual retreat

Wellness & Spiritual Retreats

Immerse yourself in relaxation, reset your mind, and rejuvenate your soul with an Individual or Group Wellness Retreat.

Want to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself?

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Cate Ritter, Wellness Coach

Meet Cate Ritter, the powerhouse behind Cate Ritter Wellness. She's a Wellness Coach, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, and Biofield Tuning® Practitioner. With over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry and extensive training around the globe, Cate is a trusted expert in her field. Her holistic guidance helps you overcome limiting subconscious beliefs, suppressed emotions, health challenges, chronic stress, and more!

Cate's unique credentials and intuitive ability allow her to deeply connect with her clients, listen to their needs, and support them on their healing journey. Whether she's sharing insights on her popular blog, leading transformative group retreats, or working one-on-one with clients, Cate empowers individuals to break through their barriers and reach new levels of passion, purpose, and potential.

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Experience Successful Results

Read what our clients have to say about their transformative experiences with Cate Ritter Wellness...

Enlightening & Transformational

psych-k bend oregon amy"My sessions with Cate were enlightening and transformational. She's a pure and bright light. I learned about subconscious beliefs that I didn't know were holding me back. Together we worked through this so I can live the life I desire. I’ve seen changes manifest in my career and relationships. I immediately lost the feeling of anxiety I had on most days. I noticed that I don’t have fear holding me back; instead I wake up each day with wonder and curiosity. If you've been working on transformation and still feel stuck, jump in and give it a try!"

— Amy S. from Bend, OR

Transformative Process

"After doing PSYCH-K with Cate, I am speechless! Cate embodies every possible attribute that one would want in someone who will guide you through this transformative and powerful process. She’s the perfect balance of knowledgeable, warm, confident yet gentle and fun! She celebrates your success just as much as you! She is truly special and I couldn't imagine having gone through this process with anyone else. Not to mention that the process of PSYCH-K is very real and very transformative, but that part will speak for itself, you will see. Cate, you were born for this and I am so grateful that I was guided to you!"

— Jenny M. from New Hampshire

Hopeful & Excited

psych k canada review"Cate, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've allowed numerous old stories within me to finally heal. A more colorful version of myself has surfaced to new grounds. Today I speak about myself and see life differently. I wake up feeling more grateful, patient, positive, hopeful and excited. A very subtle, yet significant shift has made its way in. Many old stories that I've unintentionally convinced myself of for years have finally lost their grip. Thank you for your soft and sweet energy. It allowed me to feel very comfortable with you and surrender. With love and gratitude…"

— Malek G. from Montreal, Canada

Unbelievable Transformation

“Working with Cate was one of the best decisions I've made. Right from the start, things started getting better. After only a few sessions, the transformation was unbelievable! Cate helped me work through the blocks and negative beliefs that kept me stuck. The tangible progress I'm making in my daily life has elevated my confidence and self-esteem, as well as my overall well-being. Cate’s level of commitment and concern for her clients is unmatched. I'm deeply grateful for her!”

— Philip L. from LA, CA

Immediate Shifts

bend oregon wellness coaching review"I had a profound experience working with Cate. In both my PSYCH-K and Biofield Tuning sessions, I felt a deep sense of trust (in both myself and in her) instantaneously. I can often feel guarded, especially working with someone new, but I felt as though I had been working with Cate for years. She has the kind of warm, loving, and grounded energy that immediately puts a person at ease. Her level of skill, experience, felt-sense, and ability to hold another person's energy that allows them to sink into the process is unparalleled. I felt immediate shifts, followed by a clearer sense of self and path. It was like having a major renewal and simultaneous activation. I look forward to continuing to work with her to see how the power of my deeper consciousness can unfold in the spacious container she provides. I highly recommend working with Cate and unlocking the vast possibilities of the subconscious that this work unfolds. I feel so grateful that I found Cate and her work."

— Clara J. from Bend, OR

Energized & Alive

“Hello, Cate! OMG, it has been a wild ride since our Biofield Tuning session. I popped out of bed the following morning at 4:40 a.m. feeling more energized and ALIVE than I’ve ever felt. It was incredible! Lots of insights and aha moments have been flowing through. I’ve been letting go of things (material items, patterns, habits, beliefs, and I canceled a trip I didn’t want to take), addressing areas and relationships that needed adjusting. My husband and I are pursuing our dreams now instead of waiting. I attribute all of these developments to our session. It was like a fire was lit inside me! Thank you, Cate! It’s so much fun to work with you! The sessions have felt otherworldly, incredible, and a huge sigh of relief all in one!”

— Melissa K. from Bend, OR

Profound Results

ginny tuning review ca

"Cate is a beautiful and highly gifted wellness coach and sound healer. I received a profound Biofield Tuning Sound Therapy Session from her that transmuted and balanced my energy field with tangible results.

I could feel the residual energies from my childhood and ancestral traumas leave my body as she cleared these fields. I've done a lot of emotional and energy work, yet I could tell there were still remnants that needed to go. Although I was exhausted the day after, I got the clear message to slow down and not fall back into my habit of overdoing. I knew my body needed downtime to process and integrate the energetic shifts. After some much needed self-care and relaxation, I've felt renewed and rejuvenated ever since!"

— Ginny M. from Pacific Grove, CA

"Cate's passion for health is contagious. She's an excellent, credible resource in the world of health & wellness."

Olivia Harlow, Editorial Producer, OUTSIDE MAGAZINE

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