Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a revolutionary sound therapy method that deeply relaxes your nervous system & activates a powerful healing response.

Founded by Eileen Day McKusick, Biofield Tuning uses therapeutic sound to clear, strengthen, and bring your system into coherence for optimal wellness and greater potential. Using specialty tuning forks, your Biofield Practitioner combs your biofield (human energy field) to locate areas of imbalance. As the sound waves transform dissonance into harmony, many mental, emotional, and health-related issues resolve. This new frequency also releases deep-rooted issues, including trauma, suppressed emotions, subconscious programs, and more. With a coherent system, you’ll feel more harmony and “flow” in ALL areas of your life. 

biofield tuning revolutionary sound therapy

Discover a NEW Paradigm of Healing

How Does Biofield Tuning Work?

Biofield Tuning forks are custom-made for creating pure tones to locate incoherence and guide your system into a coherent state. 

The tones produced by the forks allow your body to listen, relax, and "auto-tune" your field and thus your body. This deep and targeted nervous system relaxation liberates the body from old patterns, stress, and reactivity. With more energy back in circulation, you experience a NEW flow of vitality and well-being.  Most people feel lighter, more energized, and greater clarity after a "tune-up." Biofield Tuning creates positive and sustainable shifts on a mind, body, and soul level. 

Biofield Tuning Explained

The concept of Biofield Tuning can be challenging to explain. We've included a Biofield Tuning Overview video below to provide more info from Biofield Tuning Founder, Eileen Day McKusick. McKusick shares her 20+ years of experience and describes the basic premise of Biofield Tuning.

Biofield Tuning Practitioner (In Training)

Cate Ritter has worked as a Wellness Coach since 2009. As a leader in the world of health and wellness, she utilizes powerful healing modalities including PSYCH-K, HeartMath, Functional Nutrition, and more to support each client’s overall well-being. Cate is currently a Biofield Tuning student working towards her Biofield Tuning Practitioner Certification. She's excited to offer this "sound-wave-based medicine" as it's an effective method for getting to the root of life and health issues. 

By relaxing your nervous system, transforming limiting beliefs, releasing suppressed emotions, and creating better coherence, healing naturally occurs. 

As stagnant energy is liberated, new energy flows through to strengthen your electrical current. Biofield Tuning helps restore self-worth, self-love, and wholeness. It empowers you to create more conscious and nourishing connections with yourself, others, and beyond. You’re free to LOVE deeper and ENJOY life fully.

Ready to Ride the Sound-Waves to an Infinite Sea of Awesomeness?

Tune Yourself to Health

Biofield Tuning is based on a NEW paradigm of healing that focuses on two concepts: (1) everything is electric (including YOU) and (2) everything is connected (we’re all ONE). Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks as a therapeutic tool to clear interference and strengthen your electric health. Did you know that every emotion has a vibrational pattern and rhythm? This kind of vibrational/sound therapy supports the release of trauma, suppressed emotions, subconscious beliefs, pain, and tension.

Sound healing gets to the root of your issues to restore wellness on all levels.

Healing With Vibrational Sound Therapy

Biofield Tuning forks are specifically designed to calm your nervous system. For most people, this is HUGE! Many people don’t realize how often they’re stuck in a stress response. Tuning uses the body’s natural intelligence to get back to its “factory settings” which activates a natural healing response that benefits a wide range of issues. By getting the noise out and the body’s natural symphony in, you raise your voltage for greater energy, vitality, and resilience. 

tune yourself to health biofield tuning

Relax Your Nervous System

vibrational sound therapy healing

Activate POWERFUL Natural Healing

What to Expect

Before experiencing Biofield Tuning, you’ll schedule a free consult to have questions answered and receive details on how to prepare. Whether you’re in-person or remote, the session format is the same and equally effective. The session begins by activating the central energy channel that runs along your spine. This "sushumna activation" aligns your awareness with the present and strengthens your energy system.  

Integrate With Self-Care

After Biofield Tuning, you’ll receive a PDF with tips and resources to get the BEST results. You're encouraged to drink plenty of filtered water and enjoy more grounding activities, such as walking in nature (especially barefoot) or enjoying an epsom salt bath. You'll want to amp up your self-care by Nourishing Yourself With Self Love. Mindful journaling is also immensely beneficial for reflection. 

The Tuning Process

The process is like putting a needle on a record and listening. Tuning forks allow us to play and hear your “biofield record.” Your Practitioner will begin at the outer edge of your record at the time of birth and move towards the center of your body to your current age. 

Using a Biofield Anatomy Map, your Practitioner will guide the forks to find areas of dissonance and resistance. With mindful observation, we listen and detect changes in tone. Once we find an area in need of harmony, we focus on that spot and allow the coherent frequency of the fork to “tune” in. Using a “drag-and-drop” method, we use the fork to guide scattered or stuck energy back to the central channel. The body uses this vibrational info to auto-tune itself back into coherence. 

