Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a unique sound therapy method that deeply relaxes your nervous system & activates a powerful healing response.

Founded by Eileen McKusick, Biofield Tuning uses therapeutic sound to clear, strengthen, and bring your system into coherence for optimal wellness and greater potential.

Using tuning forks, Cate scans your biofield (energy field) and guides energy into harmony. This process can liberate deep-rooted trauma, emotions, and subconscious programs, often resolving various mental, emotional, and health concerns.

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How Does Biofield Tuning Work?

To demystify Biofield Tuning, watch this Tuning Overview video in which Eileen McKusick shares over two decades of experience with this sound therapy approach to health and wellbeing.

The pure tones the forks produce allow your body to relax and auto-tune. This targeted nervous system relaxation liberates the body from old patterns, stress, and reactivity. As more energy flows, you experience greater harmony in ALL areas of your life. Most people feel lighter, clearer, and more energized after.

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

As a leader in wellness, Cate utilizes the power of Biofield Tuning to support her client’s overall well-being. As a Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Cate has found this sound-wave-based therapy to be effective at getting to the root of life and health issues.

Healing naturally occurs by relaxing your nervous system, transforming limiting beliefs, releasing emotions, & creating coherence.

As you liberate stagnant energy, new energy flows and strengthens your electric health. It aids in restoring self-worth while creating better connections with yourself and others.

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Ready to Ride the Sound-Waves to an Infinite Sea of Awesomeness?

Tune Yourself to Health

Biofield Tuning follows a NEW paradigm of healing that focuses on two concepts: (1) everything is electric (including YOU), and (2) everything is connected (we’re all ONE). Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks as a therapeutic tool to clear interference and strengthen your electric health. Did you know that every emotion has a vibrational pattern and rhythm? Sound therapy supports the release of suppressed emotions, trauma, stress, and pain.

Sound therapy gets to the root of issues to restore wellness on ALL levels.

Healing With Sound Therapy

Tuning forks significantly calm your nervous system, addressing the often-overlooked chronic stress response. Tuning uses your field's intelligence to return to its factory settings, which activates a healing response that benefits many issues. This harmonization elevates your voltage, boosting your energy, vitality, and resilience.

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Relax Your Nervous System

sound therapy for wellness

Activate POWERFUL Natural Healing

What to Expect

Before experiencing Tuning, read Sound Therapy + Benefits.

The Tuning process is like putting a needle on a record and listening. Tuning forks play your akashic record.

Whether in-person or remote, the format is similar and equally effective. First, we activate your central energy channel to strengthen and align your energy with the present.

We begin at the outer edge, at birth (and before), and move towards your body to your current age. As we find incoherent areas, we allow the therapeutic frequency to entrain and synchronize. 

Using a click-drag-and-drop method, the fork restores energy flow and allows your body to auto-tune itself into coherence.

This energetic symphony relaxes your nervous system, allowing you to process and release trauma, suppressed emotions, subconscious beliefs, and more. As your electric current flows freely and smoothly, you feel lighter and more relaxed.

After your session, you’ll Integrate Biofield Tuning for best results.

"Sound healing is physics-based medicine."

Eileen McKusick, M.A., Biofield Tuning Founder

Founder, Eileen Day McKusick

Eileen Day McKusick, MA, is the founder of Biofield Tuning and the author of Electric Body, Electric Health and Tuning the Human Biofield. She's a leading authority in electric health research.

eileen day mckusick founder biofield tuning

McKusick's groundbreaking research reveals that your life experiences are magnetically stored as standing waves in your biofield.

Like neuroscientists have mapped the brain, McKusick has mapped the biofield. Understanding the language of frequency, McKusick's Biofield Anatomy Map shows where patterns of emotions, mindsets, and traumas typically reside in the biofield.

Electric Body, Electric Health

McKusick's book Electric Body, Electric Healthadvocates for an electrical approach to wellness. It emphasizes that your vitality is sustained by the electrical currents flowing through your system. Ready to revolutionize your well-being and your perspective on life?

Tuning the Human Biofield

McKusick's book Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy is a guide for Biofield Tuning Practitioners.  It features a Biofield Anatomy Map, detailing how to use tuning forks to identify and harmonize emotional, traumatic, and physical blockages within the biofield.

Biofield Tuning FAQ

Below are answers to common questions about Biofield Tuning.

How many sessions do I need?

Start with one session per week for three weeks. Most clients see significant improvement quickly, and ongoing sessions offer deeper healing. Each session is cumulative. Contact Cate to book.

