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The Importance of Surrendering to the Universe & How to Feel it NOW

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Ready to surrender to the magic of the Universe?

Surrendering to the universe is a powerful tool for improving your health and enjoyment of life. Unfortunately, many people find it challenging to surrender because they’re often stuck in stress and fear that prevents trust and flow. When you try to control, force, or attach to things, you block the results you’re trying to achieve and feel frustrated, disconnected, and overwhelmed. It’s not your fault if this is your pattern. You get programmed (subconsciously) and, the good news is, you can change.

What Does It Mean To Surrender?

Surrendering means accepting what is, trusting the flow of things, and clearing your connection to the present moment. By surrendering, you give the Universe permission to assist you in co-creating the life you want. You stop resisting and start embracing your journey. It’s not about being lazy, but taking relaxed action with love. Deeply surrendering is an act of self-love. It’s showing that you love and believe in yourself so much that you trust you’re capable of handling anything. So in this moment, you’re free to FULLY ENJOY the present. 

Kung Fu Control Grip

Got a kung fu grip on control? Feeling stressed, exhausted, drained, and depleted? Always putting in a lot of effort to get things done? Do you believe you have to have everything “figured out” for your life to work? Does it feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Is it challenging to quiet your mind and fully relax?

You’re suffering and surrender is here to help. To surrender, you have to let go of what’s getting in the way of you connecting with the present moment.

Limiting subconscious beliefs around trust, safety, and self-worth make it hard to surrender and relax. Although letting go takes practice, it’s worth it to create more enjoyable outcomes. Get help surrendering the limiting subconscious b.s. (belief systems), buried emotions, and energetic blocks holding you back. Then, you can release the weight of the past and your worries about the future to enjoy life now.

Benefits of Surrendering to the Universe

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Surrendering to the universe is helpful in several ways. First, it allows you to let go of worry, fear, anxiety, stress, and other emotional “anchors” weighing you down. At the core of many limiting beliefs are common threads of low self-worth, feeling unsafe, and trust issues. By surrendering, toxic beliefs and emotions, you create space for the Universe to support you.

Additionally, surrendering helps to shift your focus from the past or future to the present moment. By staying present, you calm your nervous system to live more from a relaxed, healing state. It also allows you to let go of the need to control outcomes (buh-bye over-planning, overthinking, and overdoing!), and take action from a place of love and trust. Surrendering creates space for new opportunities, people, and experiences to enter your life, which can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment. You can’t plan or force life, but you can surrender to the present where you have the ability to co-create a better life.

Finally, surrendering can help you embrace your journey as an exciting adventure, rather than a series of obstacles to overcome. By surrendering to the Universe, you open yourself up to the possibility of learning and growth, and build resilience in the face of challenges. With practice, surrendering allows you to experience greater health, enjoyment, and flow in all areas.

The more you LET GO, the more things FLOW

9 Steps To Surrender More, Now

The practice of surrendering is about taking action from a place of love while loving things as they are. Rather than reacting and making decisions out of fear, you take relaxed action with faith that things work out for your highest good. Everything is happening FOR you to learn, grow, and experience. Now that you know the importance of surrendering to the Universe, follow these steps to let go and thrive…

1. Identify Your Blocks

Begin identifying what you want to surrender. When you identify your blocks, you begin to understand what is keeping you stuck in patterns of negative thinking or behavior. What are you holding onto or trying to control that needs to be released? Do you treat yourself poorly or allow others to treat you poorly? This may include past traumas, hurtful memories, or painful emotions that you’ve been holding onto. By identifying these blocks, you can begin the process of releasing them and moving forward in a more positive direction.

One powerful tool for releasing blocks is PSYCH-K, a process that helps rapidly change limiting beliefs and perceptions in the subconscious mind. PSYCH-K can transform limiting beliefs around self-worth, safety, and trust, which make it easier to surrender to the Universe.

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2. Clear Your Limitations

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Again, PSYCH-K changes underlying limitations so you can create the reality you want. PSYCH-K, along with our special blend of modalities, helps you transform limitations, calm your nervous system, and harmonize your energy. Get out of your own way to surrender to the abundant flow of life! 

Affirmations For Surrender

Say these affirmations throughout the day or use them as Belief Statements for PSYCH-K.