The new energetic symphony relaxes your nervous system. It allows you to process and release trauma, suppressed emotions, subconscious beliefs, and more. As your electric current flows freely and smoothly, you feel lighter and deeply relaxed. 

"Sound healing is physics-based medicine."

Eileen Day McKusick, M.A., Biofield Tuning Founder

Founder, Eileen Day McKusick

Eileen Day McKusick, MA, is the founder of Biofield Tuning and the author of Electric Body, Electric Health and Tuning the Human Biofield. Eileen is an avid researcher and an international thought leader in the emerging field of electric health. 

McKusick’s incredible research has shown that all of your life experiences are stored magnetically in standing waves within your biofield.

eileen day mckusick biofield tuning founder

Much like neuroscientists have mapped the brain, McKusick has created the Biofield Anatomy Map. With time and experience she’s been able to find universal patterns where the same mindsets, emotions, and traumas were stored in the same areas of every person’s biofield. Using the language of frequency, McKusick has mapped these locations of emotional experiences and more.

Electric Body, Electric Health

Electric Body, Electric Health, is McKusick's newest book that empowers you to take an electrical approach to health and life. Feeling "alive" is created and supported by the electricity pulsing through all of your systems keeping your vitals on and functioning. This book provides the info needed to transform your relationship with your body, mind, emotions, and electrical world.  

Tuning the Human Biofield

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy, by Eileen McKusick, is a Biofield Tuning guide for Practitioners to use tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field. This books provides a Biofield Anatomy Map that outlines how to locate, harmonize, and release specific emotions, trauma, memories, and ailments within the biofield. 

Biofield Tuning FAQ

Below are answers to common questions about Biofield Tuning.

Where do I sign up & how many sessions do I need?

Please contact us to be notified when Cate is accepting Biofield Tuning clients. In the meantime, contact Cate to schedule a free consult. It’s best to begin with a session a week for three weeks. Many people see great improvements after only a few sessions and continued sessions heal even deeper layers as each session builds on the one before.

Can I do a remote Biofield Tuning session?

Yes! Watch this video to learn how distance Biofield Tuning works and why it's just as effective as being in-person. Eileen likens it to pulling a file from Google Drive, working on it, and saving the edits. Remote and audio sessions are more about the energy download you receive, than the sound you hear. 

Why work with the electric body?

Everything is electric including you and your body. Having a HIGH voltage of electric health is essential for improving your overall health, well-being, energy, vitality, and daily performance. Activating the flow of POWERFUL healing within your electric body, opens you up to a new way of living. Healing from an electrical perspective is far more effective than taking the standard physical and chemical “wack-a-mole” approach to “managing” your health. 

Are there any contraidications?

Pregnancy, morbid obesity, metal toxicity, active cancer, palliative care, pacemakers (and other electrical medical implants), and concussions (within 3 months) are contraindicated in Biofield Tuning. Use discernment when using weighted forks on the body in the areas of varicose veins, dental anomalies, fractured bones, and metal implants (metal rods, screws, plates, etc.)

What is the biofield?

Everything alive produces an aura, electro-magnetic field, or energy field. Your biofield or human energy field interpenetrates and surrounds your body, creating a toroidal-shaped bubble roughly 5-6 feet around and 2-3 feet above and below. Like the protective boundary of the earth’s upper atmosphere, this bubble is bounded by a double layer plasma membrane. 

Why is your biofield important for healing?

Everything gets encoded in standing waves in your electromagnetic field. In other words, your biofield stores ALL of your information including your life experiences, memories, trauma, emotional history, subconscious beliefs, ancestral patterns, and more. Like an energy blueprint, your biofield is constantly informing your body and creating your reality. To create more health and less dis-ease, it’s crucial to adjust and improve this flow of info.

What is the Biofield Anatomy Map?

The Biofield Anatomy Map is a compilation from over 20 years of Eileen Day McKusick’s biofield observations. Biofield Tuning Practitioners use the Biofield Anatomy Map locate, harmonize, and release areas of noise and resistance in the body's electrical system. Once the blockages are removed, it’s much easier to get the results you deserve.

Does Biofield Tuning work well with PSYCH-K?

Biofield Tuning works beautifully with PSYCH-K to support the release of subconscious blocks keeping you stuck, frustrated, and stressed. Your thoughts and beliefs have a powerful impact on your biofield and electric health. All physical, mental and emotional issues appear as dissonance in your energy field. Biofield Tuning resolves this dissonance to alleviate the corresponding issues.

Sound Healing Testimonials

Balancing, Regulating & Healing

“I have had two Biofield Tuning sessions with Cate as well as experienced the tuning forks during PSYCH-K sessions and I love it! It was definitely a LOT more than I expected. There is something about the vibration of the tuning forks communicating with my body directly, bypassing my thoughts that feels so right and healing.

