PSYCH-K Method & Process

The PSYCH-K® Method From Start to Finish

To better understand PSYCH-K, we’ve outlined the best way to prepare, what happens during a session, and what to expect after a session. We hope this info helps you have a comfortable and confident experience.

Simple, Easy & Pain-Free Process

PSYCH-K is a proven form of energy psychology that uses simple and easy methods and processes to reprogram subconscious beliefs that limit your life.

For answers to common questions and to help clarify the PSYCH-K Process, View FAQ!

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"It is almost unbelievable how much healing took place in just one session with Cate. I felt an immediate shift during the session. She helped me in so many ways.”

Erik V. from Moelv, Norway

How to Prepare Before a PSYCH-K® Session

A little preparation can greatly help the PSYCH-K Process. We provide tips to help you identify the root of your issues for faster, more effective results.

Pre-Session Prep

  • Create an intention, such as self-love, find my voice, etc.
  • Come up with 1-2 areas to focus on per session
  • Email Cate your top 10 Belief Statements

Read or Watch

Set the Space

  • Hydrate before and during the session.
  • Make sure your WiFi connection is strong.
  • You’ll need privacy and full attention.
  • Keep your hands free by using a speaker or earbuds.
  • Optional: Have a pen and paper available to take notes.

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Change subconscious beliefs that limit your life!

Dig Deeper Into the Subconscious

Limiting subconscious programs are usually unknown. However, you can examine potential areas, beliefs, and patterns that could result from subconscious programs. Identifying and reprograming a core issue can automatically address other issues. For example, it's like updating the software on your computer. After the main software has a "system update," the other programs that operate within that software will update automatically. That's also how your subconscious mind works.

4 Areas to Examine

1. Areas to Improve

What areas of your life would you like to improve? 

  • Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance, Confidence
  • Relationships, Communication, Connection
  • Money, Finances, Abundance
  • Career Success, Purpose, Fulfillment
  • Health, Healing, Well-Being
  • Body Composition, Fat-Loss, Performance
  • Spirituality, Divine Connection, Intuition, Transformation
  • Traumas, Distressing Situations, Fears, Phobias
  • Addiction

2. Self-Talk

What do you tell yourself?

  • I never/always…
  • I’m frustrated/struggling with…
  • I don’t deserve…
  • I’m not allowed…
  • It’s not safe to…


  • I struggle to lose weight no matter what I eat.
  • I never feel like my partner hears what I have to say.
  • I'm frustrated I don't have more money.
  • I don't have much confidence.
  • I wish I was more successful in my career.

3. What You DON'T Want

Examine your life. What do you NOT want...

  • What’s not working?
  • What do you struggle with?
  • What do you have to work hard on?
  • Why are you working so hard?

4. What You DO Want

What would you like your life to be like?

  • I deserve…
  • I'm allowed to...
  • It's safe for me to...
  • My life is filled with...
  • I am...

Example Belief Statements

  • I deserve unconditional love.
  • I’m allowed to express myself.
  • It’s safe for me to lose weight.
  • Money flows into my life effortlessly.
  • My body is strong, flexible, and healthy.

“Cate was fast and efficient. We got so much done and I felt amazing. She brought such great energy to everything. Spirit of a true healer. I cannot state enough how much I value this beautiful human.”

Antony R. from Johannesburg, South Africa

What Happens During a Session?

The PSYCH-K Process can be confusing. Terms like subconscious reprogramming, conscious, superconscious, PSYCH-K balance, Whole-Brain State, energy psychology, etc. can be complicated and overwhelming. As a PSYCH-K Facilitator, Cate will guide you throughout the session and answer any questions. Once you experience it and feel what it's like to be in a Whole-Brain State, you'll have a much better understanding of how it works.

View FAQ

Blocked to Blissed

  • Create a sacred space — Get grounded and set an intention.
  • Current experience: How are things now?
  • Find an area of your life you’re experiencing a block. Example block >>> Financial success
  • Desired experience: How do you want things to be?
  • Create NEW Beliefs (i.e., Goal Statements), or transform a distressful situation/trauma.
  • Ex. Money flows effortlessly into my life.
  • Ex. I deserve to make over $100k a year doing what I love.
  • Ex. Money is good. Money is healthy.
  • Start with the Belief that resonates with you the most.

Test It

  • We muscle test to determine if reprogramming is needed.
  • If the muscle tests “strong/true” (the subconscious believes it), then celebrate and continue.
  • If the muscle tests “weak/false” (the subconscious does NOT believe it), then reprogram.
  • We get permission and the best reprogramming method.

Reprogram & Confirm

  • Proceed with reprogramming (PSYCH-K Balance Techniques).
  • You'll be guided through postures and movements that put you in a Whole-Brain State to record the NEW Belief.
  • Lock-in the NEW Belief.
  • We'll muscle test to confirm the process is complete and that the subconscious mind believes the NEW Belief.

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PSYCH-K is a simple method & easy process!

Celebrate & Take Action

  • Celebrate! Woot woot… party dance, high five, or bear hug!
  • Create Action Steps to make this NEW Belief a reality now.
  • Take action! NEW potential = NEW possibilities in your life!
  • You'll receive a post-session PSYCH-K PDF to view regularly.

“This amazing woman and her lovely energy works wonders. She's there to help you from her heart. The PSYCH-K experience I had with her was deep on so many levels.”

Catinka S. from Copenhagen, Denmark

What Happens After PSYCH-K...

The benefits of the PSYCH-K Method can be profound! Once the subconscious mind is reprogrammed, shifts start to take place. Many people feel relaxed, calmer, and lighter during and after a PSYCH-K Session. People often experience a great sense of clarity and trust. Others feel more "in the flow" with a greater sense of love, joy, peace, and connection. The shifts are often subtle but can be BIG. The more you continue to take action to make these NEW Beliefs part of your reality, the greater the results you’ll experience.

  • View your PSYCH-K PDF to be mindful of your NEW Beliefs.
  • Take action. New beliefs create potential, but you create RESULTS through your Action Steps!
  • Check with yourself weekly and note any changes. What's different? Are your NEW Beliefs happening? Any shifts in your life, behaviors, or body? How do you feel?
  • Celebrate every step in the right direction. Even tiny victories create HUGE life-changing energetic shifts!
  • Contact Cate for support.
  • Your subconscious beliefs took years to create, so be open and patient. Some issues may need additional sessions.

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