What issues can it help?

Biofield Tuning can help a variety of issues such as anxiety, stress, PTSD, addiction, hormone imbalance, and digestive problems. It can offer relief for pain, fibromyalgia, depression, autoimmunity, menstrual problems, headaches, and migraines.

Are there contraindications?

Pregnancy, morbid obesity, metal toxicity, active cancer, palliative care, electrical implants (pacemakers), and concussions (within 3 months) are contraindicated. Notify Cate if you have varicose veins, dental anomalies, fractured bones, or metal implants.

What's the biofield?

Everything alive produces an electromagnetic energy field. Your biofield or human energy field penetrates and surrounds you, creating a toroidal bubble 5-6 feet around and 2-3 feet above and below. Similar to Earth's upper atmosphere, this field is safeguarded by a double-layer plasma membrane.

What's the Biofield Anatomy Map?

The Biofield Anatomy Map includes 20+ years of McKusick's observations. Tuning Practitioners use the Map to locate, harmonize, and restore your body's electrical system. Once the blocks are removed, it's easier to get the results you deserve.

Can I do Biofield Tuning remotely?

Yes! Watch this video on how remote Biofield Tuning works and why it's as effective as in-person. Remote sessions are more about the energy download than the sound you hear.

Why work with the electric body?

Everything is electric, including you. A HIGH voltage is essential for improving your health, energy, performance, and well-being. Electric healing is more effective than the “whack-a-mole” approach to "managing" your physical health.

Is your biofield essential for healing?

Absolutely. Acting as an energetic blueprint, your biofield contains ALL of your information ranging from memories and emotions to ancestral patterns. Everything gets encoded in standing waves. Your biofield influences both your physical body and your reality, making it key to achieving overall wellness.

Does Tuning work well with PSYCH-K?

Yes. Tuning enhances electric health by alleviating physical, mental, and emotional issues. When combined with PSYCH-K, it aids in clearing underlying blocks, creating a synergistic and comprehensive wellness approach.

Is it like Reiki?

Reiki involves hands-on energy work, whereas Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to identify and harmonize imbalances in the biofield. Both aim for energetic wellness, but their methods and tools differ.

Sound Therapy Testimonials

Regulating & Healing

"I have had two Biofield Tuning sessions with Cate and experienced the tuning forks during PSYCH-K sessions, and I love it! It was definitely a LOT more than I expected. Something about the vibration of the tuning forks communicating with my body directly, bypassing my thoughts, feels so right and healing.

My first session was in person. I loved lying down on the massage table and feeling the tuning forks on my body. I was able to relax even when energy was moving or felt challenging. I LOVE the tuning forks and how I can hear AND feel them in my body. It felt like a conversation that didn't need any words. I also love that it bypasses a lot of the mind's resistance.

My second session was remote. I loved that I could feel the effects of the forks even though I wasn't in person. My body responds to the tuning forks, and now it feels like my preferred means of balancing, regulating, and healing. It's now my preferred method for all issues. Again, the vibrational energy feels like it is going directly to the source of the issue/problem. And it feels like it gives the body the space and freedom to rebalance without the resistance that sometimes is present with talking only.

Cate is such an incredible healer in whatever modality she is using, but there is something extra special about the tuning forks that I LOVE. Cate is very thorough and professional in all her work, and with the tuning forks, it feels like her intuitive abilities are even more heightened. Thank you, Cate, for all your beautiful healing work and offerings!"

— L.S. from Bend, OR

Joyful & Heart Healing

biofield tuning testimonial Washington

“From the moment I met Cate, I could feel her passion and enthusiasm for guiding others into a space of healing. She took me through a journey to my inner child and communicated with me in a motivating and compassionate way. The joy I felt during the session really touched my inner child and heart. I love her spark for life and how she approaches everything with curiosity. I knew right away that she would make Biofield Tuning her own and create something extraordinary to offer the world. Cate is a beautiful, kind, and compassionate soul. We all need someone like her on our journey to healing and self-discovery. I'm so excited and appreciative to be on this journey with her.”

— Marion H. from Port Orchard, WA

Feeling Invincible

“Since my first Biofield Tuning session with Cate, I’ve felt much more optimism for the future. I’m feeling more invincible and calmer. I’ve even started cleaning and organizing my home. The real world intrudes as it always does, but I can remain aware and cope better with all the noise! I feel like I’m picking up speed, and things are moving even faster in my awakening.”

