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The Biofield Anatomy Map: A Revolutionary Approach in Biofield Tuning

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This blog post explores Eileen McKusick’s discovery of the Biofield Anatomy Map, her philosophy behind Biofield Tuning, and how she’s revolutionizing the field of sound therapy.

Biofield Tuning: A Path to Health and Harmony

Biofield Tuning is a groundbreaking sound therapy method capable of transforming your well-being through a holistic approach that addresses emotional and physical stress. This innovative practice uses tuning forks and their vibrational frequencies to promote relaxation, flow and harmony on all levels.

What is the biofield, and how does it work? Your biofield is the energy field surrounding and permeating your body. Biofield Tuning operates on the premise that your biofield is intrinsically connected with your conscious and subconscious mind, emotions, and physical body. Many consider it your Akashic record, storing memories and experiences from this life and beyond. Using tuning forks, Biofield Tuning allows us to understand where energy flows, stagnates, or becomes blocked within this field. As the forks emit harmonious sounds, your nervous system responds, releasing subtle energy and resolving disharmony.

Sound Therapy vs. Biofield Tuning

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What is sound therapy, and how does Biofield Tuning compare? Sound therapy is a holistic healing practice that uses the power of sound to improve physical and emotional health. It relies on the idea that certain frequencies can stimulate the body’s healing processes, promote relaxation, and help release emotional blockages. 

In essence, sound therapy operates on the principle of resonance: the frequencies produced by therapeutic instruments can stimulate the body’s natural frequencies, encouraging healing and restoration. Many sound therapy methods exist, including binaural beats, singing bowl therapy, and guided meditation with soundscapes. These methods often use instruments like tuning forks, singing bowls, gongs, drums, and the human voice.

Biofield Tuning offers a unique approach to sound therapy. Developed by Eileen McKusick, this method uses tuning forks to interact with the biofield — the energetic field surrounding and permeating our bodies. Biofield Tuning practitioners use activated tuning forks to scan the body and identify areas of resistance or chaos in your energy field. Working on these areas can release stored tension, promoting profound shifts in physical and emotional well-being. It’s like cleaning out clutter from your body’s energetic “closet” to optimize your healing potential.

In summary, sound therapy is a versatile, non-invasive healing method, and Biofield Tuning is a unique modality within this field. By directly interacting with the body’s biofield, it can facilitate deep healing, setting it apart from other healing practices.

Eileen McKusick’s Journey Mapping the Human Biofield

Eileen McKusick, the founder of Biofield Tuning and author of “Electric Body, Electric Health” and “Tuning the Human Biofield,” has studied the human body’s electrical system for over two decades. Like neuroscientists map the brain, she has meticulously charted the biofield, giving us a deeper understanding of how our emotional patterns, mindsets, and traumas reside within this energy field. McKusick’s fascination with vibrational healing led her to discover that our memories are stored in standing waves within the biofield, like a personal cloud storage system encompassing our body.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, McKusick began using tuning forks like sonar to explore the space around the body. After three years of extensive research with tuning forks and their effects on the body, she discovered a structure now known as the Biofield Anatomy. Her experience revealed that each emotion emits a unique frequency and tonal quality perceptible through tuning forks. She also unraveled the temporal aspect of the field, realizing that the magnetic field surrounding the body was intertwined with the mind, encoding memories in a vibrational format. This unique discovery of biofield anatomy has remained constant and uniform across individuals.

Exploring the Biofield Anatomy Map

The Biofield Anatomy Map offers an incredibly valuable tool that outlines how to locate, harmonize, and release specific emotions, trauma, and ailments within the biofield. Understanding this map provides valuable insight into the origins of physical, mental, and emotional imbalances often rooted in trauma. For instance, recurring soreness in the right hip may indicate a tendency to overthink or excessively plan for the future. By becoming aware of this connection, you can redirect your mind and body to relax in the present.

