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Secrets for Earth School Success

earth school success is bliss

Ready to enjoy life more and experience Earth School success?

To enjoy life more and experience greater success in this Earth School, it’s helpful to incorporate the wisdom of spiritual teachers like Bashar. This post includes the best-kept secrets for Earth School success and an inspiring video from Darryl Anka who channels Bashar!

Why call this planet “Earth School?” To remind yourself that you’re a spiritual student having this purposefully created human experience to expand awareness and learn. Continue reading to learn how to strengthen your divine connection and create a life you LOVE!

6 Essential Tips for Earth School

If you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, or lost in Earth School, our 6 essential tips can help you shift your perspective, become a powerful co-creator, and maximize your time on this planet. While Earth School doesn’t come with a manual and the curriculum can be challenging, these tips offer a formula for personal growth, allowing you to experience better results in your life.

The Formula for Earth School Success

1. Pursue your passion with zero expectations

2. Believe to receive more magical outcomes

3. Accept the challenge to learn, grow, and expand

4. Release the B.S. holding you back from your potential

5. Be your authentic self to fit in and connect deeper

6. Expand awareness to see how everything is connected

woman pursuing passion

1. Pursue Your Passion

Passion is the cosmic call that resonates within you, a vibrant melody that stirs your soul and ignites excitement. It harmonizes with your essence, creating an electric surge that permeates every fiber of your being. As a guiding force, passion acts as your compass, distinguishing what aligns with your truth and what doesn’t, offering clarity amidst uncertainty, and illuminating your path.

Pursue your passion with full force and zero exceptions.

Take the initiative to explore what truly excites you, and practice patience as passion orchestrates the elements of your life in the most impeccable timing and sequence. The wait is worthwhile because following your passion opens doors to synchronicities that surpass even your wildest expectations, allowing life to unfold in ways that are beyond imagination. By acting on your passion without attaching expectations, you create the space for your higher self to step in and offer its MAGICAL assistance, leading you towards extraordinary possibilities.

Earth School Exercise: Passion Clarity

To begin this discovery and journey of passion, being present and gaining clarity is essential. Start creating a list of activities that ignite a sense of excitement and make you feel truly alive. Don’t worry if you’re unsure at first; remember that uncovering and nurturing your passion is a gradual process in Earth School. When faced with choices, ask yourself, “What can I do now that aligns with my most thrilling option?” Even if you have multiple choices that don’t fully enthuse you, opt for the one that sparks the most excitement. Embrace the process with joy and playfulness, for life is meant to be enjoyed, and passion is one of your most influential guides.

Extra Credit: Passion Check

When it comes to pursuing your passion, it’s helpful to check in with yourself and determine whether you have a red or green light. Assess whether your passion is merely passing, influenced by temporary factors or limiting beliefs, or if it’s a permanent flame that is meant to be nurtured. Is your passion fading because of self-sabotage stemming from subconscious patterns, or is it an indication that another avenue of passion is waiting to be explored? Take time to reflect and discern whether you’re passing on passion out of fear or resistance or if this experience is a stepping stone toward growth and discovery. Trust your intuition and embrace the insights that arise as you navigate the intricate dance between your passion and the path that unfolds before you.

2. Believe to Receive

When pursuing your passion, it is crucial to release attachments and fears that may hinder your progress. Surrendering expectations allows you to open yourself up to infinite possibilities. Instead of getting upset when things don’t align with your desired outcome, cultivate gratitude, for EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Through contrast, you gain clarity about what you truly desire, enabling you to make necessary adjustments along the way. Remember, you hold the power as a co-creator of your reality. Set your intentions, listen to the guidance of your higher self, which often manifests as feelings of passion, and have unwavering trust that everything works out in your favor. Your beliefs shape your reality, so choose to believe to receive or doubt and go without.

Earth School Exercise: Burden to Blessing

Reflecting on past situations that initially felt burdensome but ultimately transformed into blessings can be a powerful Earth School exercise. Take the time to journal and contemplate ten such events, allowing yourself to grasp the lessons that emerged from them. By regularly engaging in this exercise, you train yourself to shift perspectives and cultivate a sense of confidence as you witness the unfolding of life’s challenges. This newfound confidence makes it easier to replace fear with faith when confronted with the next hurdle, knowing that blessings and growth await on the other side, even in the face of adversity.

woman challenging herself

3. Accept the Challenge

To manifest the desired outcomes in your life, it’s crucial to shift away from a victim mindset and the belief that the world is against you. Instead, embrace a perspective that recognizes the purpose behind your challenges. Understand that there is no inherent right or wrong in experiences; everything serves as a lesson. You’re a powerful spiritual being that created this human experience to overcome challenges, learn, grow, and expand. You’ve gifted yourself with these limitations to overcome and transcend them.

