Wellness Retreats

Wellness & Spiritual Retreats in Bend, Oregon

Our retreats help you relax, reset & recharge.

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or overworked? Our 3-Day Wellness Retreats in Bend, Oregon are a great way to reduce stress, recharge, and connect with yourself! Our retreats include sound therapy, yoga, movement, meditation, laughter, self-love, and more.

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Why Attend a Wellness Retreat?

With never-ending lists, distractions, and stimulation, it’s no wonder people are experiencing more stress, disconnection, and dis-ease. You deserve a healing getaway filled with relaxation, mindful movement, nourishing foods, and soulful connections!

Experience Better Results

If you’re like many people seeking help, you’ve read countless books, experienced different modalities, and tried numerous diets, yet still haven’t gotten the results you deserve.

Why are you stuck? Pssst… look at your subconscious b.s. (belief systems).

Unlike most wellness experiences built purely on relaxation, our retreats get to the root of challenges. Using a blend of healing modalities, we help you identify underlying issues. With new awareness, you’ll understand why things have manifested while learning empowering tools for creating NEW outcomes.

Feel Connected

We focus on strengthening connection. You'll connect with yourself to experience more clarity and confidence. You'll also connect with others and nature. Bend has some of the most breathtaking views and outdoor experiences in the Pacific Northwest.

Exceptional Support

Our skilled wellness team provides the ultimate experience. Get guidance with nutrition, lifestyle, relaxation, and more. We also partner with hiking guides, massage therapists, and various healers.

Sustainable Success

Our support goes beyond your stay. After the retreat, you’ll receive wellness tips and resources to aid your progress. In addition, our team provides ongoing support via online and in-person Wellness Programs.

The Mountains Are Calling...

Group Wellness Retreats in Bend, Oregon

Our 3-Day Group Wellness Retreats provide time to go inward and connect with yourself while having fun bonding with others. The Pacific Northwest mountain town of Bend, Oregon is a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Meet Your Retreat Leader

Hi, I'm Cate Ritter! I believe the path to healing is love, which starts with self-love. But to fully experience the healing power of love, you must get the blocks out of the way. Most people experience BIG blocks in the forms of subconscious beliefs and buried emotions.

Using advanced training and experience from around the globe, I guide others in releasing the blocks that prevent them from experiencing their bliss.

Retreats at Juniper Preserve

Cate Ritter Wellness has partnered with the spectacular Juniper Preserve to provide a healing and enjoyable retreat experience. You’ll love the tranquility of the high desert! With the natural landscape of the surrounding Juniper forest, incredible mountain views, a luxury full-service spa, a fitness center, two top-ranked golf courses, hot tubs, pools, and various recreational amenities, Juniper Preserve inspires rest, rejuvenation, and exploration.

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Ready to Experience a Wellness Retreat?

Wellness Retreat Activities & Support

Our 3-Day Wellness Retreats provide a healing environment to improve your well-being and everyday life. Post-retreat, you'll receive info and resources to ensure your success. Sample Schedule below.

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Event Activities

  • Nutritious & Delicious Farm-to-Table Cuisine
  • Detox Beverages, Teas & Herbal Remedies
  • Wellness Talks & Energy Downloads
  • All-Level Yoga with Singing Bowls & Reiki
  • Meditation & Meditative Activities
  • Therapeutic Massages, Facials & Body Wraps
  • Healthier "Happy Hour" — Positivity & Inspiration

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Retreat Support

  • Nutrition — make healthier food choices
  • Fitness — have fun with mindful movement
  • Mindset — elevate your mind to NEW levels
  • Detox — reclaim inner & outer radiance
  • Relax — manage stress with ease
  • Connect — forge friendships that last a lifetime
  • Keep in Touch — support continues after you leave!

Sample Daily Schedule

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Rise & Shine...

7:00 — Wake up with fresh lemon water & veggie juice

8:00 — Cleansing all-level yoga flow

9:00 — Energizing breakfast with mushroom elixirs

10:00 — Guided scenic silent hike with healthy snacks

12:00 — Picnic lunch with mindful eating exercises

1:00 — Wellness talk & energy activation

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Relax, Connect & Savor

2:00 — Relax with a facial, massage, or body wrap

3:00 — Experience PSYCH-K, Biofield Tuning, & more!

5:00 — Healthy Happy Hour

6:00 — Farm-to-table dinner

7:00 — Ceremonial share circle

8:00 — Restorative yoga with reiki

9:00 — Meditative movement & sound bath

Quiet Your Mind, Awaken Your Soul!

Retreat Reviews

Liberating & Empowering

“Before attending a Personal Wellness Retreat with Cate, I was really struggling. I felt exhausted, stressed, and worried most of the time. Fortunate to have found this holistic retreat, I signed up immediately. Cate used a variety of methods to guide me in releasing old emotions and trauma that I was unknowingly holding onto. It felt liberating and empowering! Throughout my 3-Day Retreat, I was pampered from head to toe! Cate set everything up, including a deep tissue massage, cryotherapy, compression boots, infrared sauna, easy float (sensory deprivation tank), and more. She prepared a customized itinerary for me with all the things I love to do and at a pace that was relaxing. I can’t recommend this enough.”

— Jill from Portland, OR

Greater Self-Love

“I serendipitously found Cate online and signed up for a session. Within a few minutes, I knew I would be approaching new territory... and I LOVED that. My life had become so stagnant and uninspiring, and I was eager to find something to help me get my spark back. Cate guided me in creating a new relationship with myself that felt much kinder, more supportive, and loving than before. I didn't realize how much my self-love was connected to my success in other areas of my life either. The whole process has been awakening and mind-blowing. Highly recommend!"

— Lauren from Eugene, OR

Loving & Gentle Approach

“My Personal Wellness Retreat with Cate was incredible! I’m an empath and introvert, so having this option 1-on-1 was ideal. I instantly felt safe, supported, and excited to work with her. Thanks to her loving and gentle approach, we were able to uncover some of the limitations preventing me from healing fully. She also gave me some helpful self-love tools to make life more enjoyable. Thanks again, Cate! I look forward to connecting with you again.”

— Lisa from West Linn, OR

Transformative Experience

“I’ve attended MANY yoga, meditation, and wellness retreats over the years and I must say that my Personal Wellness Retreat with Cate was one of the most transformative experiences I’ve had.

Now, I’m eating better, hydrating, moving my body more mindfully, stressing less, and feeling more connected to myself. The anxiety and worry I once felt has shifted into a muted channel that I observe without attachment. It feels like I have a superpower! Although I did a Personal Retreat, my family has greatly benefited from the time I took for myself. My kids commented that I’m much more relaxed and happier than before. Much love to you, Cate!”

— Jen from Bend, OR

Details & FAQ

What experience do I need?

Come with an open mind, a willingness to release what no longer serves you, and a commitment to yourself and your journey.

What makes our retreats spiritually healing?

Our retreats help you connect with your soul, others, and beyond. As you move mindfully, spend time in nature, and eat high vibe foods, you’ll connect with yourself in a more nourishing way.

Will I receive an itinerary?

Two weeks before your retreat, you'll receive a Local Bend Itinerary with recommendations for resources, restaurants, trails, scenic drives, wellness classes, and other healing services.

When should I arrive?

View your itinerary for times. We recommend arriving the day before and leaving the day after your retreat. Having extra time allows you to slow down, get present, and savor the scenery.

Excited to Experience a Wellness Retreat?