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If you're new to subconscious reprogramming it can be challenging to understand how it works and the benefits that can result from it. Listed below are PSYCH-K reviews from people all over the world to help put your mind at ease.

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PSYCH-K® Reviews from Around the World

Immediate Shift

​"It is almost unbelievable how much healing took place in just one session with Cate. I felt an immediate shift during the session. She helped me in so many ways. Thank you!”

— Erik V. from Moelv, Norway

psych k canada review malekHopeful & Excited

"Cate, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. You have allowed numerous old stories within me to finally heal. A more colorful version of myself has surfaced to new grounds. Today I speak about myself and see life differently. Today I wake up feeling more grateful, patient, positive, hopeful and excited. A very subtle, yet significant shift has made its way in. Many old stories that I have unintentionally convinced myself of for many years have finally lost their grip. Thank you for your soft and sweet energy. It allowed me to feel very comfortable with you and surrender to your sessions. With love and gratitude…"

— Malek G. from Montreal, Canada


"I can’t thank Cate enough. I had an extraordinary experience during and after the session. The immediate physical shifts I experienced in my body, and the transformation that unfolded after were miraculous. Within weeks, the issues I was trying to manage on my own using countless methods, had a different flow. Resolutions were activated, allowing stuck energy to be released. I hope you continue to be a vessel of help and transformation for other people as well! Thank you again and may you always be blessed."

— Eleftherios D. from  Xánthi, Greece


“Cate is an incredibly amazing human being who gave me great tools that work to bring back a sense of love for myself that I was unable to find on my own.”

— Susan B. from Cairns, Queensland, Australia

psych k review from bend oregonEnlightening & Transformational

"My PSYCH-K® sessions with Cate were enlightening and transformational. She is a pure and bright light. I learned about thoughts I was holding in my subconscious that I did not know were holding me back. Together we were able to work through this so that I can live the life I desire. I’ve seen changes manifesting in my career and relationships. I immediately lost the feeling of anxiety I have in my body on most days. I noticed that I don’t have fear holding me back, instead I wake up each day with wonder and curiosity. If you have been working on transformation and still feel stuck, jump in and give it a try! You won’t regret it."

— Amy S. from Bend, OR

Emotional Shifts

"I absolutely loved working with Cate! The tools she taught me made a big impact. It was surprising how much we accomplished even in just one session. I felt some emotional shifts almost immediately. I look forward to working with Cate again. I can't recommend her enough. She is a gifted PSYCH-K facilitator.”

— Yolanda Z. from Payson, AZ

Deep Letting Go

"I felt very safe with Cate during my PSYCH-K sessions. She is supportive and encouraging. She listens and is able to connect with your issues. Her intuition is spot on. I'm so grateful I found her.

The sessions helped me find my core issues and allowed me to let go on a very deep level. It's amazing to find how intricately weaved into my behavior these issues are. This work gets to the nitty-gritty of it! It helped me find the right release points. I'm excited about the shifts I have already experienced and to continue these shifts moving forward with my new beliefs."

— Connie O. from Pocatello, Idaho

Deeper Awareness

"I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Cate. Even though I had done some research, she prepared me for my sessions by sharing additional material and insights so I would be even better prepared regarding her process and what to expect.

Cate really took the time to get to understand where I needed help the most and how best to tailor her approach towards those needs. Her coaching, guidance, and follow up helped lock in all the great work we did over the sessions.

Thanks to Cate and her approach to PSYCH-K®, I now have a better understanding and awareness of my subconscious and am using the tools she taught me on a daily basis.

I can’t wait to sit with Cate again and highly recommend her if you’re looking to regain alignment with your subconscious and become a better version of yourself!"

— Cheo, V. from Tuscany, Italy

psych k review california ginnyLiberating & Healing

“My PSYCH-K session with Cate Ritter was amazing. She really helped me have the courage to speak my truth. Very liberating and healing. I highly recommend her and this amazing modality! Cate is a deeply compassionate healer who can help others with many energy medicine tools!“

— Ginny M. from Pacific Grove, California

Immediate Release

“It was a treat to receive a PSYCH-K session with Cate. She really has a strong knowledge and can help reach the core of issues that I was working with for quite some time. Although the steps seem so simple, I immediately felt a release after receiving my session with her. Definitely recommend a session with Cate.”