My first session was in person. I loved lying down on the massage table and being able to feel the tuning forks on my body. I was able to relax even when energy was moving or felt challenging. I LOVE the tuning forks and how I can hear AND feel them in my body. It felt like a conversation that didn’t need any words. I also love that it bypasses a lot of the resistance of the mind.

My second session was remote. I loved that I could feel the effects of the forks even though I wasn’t in person. My body really responds to the tuning forks and it now feels like my preferred means of balancing, regulating and healing. As well as my preferred method for all issues. Again, the vibrational energy feels like it is going directly to the source of the issue/problem. And it feels like it gives the body the space and freedom to rebalance without the resistance that sometimes is present with talking only.

Cate is such an incredible healer in whatever modality she is using, but there is something extra special about the tuning forks that I just LOVE. Cate is very thorough and professional in all her work and with the tuning forks, it feels like her intuitive abilities are heightened even more. Thank you Cate for all your beautiful healing work and offerings!”

— L.S. from Bend, OR

Intuitively Accurate

tuning testimonial susan

“After attending Biofield Tuning Training with Cate and experiencing a session from her, I can say with confidence that she is an amazing Tuner! Intuitively, she picked up some amazingly accurate info. She was totally “tuned in" to some BIG times and events in my life. It felt and sounded beautiful as we were able to shift things into coherence. She was very professional and I enjoyed her creativity throughout the session. I felt very relaxed after Tuning and continue to feel more in my power.”

— Susan S. from NJ

Feeling More Invincible

“Since my first Biofield Tuning session with Cate, I’ve felt much more optimism for the future. I’m feeling more invincible and calmer. I’ve even started cleaning and organizing my home. The real world intrudes as it always does, but I’m able to remain aware and cope a little better with all of the noise! I feel like I’m picking up speed and things are moving even faster in my awakening.” 

— Vicky C. from Reno, NV

Unburdened & Lighter

“I didn’t really know what to expect with Biofield Tuning as I'd never tried anything like it before. I found it super cool how Cate worked with my hologram. Even though I wasn’t there in person, I still felt sensations in parts of my body as Cate worked different areas. I loved how nourishing it felt that I could sense and feel things in my body as she used the tuning forks. It was a beautiful and deeply relaxing experience. The most surprising thing was how changes unfolded after the session. Many things began to click in place as old patterns dissolved. I feel unburdened and much lighter now.

— Chava R. from New York

Heavy Weight Lifted!

biofield tuning testimonial oregon

“I really enjoyed my Biofield Tuning session with Cate. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it before. The process was very interesting and comfortable. I felt good after the session, calm and relaxed. I was surprised at how accurate the forks were at finding blocks within my field as it related to different events in my life. It felt like some heavy weight had been lifted from me. A few hours later, I also had some digestive shifts. I slept well that night, and then the next morning I felt a lot of emotions come up and out. Tears were flowing in a very cleansing way. After the Tuning, I was more able to feel things and let them move through and out. It felt like many stuck emotions were released. Now I feel great!” 

— Amy S. from Redmond, OR

Huge Emotional & Physical Release

“Wow, my Biofield Tuning experience was very… intense. Cate picked up on a few traumatic and impactful times throughout my life (to the year) that were still disrupting my biofield. Some were times that I didn’t think had much effect on my body/energy/psyche but apparently did. When we got to the ancestral river, I made some deep unexpected connections to my female ancestors. The tuning process felt like a huge wave of emotional and physical release. Like a hidden weight I had been carrying for years came out of the depths and poured out of me. Every molecule in my body was vibrating. It was the first time I actually felt like I was not a solid being. Immediately afterwards I felt calm, relaxed and exhausted. In the following days I've felt much more calm, stable, and resilient to the stressors in my currently turbulent life. I owe Cate a debt of gratitude for all the transformative subconscious and energy work she has done with me.”

— Kate M. from Sisters, Oregon 

Deep Sound Healing Session

“My Biofield Tuning session was so great! I really appreciated the opportunity to try this new modality. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I thought the process was pretty neat. In particular, how Cate used the body map on the table to do the session remotely. I’m always so impressed by her ability to communicate with my guides/angels. I really felt like the sound healing session went deep. This has been truly invaluable. Thank you for the amazing work that you do!”

— Erin M. from California

Incredible Experience

testimonial bend oregon

“I’ve done other work with Cate so I felt comfortable trying a sound healing session. I had never heard of Biofield Tuning so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but OMG it’s the most incredible experience! I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly helpful it has been with unearthing emotions, trauma, belief systems, and more. I felt very relaxed and feel shifts continue as I know a lot of stuff was and is being released. It's a MUST if you are feeling stuck and not sure how to proceed. This healing modality is a game-changer!” 

— Eve G. from Bend, OR

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