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Does PSYCH-K Really Work?

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PSYCH-K, does it really work? Trying a new healing modality can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Are you skeptical about PSYCH-K? Skepticism can be from a limiting belief and PSYCH-K can help. In this post, we’ll explore what skepticism is, why it arises, and how to transform it for improved health and life outcomes.

What is skepticism? Skepticism is an attitude of doubt or disbelief regarding the truth or validity of something. While healthy questioning is beneficial, skepticism often takes on a fear-based and self-sabotaging approach. Instead of being a “negative Nelly,” wouldn’t it be more fulfilling to embrace new possibilities?

How can you reduce skepticism? PSYCH-K offers a solution by reprogramming limiting beliefs, including skepticism. Why? Skepticism is rooted in subconscious beliefs. PSYCH-K addresses the underlying causes of skepticism, helping you transform beliefs, overcome fears, heal deep-seated subconscious issues, and align with the life you desire to create.

5 Reasons You’re Skeptical About PSYCH-K

Why the skepticism about PSYCH-K? It’s common to harbor limiting subconscious beliefs concerning self-love, self-worth, success, safety, and trust. Trying new things can be daunting, especially if past attempts have failed. Concepts like energy psychology and quantum healing may also be difficult to comprehend. Additionally, PSYCH-K’s transformative potential can sound too good to be true. Let’s delve into these areas further to empower you with the necessary knowledge for change.

1. It’s a Belief

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Skepticism is a subconscious belief. The MAIN reason you’re skeptical about PSYCH-K is that you have limiting subconscious beliefs. These beliefs create filters through which you view your reality. Rather than maintaining a skeptical perspective, wouldn’t it be nice to see everything in a positive light instead?

PSYCH-K is a rapid belief change process that uses various postures and movements to create a Whole-Brain State. This balances both brain hemispheres to create a “super learning” state where you can reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs with beneficial ones. In just minutes, most people experience increased relaxation, calmness, and inner peace. After a PSYCH-K session, you’ll take action from this new perspective, activating your full potential.

If you’re unsure whether you have limiting or skeptical subconscious beliefs, consider areas of your life that feel stuck, stagnant, or stressful. Your life is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs. As a PSYCH-K Facilitator, Cate can assist you in identifying skeptical beliefs and transforming them into supportive ones. See the examples below for further understanding.

Skeptical Belief Examples…

  • It’s not safe to trust others.
  • People are dishonest and take advantage of me.
  • Nothing works for me.
  • Life is hard and will always be that way.
  • I’ve tried everything without success. 
  • I’m not good at making decisions. 
  • Healing is possible for others, but not for me. 

PSYCH-K Belief Statements for Skepticism…

  • It’s safe for me to trust myself and others.
  • People are honest and want the best for me.
  • Everything works well for me.
  • Life is easy, now and always!
  • Everything I try is a success. 
  • I’m great at making decisions and listing to my intuition.
  • Healing is possible for everyone, including me.

2. It’s Coming From Fear 

Skepticism often stems from fear, particularly the fear that something might not work. However, this fear, known as False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.), lacks a foundation in truth. How can you overcome it? Begin by replacing “false evidence” with scientific evidence.

Scientific Evidence

While PSYCH-K may sound “woo-woo,” it’s firmly grounded in science. Neuroscientist Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D., initially held skepticism towards PSYCH-K but decided to conduct brain mapping studies to test its efficacy. To his surprise, he observed immediate positive changes in brain-wave activity following PSYCH-K sessions. Dr. Fannin collaborated with PSYCH-K Founder Rob Williams to complete brain mapping research, which has been featured in three peer-reviewed publications. This research demonstrates that PSYCH-K processes induce a bilateral, symmetrical brain wave pattern known as the Whole-Brain State. Not only is this state beneficial for subconscious reprogramming, but it also facilitates the expansion of human consciousness. The research is available at

“On the other side of your fear is your freedom.” — Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass

Is fear holding you back or keeping you safe? Fear is often the underlying cause of many challenges. While some believe that fear provides a level of safety, it often does more harm than good. To live a fulfilling life, it’s crucial to let go of this outdated belief system that falsely appears as a source of security. PSYCH-K offers a path to liberate yourself from fear and create NEW empowering beliefs. By achieving a balanced mindset, you’ll gain the ability to identify and overcome your fears more effectively.