— Antonio L. from Aragon, New Mexico

Healed Old Patterns

“I had an awesome session with Cate. She's a wonderful being with so much compassion and dedication. Spending an hour with her helped me clarify and heal old patterns that no longer served me. I'm so intrigued by her work. The way she shines is so inspiring! I will definitely have another session. Thanks Cate!”

— Casper G. from Copenhagen, Denmark

Surprisingly Easy

Cate is an absolute gem. I enjoyed our session and was quite surprised at how easy it can be to get back on the right track to wellness. It really takes that first step in the right direction. Cate showed me a simple technique on how to reprogram subconscious negative thought patterns and I will stick to what she taught me from now on.”

— Roy E. from Grant Ridge, Florida

Impressively Fast

“I received a few PSYCH-K sessions with Cate. I must say it's impressive how fast I felt the results of the reprogramming — immediately! Beside the obvious benefits of different attitudes to certain topics in my life, I also got to understand what is needed to maintain this new view. I feel much more trust and calmness. Thanks for Cate’s beautiful approach, the process was very interesting and heart-filled. My sincerest gratitude!"

— Jurgita S. from Freiburg, Germany

psych k review mexico yevaLight & Uplifting

"Cate is an amazing skillful facilitator that has helped me realize the exact root issues out of the most chaotic monologues and apply very simple and effective techniques to shift the fundamental beliefs that affect all and everything in my life. Working with her always feels very light and uplifting — as she is genuinely in love with her life mission. She is not only highly professional, sharp, accurate and easy to work with — she truly feels just like a fun, sweet universal mother overflowing with love."

— Yeva D. from Tulum, Mexico

Fast & Efficient

“Cate was fast and efficient. We got so much done and I felt amazing. She brought such a great energy to everything. Spirit of a true healer. I cannot state enough how much I value this beautiful human.”

— Antony R. from Johannesburg, South Africa

psych-k review aycanBlocked to Blissed

“I was feeling stuck, lost and quite unhappy with myself and life just a couple of months ago. I was reading Bruce Lipton's book "The Biology of Belief" when I realized that my life was an expression of the beliefs that I had been carrying in my subconscious. I couldn't believe how blindly I had been living under the governance of some beliefs that I had acquired throughout my life, that I wasn't even aware of.

I went to Bruce Lipton's website and came across suggested methods for reprogramming beliefs, as well as other transformational techniques. I feel so fortunate to have found Cate among all PSYCH-K facilitators out there! I contacted her right away and she responded immediately. 

During our sessions, I felt safe, comfortable and at ease. Cate made me feel like she has known me for a long time and was able to guide me to the core beliefs that I most needed to reprogram. I started feeling much better even after just one session, and felt really great after the third one. I just can't believe how I am feeling right now compared to how I was just two months ago. I am feeling more positive, confident and motivated. I feel and know my worth. I love myself, accept who I am and where I am right now. I feel at peace! I am a lot better at handling situations that would threw me out of balance back then. 

I would recommend PSYCH-K to anyone willing and determined to recreate herself/himself and her/his life. Give it a try and I think you will be amazed just as I was. However keep in mind that there is no magic bullet, you need to put the effort too! Thank you again Cate!”

— Aycan A. from Vancouver, WA 

BIG Mindset Shift

"After my first intro call with Cate I knew she would be able to help me, but the impact was even greater than I imagined. Through our work together I have felt a big shift in my mindset, which has resulted in me taking actionable steps to really improve my life. I feel a deep sense of trust and optimism that I am capable of real change. I can't recommend working with her enough.”

— Faith D. from Driggs, ID

Completely Different Person

"Cate, I woke up this morning feeling like I’m a completely different person! I noticed that I wasn’t in any hurry to do anything and I’m always in a hurry to do everything. Instead I was having a good time laughing my butt off at the person I used to be. It felt so good and I just wanted to say thank you very much. Unfortunately the euphoria slowly diminished over the day but however showed me that with consistent work I can finally overcome old negative programming. It was an amazing session and you’re an amazing person! I look forward to speaking with you again real soon."