Using the Biofield Anatomy Map, you can explore imbalances at the seven major chakras and the chakras at the knees and feet. Each chakra is associated with specific states of mind and emotions. Understanding this map and the areas memories reside provides valuable insight into accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Physical issues often have underlying mental or emotional imbalances. These imbalances and old traumas contribute to problems in the body. By understanding these associations, you can target and release energy blockages.

Let’s explore the chakras and the emotions and states of mind associated with each one.

Earth Star Chakra

Located below your feet, the Earth Star connects you to the negative ascending energy of the Earth. Connecting this “battery terminal” helps you ground and discharge energy.

Foot Chakras

Right: next steps, where you’re headed, and how you feel about it

Left: mired, stuck, wanting to move away from stressor but can’t

Knee Chakras

Right: challenges moving forward, confusion, obstacles

Left: difficulties with attachment and letting go

Root Chakra

Right side: busy-ness, overdoing, and overthinking

Left side: things you want to be doing, being, or having; unmet needs

Sacral Chakra

Right side: guilt and shame

Left side: frustration and disappointment

Solar Chakra

Right side: relationship with your father; anger; connected to the edge of the Adrenal Field

Left side: relationship with your mother; powerlessness

Heart Chakra

Right side: saying yes when you mean no, caretaking, accommodating

Left side: sadness, grief, loss, and depression

Throat Chakra

Right side: speaking but not being heard

Left side: that which you do not say or express

Third Eye Chakra

Right side: thinking about the past

Left side: worrying about the future

Both sides: concussion or head injury

Crown Chakra

Relationship with time and nature

Sun Star Chakra

Located above your head, the Sun Star connects you to the positive descending energy of the sun and cosmos.

“The sides of each chakra are like file drawers containing records of a specific emotion or state of mind.” — Eileen McKusick

Beyond Chakras: Ancestral River, Parent Zones, and More

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A Biofield Tuning Session goes beyond the major chakras, exploring areas such as the Ancestral River, Parent Zones, and Common Ditches. Tuning also extends to specific cells, organs, body systems, and scar tissue. Each area uniquely impacts our overall well-being and presents opportunities for profound shifts toward harmony and flow.

Ancestral River

Did you know you inherited the song’s tone from your ancestors’ DNA? You didn’t just inherit eye and hair color from previous family members but also their mental and emotional tendencies (such as depression, anger, anxiety, etc.). Although it seems irrelevant, your ancestors’ physical, mental, and emotional experiences are alive and highly influential in your life. By tuning into the DNA that informs you, you can remove the noise, change the key, and improve how that information expresses itself in you, your ancestors, AND your descendants. As you shift towards greater harmony and flow, so do others.

Mother and Father Zones

The Mother Zone (left) and Father Zone (right) reside on the sides of your biofield and hold your parents’ info.

Left and Right-Hand Ditches

Many people’s energy gets stuck in left and right-hand ditches on the sides of the body. When you’re energetically stuck, you get stuck attaching to old patterns. The central channel balances the feminine and masculine energies. Any imbalanced expressions of these polarities can leave you stuck on one side or the other.

The left-hand ditch holds more feminine, passive, yin-like imbalances such as frustration, disappointment, unmet needs, sadness, stifled expression, and powerlessness.

The right-hand ditch holds more masculine, active, yang-like imbalances such as anger, aggression, blame, overdoing, overthinking, and self-righteousness.

Using The Biofield Anatomy Map

Whether you’re seeking relief from physical discomfort, trying to understand a blockage, or curious about your biofield, the Biofield Anatomy Map offers a handy reference guide. It’s excellent to review when Integrating Biofield Tuning. Available in various formats for students and therapeutic practitioners, it is an integral tool for anyone practicing sound therapy. All options are available at

Coupled with Eileen McKusick’s books, “Electric Body, Electric Health” and “Tuning the Human Biofield,” this map facilitates a deeper comprehension of the intricate connections within our biofield. It allows us to identify, release, and balance the energy imbalances that often manifest in physical, mental, and emotional blockages, leading to a more harmonious, healthy life.

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