In moments of frustration, remind yourself that you hold the power to co-create a different reality. Pay attention to the beliefs instilled in you about yourself and this reality. Many of your subconscious beliefs, which govern your actions most of the day, stem from others’ fears and are often unfounded. Therefore, seek out the lessons within your challenges, and say, “Challenge accepted!” Embrace the opportunity for growth, knowing that you have the capacity to shape your reality according to your highest intentions.

Earth School Exercise: Challenge Accepted

Embracing challenges is the first step towards personal growth and living your best life, as they serve as catalysts for becoming the best version of yourself. When faced with a challenge, ask, “What can I learn?” This mindset shift allows you to extract valuable wisdom from each obstacle. Furthermore, it’s essential to question any fear-based beliefs holding you back. Energy psychology modalities like PSYCH-K offer powerful tools for reprogramming subconscious beliefs that limit your potential. Utilizing such techniques can dismantle barriers and create a more expansive path for transformation.

4. Release the B.S.

Once you have accepted the challenge, it is crucial to release the burdens that keep you stuck in the past and fearful of the future. If you are reading this, it signifies your readiness to let go of the B.S. – the subconscious, emotional, and energetic limitations that dampen your passion and hinder your ability to live a vibrant and fulfilling life. By releasing these constraints, you open to greater health, happiness, and fulfillment. Creating space for authenticity and presence allows you to align with your true essence and experience life fully. As you shed old weight, your existence transforms into an explosion of magical synchronicities and possibilities. It is time to relinquish the B.S. and step into your inherent power, embracing the extraordinary journey that awaits you.

Earth School Exercise: Releasing B.S.

To express yourself, it’s essential to identify what’s limiting you. Once you recognize these barriers, utilizing modalities like PSYCH-K energy psychology can be instrumental in releasing old patterns. Increased awareness of what no longer aligns with your authentic self ignites a fiery passion within you, becoming a guiding force in crafting a healthier and more successful journey through Earth School. Trust in your ability to handle any challenges, shift your focus to the present, and embrace the limitless possibilities that await your exploration.

female emerging into herself

5. Be Your Authentic Self

The pressure to fit in and survive often leads us to accept harmful things, including false beliefs about the world, ourselves, and how we should live. Consequently, we find ourselves burdened with an endless to-do list of self-improvement as we strive to conform to someone we’re not. We convince ourselves that we’ll be accepted only if we work harder, attain external achievements, or conform to societal standards. It’s a paradox because BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF IS HOW YOU FIT IN! The world doesn’t require us to improve constantly; it craves our genuine presence! We bring unique perspectives, skills, and contributions to the Earth School collective by being true to ourselves. With our differently shaped puzzle pieces, each of us plays a role in creating something beautiful together. So, don’t deny others the gift of your authenticity. The world needs you. Embracing your true self not only deepens your connection with your passion and purpose but serves as an inspiration for others.

6. Expand Awareness

Consciousness is the profound state of self-awareness that enables us to recognize our thoughts, emotions, and experiences while engaging with the world. From a spiritual and scientific standpoint, we’re intricately interconnected, and every person we encounter has a purpose. They serve as mirrors, reflecting back the lessons we need to learn and supporting our growth. When we approach life with this expanded awareness, we transcend the illusion of separation, realizing our interconnectedness. We become catalysts for each other’s remembrance of our true selves, as individuals and as a collective. Suddenly, everything falls into place, from our relationships to our careers, and the pursuit of our passions becomes a joyful endeavor. We learn to trust the unfolding process, embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and wholeheartedly embody our authentic selves. Embracing this perspective leads to a remarkable sense of success in our Earth School journey.

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Bashar’s Earth School Wisdom

Our planet is undergoing a major spiritual transformation, and you can be at the forefront! Check out these tips from Next Level Soul on transitioning into the next level of consciousness to begin consistently creating the life experiences you desire and deserve.

About Darryl Anka

Darryl Anka is a highly sought-after spiritual figure. For over 35 years, he’s used his extraordinary abilities to channel a spiritual being known as Bashar. In addition to Abraham-Hicks, Seth, and Edgar Cayce, Bashar’s incredibly relevant and compelling insights lead to greater awareness for reaching your potential and experiencing Earth School success. 

Bashar advises, “Live your dreams, instead of merely dreaming about being alive.”

Introducing Bashar

Bashar is an E.T from the future who has communicated through channel Darryl Anka for over 37 years. He explains how the universe works and how everyone creates their Earth School experience. Although it seems like a New-Age philosophy, Bashar’s info is based on the law of physics. Incorporating these tips into your daily life can result in deeper spiritual connections and BIG shifts in awareness. Like Cate, Bashar emphasizes self-empowerment and the importance of changing your beliefs to change your life. 

Bashar says to…

  • Act on your passion (what’s most exciting to you) in every moment.
  • Do this to the best of your ability and take it as far as possible.
  • Pursue passion with zero expectation, insistence, or assumption of the outcome.
  • Choose to stay positive/constructive regardless of what happens.
  • Question your beliefs and replace any limiting beliefs.