— Lawrence G. from Olympia, WA (Drove over 10 hours roundtrip for an in-person session!)

jessie psych-k reviewHuge Difference

“Doing PSYCH-K® with Cate was such a wonderful and healing experience! Her instructions are crystal clear and she has such a caring and gentle voice that makes it easy to perform the reprogramming. I noticed a huge difference in my personal life after doing subconscious reprogramming with Cate. I can't recommend her enough!”

— Jessie R. from Corona, New York

Patience & Genuine Care

Cate is one of the strongest people I've ever met. I'm intrigued by her range of services but honestly it's just being in her presence that grounded me and filled me with much needed light during a very dark time. Her patience and genuine caring is a rare find in this world. If you cross paths with this beautiful beacon you'll forever be a better person. Love you Cate!”

— Andrew D. from Calgary, Alberta

Deep Healing

“This amazing woman and her lovely energy works wonders. She is there to help you from her heart. The PSYCH-K session I had with her was deep on so many levels.”

— Catinka S. from Copenhagen, Denmark

Major Impact

“I received PSYCH-K sessions from Cate, and they've had a major impact on me in my process of healing trauma and general adjusting of patterns and habits. Very quickly after each of our sessions I felt a huge difference in my mood and behavior. Cate is so present and considerate and I feel really seen and held in the vulnerable spaces we opened. I'm very grateful for the progress Cate helped facilitate for me! Thank you!”

— Kaya K. from Copenhagen, Denmark

Unlocked Blockages

“Working with Cate was pretty surprising. She unlocked a few blockages in just a few minutes with an awesome technique. She showed me how our thought patterns dictate our lives and once released we can really change and create what we need and long for.”

— Kelzang W. from Jerusalem, Israel ​

Instant Shifts

"Being a practitioner in energy healing I asked for a PSYCH-K® session from Cate. I was completely pleasantly surprised by how effective the process was. I felt instant shifts. The professional and easy approach that Cate implements is of the highest standard. I highly recommend Cate without any reservations."

— Branko S. from Houston, Texas

Awesome Experience

“My PSYCH-K session with Cate was an awesome experience! Her knowledge and experience really shows in her sessions. Everybody deserves to work with Cate! My warmest recommendation!”

— Thyge D. from Copenhagen, Denmark

Illuminating & Confirming

“I was fortunate to receive two PSYCH-K® sessions from Cate while on a retreat. It is clear doing this work is her joy! The information the sessions revealed was both illuminating and confirming of what I was there to learn. Thank you Cate!”

— Michelle J. from Bend, Oregon

PSYCH-K® Review - Cate Ritter

Founder of Cate Ritter Wellness & PSYCH-K Facilitator

"PSYCH-K transformed my life! The first thing P-K helped me with was debilitating anxiety. I was stuck in an old pattern that was protective during childhood, but destructive as an adult. I felt an immediate shift after my first experience. A sense of deep inner calmness has been with me ever since. P-K also helped me with self-esteem and self-love. It’s improved my health, relationships, finances, and more. There’s not one area of my life that hasn’t benefited. It’s helped heal many root issues. I’ve even used it to reprogram stressful and traumatic situations.

Thanks to P-K, my life is more peaceful, loving, joyful, and fulfilling. I absolutely LOVE it! And I love sharing this healing method with others. It’s a crucial component to heal on ALL levels. That’s why I include P-K in all of my Wellness Programs."

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Bruce Lipton PSYCH-K®

Cell Biologist, world-renowned speaker & best-selling author

Bruce Lipton’s preferred method of energy psychology is PSYCH-K. In his best-selling book, The Biology of Belief, Bruce writes:

“I use PSYCH-K in my own life. PSYCH-K has helped me undo my self-limiting beliefs, including one about being able to finish my book. The fact that you are holding this book is one indication of the power of PSYCH-K! PSYCH-K represents an important step toward the New Psychology for the 21st century and beyond.”

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