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Biofield Tuning Benefits

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Could Biofield Tuning benefit YOU?

Cutting-edge science shows the benefits of working with your biofield or human energy field to improve your health and well-being. Biofield Tuning is a sound-healing modality that uses tuning forks to identify blocks in your energy and restore harmony and flow. With a wide range of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits, Biofield Tuning aligns you with a greater sense of presence, vitality, and wellness. 

What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a ground-breaking sound therapy method that uses sound waves to improve patterns and rhythms in your biofield (human energy field).

Like Reiki uses hands & Acupuncture uses needles, Biofield Tuning uses specialty tuning forks to scan, sense, & shift energy to release stress, tension, stuck emotions, trauma, & pain.

Acting like a magnet, tuning forks guide stuck energy back into circulation for optimal harmony, healing, and potential. As a result, you feel lighter, energized, relaxed, and experience a greater sense of health and well-being. 

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How Can Biofield Tuning Benefit You?

Feeling frustrated, stuck, or stressed with your life? Do you suffer from physical, mental, or emotional issues, such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, weight gain, pain, or inflammation? If you’re ready to change, Biofield Tuning can help. Many people experience more energy, less pain and inflammation, deeper relaxation, better sleep and digestion, toned muscles, weight loss, greater well-being, and even an increase in synchronicities. This soothing technique offers a relaxing solution for releasing old emotions, trauma, patterns, behaviors, and stress.

Getting a “tune-up” helps you release the past, get unstuck & tap into your potential now.

What sets Biofield Tuning apart from other methods is that it focuses on your electromagnetic health, a.k.a. your electric health. At the root, the “energy” in energy medicine is electric. Approaching healing in this way allows you to address problems at the source. When your electric health is vibrant and your voltage is high (your battery is fully charged), you feel lighter, confident, more powerful, and even SUPERHUMAN!

5 Incredible Biofield Tuning Benefits

One of the most incredible benefits of Biofield Tuning and sound healing is that it’s effective at getting to the root of issues. To start, this sound-based therapy method primes you for wellness by (1) relaxing your nervous system and (2) creating a state conducive to emotional healing. Together, these areas have a POWERFUL impact on your health and quality of life.

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1. Nervous System Relaxation

Tuning forks are designed to relax and soothe your nervous system, which can activate a powerful healing response. Considering most people get stuck in a stress response, this is HUGE! Stress depletes your body, whereas relaxation heals your body. Using tuning forks to create pure tones, the Biofield Tuning process locates incoherence (noise) and guides your system into a coherent (harmonious) state. The tones allow your body to listen, relax, and auto-tune. This targeted nervous system support releases old patterns of stress and reactivity. With more energy in circulation, you experience more peace and well-being. 

2. Emotional Healing

Biofield Tuning benefits the release of suppressed emotions that wreak havoc on your health. Over 85% of all diseases are caused by STRESS. Stress is your EMOTIONAL response to a situation. Although it’s healthy to experience emotions, problems arise when you avoid them. When emotions aren’t expressed, you experience more stress, frustration, and dis-ease. That’s why focusing on your physical health (diet, exercise, supplements) only gets you so far. You need emotional healing.

Releasing suppressed emotions is essential for your well-being.

Emotions are waveforms of “energy in motion.” Like sound waves, emotions naturally rise, peak, and fall away. Emotions aren’t the problem, it’s when you avoid expressing them that creates problems. If you’re like most people, this happens often because you don’t know how to process emotions in a healthy way.

Also, intense emotions like sadness, guilt, grief, shame, and anger can be uncomfortable. You might “stuff” these emotions down via distractions and addictions. When uncomfortable emotions arise do you pour a drink, take a pill, eat chocolate, go shopping, overwork, or binge-watch tv? The problem is that the more you “stuff” emotions, the more likely you are to “blow” later. Those are the moments you snap at your spouse, yell at your kids or throw a tantrum at the store. Those emotions will fester until they’re expressed. 

And emotions ALWAYS find a way to express themselves. Emotions buried alive, never die. You may not realize it, but suppressed emotions drain energy and create barriers that restrict you. If you don’t express emotions, they’ll find ways to express themselves, such as through an anger outburst, emotional breakdown, or dis-ease. 