  • I am, and always will be, good enough.
  • It’s easy for me to surrender control and let go.
  • I trust the process of life and know I’m supported at all times.
  • The more I surrender, the more present I am to the rewards in my life.
  • It’s safe for me to let my guard down and relax.
  • I am worthy of enjoying my life fully in the present.
  • Whatever I need to know is revealed to me at exactly the right time.
  • I am capable of overcoming any challenges.
  • I am Divinely guided and protected at all times.

3. Let Go of Attachment 

Attachment creates pressure and resistance. Have you ever noticed when you “give up” how that thing you were working so hard to get just naturally appears? Getting what you want is much easier when you let go and flow. Attaching doesn’t mean you love, care, or deserve more. It means you’re trying to grip where there’s nothing to grip. It’s good to have goals, but it’s not beneficial if you narrowly focus and fixate so much that you miss the big picture. Unhealthy attachments keep you stuck and dependent on external influences dictating how you feel and live. Attaching drains you of your energy and thus your power.

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” —  Lao Tzu

4. Embrace Joy

Notice when you grip, attach, control, and take life too seriously. Attaching to and trying to control outcomes drains your energy and prevents you from experiencing your full potential. When you surrender to the Universe, you let go of the need to control and embrace the joy and playfulness of life. Start by shifting from seriousness to play and welcoming more laughter, love, and joy into everything you do.

One way to surrender and embrace joy is to connect with your inner child. Invite your inner child to play and do things that bring you joy, such as movement, singing, dancing, spending time in nature, journaling, meditating, or practicing yoga. Another way to surrender and embrace joy is to cultivate gratitude. Focus on the things that you’re grateful for, and allow yourself to embrace the joy and playfulness of life. The universe has your back, and by surrendering to it, you can experience a greater sense of peace, contentment, and fulfillment.

5. Slow Down

Does it feel like there’s never enough time? That’s because you’re not living in the present. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to completely lose track of time and enjoy life. Slow down to connect with the moment. Practice doing things slower, such as talking, breathing, eating, walking, driving, and other activities. How slow can you go? Even operating 10% slower makes a BIG difference. Place sticky notes around your home with reminders of your new tortoise-like qualities. Permit yourself to take breaks, check-in with yourself, and savor more. Although it can feel counterproductive to slow down, you become more present AND productive.

6. Recharge With Soul-Care

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We’re human beings, not human doings. Our modern world operates at a hurried and stressful pace. The natural world, the one we’re designed to be in tune with, doesn’t. That’s why things like nature-bathing are so beneficial for your well-being. So, don’t over-plan your day. Slow down, listen, and connect with your breath (a.k.a. life force). Take time for things you enjoy that help you relax and recharge. Prioritize your “higher” self-care, a.k.a. soul-care. Ask yourself, “What would benefit my mind, body, and soul right now?” When you take care of yourself, it’s easier to spread more kindness, laughter, and love. 

Surrendering to the Universe creates better results with your health & life.

7. Love Yourself

Self-love is the foundation for all success. When you love yourself unconditionally and know YOU ARE WORTHY, it’s easier to trust that you’re capable of handling anything. From this confident place, you’re able to allow yourself to find more joy now (instead of waiting to achieve some exhausting goal). Check out Nourish Yourself With Self-Love. Forgive yourself and permit yourself to stop carrying the past. You’re worthy of the best, now and always!

8. Strengthen Your Trust Muscle

When you don’t trust, you control. It’s an old protective mechanism meant to keep you safe, but now it’s sabotaging you. Control is an illusion that quickly drains your energy. Set intentions, stay present, and trust. To get comfortable feeling supported, spend time laying in a hammock, zero gravity chair, or sensory deprivation pod. Open yourself to the uncertainty of the moment with curiosity. How good could this get (if you allow it)? When you see everything as an opportunity to learn and grow, it takes the pressure off of having to know it all. Trusting allows you to approach decisions out of love instead of fear.

What you desire, the Universe wants for you AND more! 

9. Enjoy Life, Now

Don’t wait to enjoy your life until some perfectly planned future time. Do what you enjoy. From now on, make, accept, and invite choices that create more joy in your life. Surrender the “blah” to find your bliss. Let yourself live in the openness of possibilities. Surrender is about being open, aware, and appreciative. Besides, it takes much less energy and is so much more enjoyable than trying to control things!

Hopefully, you now understand why surrender to the Universe is so POWERFUL and how it can positively change your health and life.

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When It’s Time To Let Go

Watch The Power of Surrender with Tahmina Rafaella. In this short TEDx talk, Tahmina discusses spirituality and the importance of trusting the timing of the Universe. Don’t give up. Surrender instead. You have nothing to lose by trying.