— Vicky C. from Reno, NV

Freedom & Inner Trust

biofield tuning review kristen

“My Tuning session with Cate was awesome!!! She is a master of the forks and clearly a deep listener. I could truly relax and let the energy flow. I felt so good afterwards, like some invisible blankets were lifted off of me, giving me a sense of freedom as well as inner trust. I highly recommend a Biofield Tuning Session with Cate. Her breadth of experience is immense and you can feel that her heart is aligned with a pure intention to be of service to the healing process.”

— Kristen S. from Zürich, Switzerland

Energized & Alive

“Hello, Cate! OMG, it has been a wild ride since our Biofield Tuning session. I popped out of bed the following morning feeling more energized and ALIVE than ever. It was incredible! Lots of insights and aha moments have been flowing through.

I’ve been letting go of things (material items, patterns, habits, beliefs, and a trip I didn’t want to take), addressing areas and relationships that needed adjusting. My husband and I are pursuing our dreams now instead of waiting. I attribute all of these developments to our session. It was like a fire was lit inside me! The sessions have felt otherworldly, incredible, and a huge sigh of relief all in one! Thanks, Cate! Working with you is so much fun!”

— Melissa K. from Bend, OR

Profound & Tangible Results

ginny tuning review ca

"I'm beyond grateful to Cate Ritter! She's a beautiful and highly gifted sound therapy practitioner. I received a profound Biofield Tuning Session from her that transmuted and balanced my energy field with very tangible results.

I could feel the residual energies from my childhood and ancestral traumas leaving my body as she cleared these fields. I've done a lot of emotional and energy work in the past, but I could tell there were still remnants that needed to go. The day after my session, I was exhausted and knew my body needed downtime to process the energetic shifts. I got the clear message to slow down and not fall back into my habit of overdoing. After a day of self-care and relaxation, I've felt renewed and rejuvenated ever since!

I highly recommend Cate for any of your healing desires and life goals. She is truly a gift to humanity. I look forward to doing the Biofield Tuning Adrenal Rhythm Reset during my next session!”

— Ginny M. from Pacific Grove, CA

Back Pain Relief

"Hi, Cate! I’ve noticed HUGE improvements in my back pain since our Biofield Tuning session! I cleaned for 2 hours, and I was thinking about how much I enjoyed it and why don’t I do it more often. Then, it occurred to me that my back hardly hurt at all! Normally, 30 minutes is the absolute longest I can clean before I have to stop because my back hurts so bad. BIG thanks to you, Cate! I’m excited to try more Tuning to see how much better it can get! Lots of LOVE to you!"

— Sara V. from Reno, NV

Intuitively Tuned In

sound healing testimony bend or

"Cate Ritter tops my Biofield Tuning Practitioner list! I’ve been involved in energy and nervous system harmonizing practices for over 38 years. When booking my personal self-care sessions, I choose from a handful of adept practitioners I know are intuitively tuned in with both hands and heart.

Cate Ritter tops my list! She’s highly perceptive and greets me, my body, and Biofield with uplifting delight. During and long after our first session, I felt the expression of love, peace, and harmony radiating through me. It was incredible! I can't wait for more! Schedule in advance, as she’s highly regarded.”

— Donna W. from Bend, OR

Heavy Weight Lifted!

biofield tuning testimonial oregon

“I really enjoyed my Biofield Tuning session with Cate. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it before. The process was very interesting and comfortable. I felt good after the session, calm and relaxed. I was surprised at how accurate the forks were at finding blocks within my field as it related to different events in my life. It felt like some heavy weight had been lifted from me. A few hours later, I also had some digestive shifts. I slept well that night, and then the next morning I felt a lot of emotions come up and out. Tears were flowing in a very cleansing way. After the Tuning, I was more able to feel things and let them move through and out. It felt like many stuck emotions were released. Now I feel great!” 

— Amy S. from Redmond, OR

Huge Emotional & Physical Release

“Wow, my Biofield Tuning experience was intense! Cate picked up on a few traumatic and impactful times throughout my life (to the year) that were still disrupting my biofield. Some were times that I didn’t think had much effect on my body/energy/psyche but apparently did. When we got to the ancestral river, I made some deep unexpected connections to my female ancestors. The tuning process felt like a huge wave of emotional and physical release. Like a hidden weight I had been carrying for years came out of the depths and poured out of me. Every molecule in my body was vibrating. It was the first time I actually felt like I was not a solid being. Immediately afterwards I felt calm, relaxed and exhausted. In the following days I've felt much more calm, stable, and resilient to the stressors in my currently turbulent life. I owe Cate a debt of gratitude for all the transformative subconscious and energy work she has done with me.”