One of the biggest benefits of Biofield Tuning is its ability to support emotional healing. How does this relate to your health? Take pain as an example. As McKusick says, “Physical pain is often the final manifestation of an emotional pattern in the magnetic field.” Pain means there’s too much electric current running through. The Biofield Tuning process helps you release the backlog of emotions creating pain, stress and dis-ease in your system. You don’t want to eliminate emotions, but befriend them, and support their expression as they arise. Learning how to acknowledge, feel, and listen to the guidance of your emotions results in much greater flow, ease, and potential in all areas of your life.

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3. Trauma Release

Biofield Tuning benefits the release of trauma, including ancestral trauma and soul trauma. People who have experienced trauma often cope by disconnecting from their bodies. The pain can seem like too much to deal with, causing you to disconnect. Psychologists refer to this as dissociation, while shamans call it soul loss. 

The Biofield Tuning method is much like the concept of Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

Shamans believe that stress and trauma cause soul fragments or soul loss. Similar to Shamanic Journeying, Biofield Tuning uses “sonic soul retrieval” to restore lost soul fragments and bring them back into circulation. This helps your body, mind, and soul find their way back to wholeness. Although you’ll always have some imprint of life experiences, Biofield Tuning helps you release the emotional charge of past events to restore your power and potential in the present. This allows you to take relaxed action instead of getting triggered, reacting, and repeating old patterns. 

In addition to releasing soul trauma, Biofield Tuning also supports the release of ancestral trauma by working with your Ancestral River, a strong current of energy flow about ten inches off of the sides of your body. This area holds your inherited genetics and “energetic” info. Energetics refers to the tone of the song of your DNA. You don’t just inherit eye and hair color, you also inherit “tonal tendencies” towards anxiety, anger, depression, and more.

Many of your inner emotional struggles are rooted in the experiences of your ancestors.

As Biofield Tuning Founder, Eileen McKusick says, “When we work with the template of the biofield, we’re able to go beyond our own personal histories, because the standing waves that are present in the field contain not only our own life histories but also the tonal histories of our ancestors” (Electric Body, Electric Health, p. 27). Biofield Tuning allows you to change the key the tune is written in and create a new, harmonious tone that benefits you, your family, your ancestors, AND your descendants. As you release the past, you have more energy and freedom to connect with the present.

4. Transform Limiting Beliefs

Biofield Tuning has the power to transform limiting subconscious beliefs that hold you back. Why is this important? Before the age of seven, you absorb helpful and harmful subconscious programming from your environment. This programming is designed to help you learn how to fit in and function in society. Unfortunately, many of these programs are limiting, resulting in limited outcomes. These limitations filter how you view yourself, others, and your life. Any blocks you experience are the result of blocks in your subconscious which are reflective of blocks in your energetic field.

When energy isn’t expressed & flowing properly, it creates patterns of distortion, which leads to breakdowns in your health and well-being.

Eileen McKusick says, “This is how we get stuck in life: Over time, patterns of belief and thought redirect our energies into tangles and whirlpools, and these vibrational patterns then turn into patterns of behavior that create patterns of results” (Electric Body, Electric Health p. 25). Experiencing Biofield Tuning can help you release subconscious blocks preventing you from creating the health and life you deserve. This work is a great compliment to PSYCH-K, a subconscious reprogramming method included in all of our Wellness Programs.

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5. Expand Consciousness 

Lastly, Biofield Tuning benefits the expansion of consciousness. It helps unite science AND spirit. The concepts behind Biofield Tuning focus on a new paradigm of healing that takes an electric perspective. Shifting from the old physical, chemical, and isolated view to a new energetic, electromagnetic, and connected view provides a more uplifting cosmology. Having a better understanding of who you are, where you come from, and why you’re here, allows you to create deeper connections.

The more you “tune in,” the easier it is for you to connect with yourself, your body, others, nature, and the present moment.

Once you experience this deep connection, it’s easier to feel the interconnectedness of ALL things. We are all one. This helps you feel supported so you can slow down and enjoy life. The more you ground yourself in the present moment, the more you strengthen your energy, expand consciousness, and improve your overall wellness.

Now that you have a better understanding of the many Biofield Tuning benefits, it’s time to raise your voltage so you can make the shifts needed for living your best life!

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