3. It’s Outside Your Comfort Zone

get outside your comfort zone

PSYCH-K operates on the subconscious level of the mind, making it an alternative healing approach supported by neuroscience. Exploring unfamiliar territories beneath conscious awareness can be thrilling and intimidating. Many individuals adhere to the notion of “I’ll believe it when I see it,” but as Wayne Dyer, a spiritual guru, suggested, “You’ll see it when you believe it.” PSYCH-K works on a quantum level, the origin of all things. Your beliefs shape your reality, and your subconscious mind holds a tremendous power that surpasses your conscious mind by a factor of millions. This is why PSYCH-K has such a profound impact.

One intriguing aspect of PSYCH-K is remote muscle testing. In an online session, Cate uses specific protocols to connect with your subconscious and muscle test on your behalf. You’ll still experience the effects as if you were physically present. How does it work? Remote muscle testing is based on Quantum Entanglement, or the Law of One, which suggests that we’re all interconnected. Similar to radio waves, our body and mind emit energy that can travel long distances. As a PSYCH-K Facilitator, Cate uses muscle testing to receive feedback and confirm results. To delve deeper, watch What is Consciousness? with Deepak Chopra.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” — Sufi Poet Rumi

4. You Resist Change

Are you ready to change? If not, it’s crucial to explore the reasons behind your resistance and overcome them to avoid staying stagnant. Change can be challenging and uncomfortable, but it opens up new possibilities for personal growth. However, embracing change may bring about growing pains, fear, emotions, and unresolved memories or trauma. Often, people lack the knowledge of how to effectively deal with these painful experiences. It’s essential to learn how to acknowledge, process, and release this old energy.

Releasing old energy, including limiting beliefs, is vital for two reasons. First, if left unaddressed, these unresolved issues can manifest as energetic blockages and physical dis-ease. Second, these stagnant energies hinder the flow of new energy into your life. By letting go of the old, you create space for fresh energy, supportive beliefs, and positive experiences. So, what is holding you back from healing, and living your most fulfilling life?

5. It Seems Too Good to be True

psych-k seems to good to be true

PSYCH-K often raises skepticism because of our underlying beliefs. Do you believe in abundance, miracles, and good luck? Or do you see scarcity, difficulty, and unfairness in the world? Shifting your perspective from dead ends to possibilities can be much more enjoyable. PSYCH-K is a rapid mindset change that transforms limiting beliefs into supportive ones. By removing the blocks in your mind, you’ll shift your energy in an immensely positive and powerful way that ripples into all areas of your life. The more you learn about PSYCH-K, the more you’ll grasp its transformative power. Explore our PSYCH-K Resources for more info. 

PSYCH-K is sometimes misunderstood as a quick fix, but it’s important to recognize that while it can address immediate concerns like phobias (see video below), deeper healing is often required for most issues. By being patient and addressing the root causes of your challenges, you can achieve greater, more effective, and sustainable results. This process allows you to elevate perspective, expand consciousness, experience true healing, and love your life.

Skeptical About PSYCH-K?

Watch this 6-minute video introducing PSYCH-K by Bruce Lipton. In the video, PSYCH-K Originator Rob Williams shares a powerful example of helping a woman overcome her fear of public speaking in just minutes. Bruce Lipton describes it as the most profound thing he’s ever witnessed. This experience even empowered her to start her own public speaking group!

PSYCH-K works! It has the power to transform all aspects of your life if you’re open to change and dedicated to achieving results. This efficient and enjoyable belief change process can have a profound impact. To learn more, watch this brief video by Bruce Lipton.

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