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2023 Wellness & Spiritual Retreat Options

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Join us for a 3-Day Subconscious and Sound Healing Retreat in Bend, Oregon!

Get ready to nourish yourself in a cocoon of subconscious and sound healing therapies designed to cleanse, awaken, and harmonize your mind, body, and soul! Our 3-day wellness retreats use energy psychology and vibrational medicine to activate your body’s innate healing power. You’ll learn to use your subconscious mind and therapeutic sound to remove limitations, expand potential, and achieve greater well-being. 

Subconscious & Sound Healing Retreats

Our retreats focus on the subconscious and sound to get to the root of issues creating symptoms and stress. We’ll explore how underlying beliefs and perceptions impact your life and how to use your mind to unlock a greater source of well-being. You’ll also enjoy vibrational sound baths that support overall harmony and flow.

We have three options for Wellness Retreats in Bend, Oregon…

1. Personal Wellness Retreat

Enjoy a one-on-one retreat that includes PSYCH-K, a form of energy psychology that helps remove the limitations in your life. You’ll also experience cutting-edge sound therapy sessions, including a Biofield Tuning Adrenal Rhythm Reset (A.R.R.), Sonic Shamanic Soul Retrieval, and Sacred Sound “Love Bath.” This retreat is the perfect way to relax, reset, and recharge!

2. Private Group Wellness Retreat

If you have a group of 4 or more, contact us to schedule a 3-Day Wellness Retreat and get started. View the sample Group Wellness Retreat Itinerary below.

3. Group Wellness Retreat Dates

Let us know if you would like to be added to our group retreat waitlist.

Contact us for details, pricing & to schedule a session!

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Group Wellness Retreat Itinerary

On retreat, you can look forward to inspiring talks, sound baths, guided meditations, gentle movement, and more. We design our retreats to be three hours a day so you have time to relax, explore, and get pampered. You’ll receive a Local Bend Itinerary with recommendations for resources, restaurants, trails, scenic drives, wellness classes, and other holistic services.

DAY ONE: Calm Your MIND — Cleanse & Release

3:00 pm Welcome Circle, Subconscious Activation & Group Biofield Tuning

4:00 pm Meditative Movement and Breath Work

5:00 pm Sacred Sound Bath 

  • Subconscious: Unearth old subconscious b.s. (belief systems), remove limitations, and unlock NEW possibilities. Get ready to release stress and trauma as you create a foundation for success with supportive beliefs around safety, protection, and trust.
  • Sound: Explore sound therapy for grounding, cleansing, and release. We’ll focus on the lower chakras and dive into your ancestral river.

DAY TWO: Relax Your BODY — Heal & Harmonize

12:00 pm Share Circle and Frequency Activation

1:00 pm Meditative Movement and Breath Work

2:00 pm Sacred Sound Bath

  • Subconscious: Activate a powerful healing response as you transform unresolved emotions, understand their messages, and resolve them with a fresh perspective.
  • Sound: Immerse yourself in coherent frequencies of harmonious sounds and expressions of sacred geometry. We’ll focus on the middle chakras, pampering your parasympathetic system and resetting your adrenal rhythm.

DAY THREE: Awaken Your SOUL — Recharge & Expand

9:00 am Meditative Movement and Breath Work

10:00 am Sacred Sound Bath

11:00 am Self-Love Activation and Closing Ceremony

  • Subconscious: Open your heart to align with more love, joy, abundance, and connection. Increase your self-love, self-worth, and confidence as you ignite your creativity, passion, and purpose to create a life you LOVE.
  • Sound: Bathe in a nourishing vibrational love bath that targets the higher chakras, attunes you to the cosmos, and amplifies your inner wisdom. Get ready to open to a deeper connection to yourself and source energy. 

*Event details are subject to change

Don’t miss this DEEPLY transformative experience!

Venue Options

Depending on your retreat experience, we have several venue options, including our office (Personal Retreats only), Hanai, and Juniper Preserve. Please note that our retreats do NOT include meals or accommodations, but we do provide recommendations.


Hanai is a sustainably designed and purposely built gathering space. It’s a hub for groups to consciously connect, learn, and grow together. You’ll love the sacred geometry design and open concepts that allow fresh air and energy to flow.

sound bath with kevin kraft
Kevin Kraft at Hanai

Juniper Preserve

Nestled among thousands of ancient Juniper trees, Juniper Preserve is located just outside of Bend. With inspiring views of the Cascade Mountains and a strong connection to nature, Juniper Preserve provides a sanctuary for healing and transformation. This destination has everything you need to relax, rest, and recharge, including a luxury spa, a heated saltwater pool, a hot tub, a yoga studio, top-ranked golf courses, and more!

juniper preserve things to do
Juniper Preserve Views
juniper preserve lodge
Juniper Lodge
luxury room wellness retreat or
Luxury Accommodations

Meet Your Retreat Team

Depending on your group’s size, additional healers may also join us. Our incredible wellness retreat team provides the ultimate experience. Get the guidance you need to relax, enjoy life more, and heal on a deeper level.

Cate Ritter

Cate is an experienced Wellness Coach and Retreat Leader. Using advanced training and experience from around the globe, Cate guides you in releasing the blocks preventing you from experiencing bliss. Our retreat modalities include PSYCH-K®, Biofield Tuning®, HeartMath®, movement, meditation, laughter, self-love, and more.

Kevin Kraft

Kevin is the Sounder and Founder of Soundshala in Bend, Oregon. He’s a sound healer and devoted yogi with extensive knowledge and advanced skills. Kevin’s incredible sound baths open and transport people to a relaxed and restful place where healing can occur. Get ready to walk away inspired and deeply rooted within yourself.

Donna Wolf

Donna is the owner and chief energy practitioner of Harmonic Sound Health. Her highest aspiration is to help you tune into and partner with the greater harmony that exists in the atoms of your being. Donna is heartfelt, intuitive, and grounded. She’s an exuberant soul with tremendous compassion for the struggles we all face as human beings.

We look forward to providing a relaxing retreat experience for YOU!

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