— Kate M. from Sisters, Oregon

Deep Sound Therapy Session

“My Biofield Tuning session was great! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought the process was pretty neat, especially how Cate used my hologram on the table to do the session remotely. I’m always so impressed by her ability to communicate with my guides and angels. I really felt like the sound therapy session went DEEP. This has been truly invaluable. Thanks for the amazing work that you do!”

— Erin M. from California

Intuitively Accurate

tuning testimonial susan

“After experiencing a Biofield Tuning session with Cate, I can confidently say that she's an AMAZING Tuner! Intuitively, she picked up some incredibly accurate info. She was totally tuned in to some BIG times and events in my life. It felt and sounded beautiful as we were able to shift things into coherence. She was very professional and I enjoyed her creativity throughout the session. I felt very relaxed after Tuning and continue to feel more in my power.”

— Susan S. from NJ

Amazing Release

"Before Cate started the session, I felt her love and warmth. Throughout the session, she was fully attentive and supportive. Her ability to deeply sense what I needed was phenomenal. As she moved through my field, she could find areas with stuck energy and let herself be guided by this deep sensing to know how to use the forks to bring needed coherence. I felt the most AMAZING release from what had been bothering me. It felt like I was floating in a warm, calm pool — gently rolling and rocking as she used her forks. It was the most splendid experience I've ever had with Biofield Tuning. This soothing and gentle rolling and rocking continued to the end of the session for a long time.

I felt peaceful, soothed, and relaxed for a long time afterward. Even as I recall the experience, I still feel this warm floating sensation. While floating on something so divinely soft, I felt grounded and present, not 'out of my body.' For me, this is the most marvelous state of being. I was relaxed and peaceful. My body felt like it was floating, yet I was very present and grounded — everything in my world was fine despite all that was going on in my life.

Cate's guidance helps you become coherent and whole so you can live your life joyfully and see problems as opportunities. She is a delightful, lovely, and loving person — I feel loved and safe with her. I look forward to more sessions!"

— Tamara from Alonnisos Island, Greece

Excellent Results

“This was my first Biofield Tuning experience, and the results were EXCELLENT! Cate's work with the tuning forks felt so graceful and attuned to my system; it felt deeply impactful on a level that's hard to articulate.

I came into the session with pain in my chest and upper back, and as the session progressed, feelings of grief and sadness became apparent. Cate recommended paying attention to dreamtime and sure enough, I dreamt of a particular situation in my teen years that I hadn't realized I was holding onto. After many tears and some integration, I felt a HUGE energetic weight lift and clarity of mind that I'm so grateful for. I highly recommend Tuning with Cate!”

— Sierra T. from Bend, OR

Above & Beyond

cole biofield tuning testimonial

“My Biofield Tuning experience with Cate was truly wonderful. She puts her heart and soul into her work and she went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable throughout the experience.

Cate has a gift for guiding you back into your heart space by making you feel safe and at ease in her presence. I left feeling much lighter and more balanced mentally and physically. I was able to release emotional blockages that had been weighing me down and Cate helped me to identify the source of where they came from. She has a beautiful, nurturing presence and I am beyond grateful to her for helping me along my healing journey.”

— Cole C. from Minneapolis, MN

Unburdened & Lighter

"I didn't know what to expect with Biofield Tuning as I'd never tried anything like it. I found it super cool how Cate worked with my hologram. Even though I wasn't there in person, I still felt sensations in parts of my body as Cate worked in different areas. I loved how nourishing it felt that I could sense and feel things in my body as she used the tuning forks. It was a beautiful and deeply relaxing experience. The most surprising thing was how changes unfolded after the session. Many things began to click in place as old patterns dissolved. I feel unburdened and much lighter now."

— Chava R. from New York

Incredible Experience

testimonial bend oregon

“I’ve done other work with Cate so I felt comfortable trying a sound healing session. I had never heard of Biofield Tuning so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but OMG it’s the most incredible experience! I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly helpful it has been with unearthing emotions, trauma, belief systems, and more. I felt very relaxed and feel shifts continue as I know a lot of stuff was and is being released. It's a MUST if you are feeling stuck and not sure how to proceed. This healing modality is a game-changer!” 

— Eve G. from Bend, OR

Experience Biofield Tuning Sound Therapy!