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Welcome to the "Ask Cate" section, curated to address your most pressing questions about wellness coaching and beyond. Over the years, I've encountered numerous questions that have helped shape my approach to healing. I invite you to explore the insights below to understand how we can collaborate on your  journey toward a life filled with love, purpose, and well-being.

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Clear the Blocks to Your Bliss

Why try PSYCH-K?

Try PSYCH-K to effectively reprogram subconscious limitations, especially if you're stuck or dissatisfied with your life. It aligns you with the life you want to create.

Why work with your subconscious? 

Although working with your conscious mind is valuable for change, it's like using a kid's sandbox shovel that works more superficially. Working with your subconscious is like using a powerful bulldozer that unearths underlying issues hindering your success.

What's the best way to prepare?

Explore our comprehensive PSYCH-K Resources. After scheduling, Cate will email you specific tips to prepare.

Should I try Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method with broad-reaching benefits. Tuning offers deep relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, emotional release. It also complements practices like PSYCH-K.

How do I prepare for sound therapy?

View Biofield Tuning to learn about the process and how to prepare. Before the session, please hydrate, remove your shoes, and get comfortable (on a couch or in bed). Noise-canceling headphones are great for promoting a more internal focus. This preparation sets the stage for a harmonious experience, making the most of the therapeutic potential of Biofield Tuning.

Transformational Wellness Programs

What are your programs and rates?

View Wellness Programs for details. We offer an hourly rate ($200) and 3- and 9-hour program options. The more you invest in yourself, the better the rate. Also, view our Wellness Retreats for upcoming personal and group wellness retreats in Bend, Oregon.

How do I get started?

Contact us to start with a one-hour PSYCH-K session. This intro session allows us to establish trust, uncover hidden stressors, and accelerate your personalized healing journey.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We strive to make the payment process seamless for our clients. Currently, we accept a variety of payment methods through PayPal. Contact us for payment plan options.

Do you offer remote sessions?

Most of our wellness coaching sessions are conveniently conducted via Zoom. We also offer in-person sessions, personal and group wellness retreats in Bend, Oregon.

"Cate really took the time to understand where I needed help the most and how best to tailor her approach toward those needs. Her coaching, guidance, and follow-up helped lock in all the great work we did. Thanks to her approach to PSYCH-K, I now have a better understanding and awareness of my subconscious and am using the tools she taught me daily."

Cheo, V. from Tuscany, Italy

Why Choose Cate Ritter Wellness?

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Who are you and how can you help me?

I'm Cate Ritter, an Intuitive Wellness Coach, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, and Biofield Tuning® Practitioner. My holistic approach helps you overcome limiting subconscious beliefs, suppressed emotions, chronic stress, health challenges, and more.

With a unique blend of qualifications and an intuitive knack, I offer actionable tools to shift perspective and activate your natural healing abilities. I empower you to break through your blocks and reach new levels of love, passion, purpose, and potential.

What is your approach to wellness?

As a wellness coach with over a decade of experience, I help others live more fulfilling, happier, and healthier lives. My comprehensive approach aims to soothe your mind, nourish your body, and awaken your soul.

From my experience, healing begins with self-love, and this love has the incredible potential to transform EVERY aspect of your life. However, to fully tap into this healing power, you must first remove your blocks, including limiting subconscious beliefs (nagging self-doubts), buried emotions (anger, sadness, etc.), and stagnant energy flow (stress, fear, etc.). We'll also explore overlooked areas of wellness like healing your inner child, past lives, shadow aspects, and ancestral imprints. By getting to the root of your issues, we create space for self-love and your life to flourish.

How did you get into this work?

My journey through wellness challenges led me to this profound work. Read Cate's Healing Journey.

Activate Your Inner Healer

Do you heal others?

I don't heal you — I empower you to become your own healer. Using subconscious reprogramming, sound therapy, and intuition, I hold space for you to activate your inner healing. I help you live a more heart-centered existence where you can rediscover your inner love and magnificence. I respect your journey, pace, and choices.

Why choose this approach?

I infuse LOVE, laughter, and light into all that I do.

I specialize in:

  • Easing you into a relaxed, healing state
  • Shifting your perspective and focus
  • Clearing the blocks limiting your potential
  • Grounding you in a state of calm resilience
  • Sharing insights for more effective healing
  • Celebrating all parts of you for a richer life experience

Do you work with people who've "tried everything" without success?

For those who've "tried everything" without success, the issue often lies in the subconscious. This is where you store ingrained belief systems (or "B.S." as I call them), suppressed emotions, and stagnant energy blocking you from being authentic and living a life you love.

PSYCH-K can be a game-changer! Using PSYCH-K, I target these deep-rooted beliefs and emotional blocks to facilitate genuine change. It's like a spring cleaning for your mind, making space for new, empowering beliefs and a renewed sense of well-being.

Do you offer any self-help resources?

View our Wellness Blog for info to support your well-being.

Empower Transformation

What's one game-changer you can implement to feel better?

Be gentle, loving, and kind to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the tone for how the world interacts with you. Believe it or not, self-love can ripple out and transform the world at large. We're all spiritual beings navigating the human experience. The sooner we recognize our inherent divinity and embrace our potential, the sooner we can mirror that sublime beauty back into the world. Your perception of reality isn't just a passive experience; your internal dialogue and core beliefs shape it.

What makes your coaching special?

Our coaching stands out for its holistic approach, targeting mind, body, and soul as one system for sustainable wellness. Rather than offering surface-level fixes, we delve into root causes to help you become your most authentic self.

Although many wellness programs offer a quick fix for the body, they often ignore the intricate web of your mind and soul. We dive deeper to address the root causes affecting all facets of you. Understanding the symbiotic relationship between your mind, body, and soul can pave a more effective pathway to lasting wellness.

"From the moment I met Cate, I felt comfortable and at ease. Cate has a real calming energy. She helped me unpack and reprogram ancestral patterns and release beliefs that no longer served a purpose. I felt shifts immediately. I’ve felt lighter and freer since our PSYCH-K sessions. I’m truly grateful for all that she has helped me release. I definitely recommend her!"

Nisha I. from Sydney, Australia

Actively Participate in Your Healing

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What's the best approach to healing? 

It's rooted in love, learning, and curiosity. Love is the cornerstone, creating a safe space for transformation and self-acceptance. Learning offers tools to understand the root causes affecting your mind, body, and soul. Curiosity invites exploration, allowing you to ask questions and discover your authenticity.

When you combine these elements, you're not just going through the motions but actively participating in your wellness journey.

Four Principles for Self-Healing

Whether you're seeking more freedom, connection, or vitality, I provide guidance on your self-healing path. By leveraging key principles of conscious awareness, interconnection, self-love, and flow, you'll live with greater clarity, confidence, and joy.

Here are four core principles I weave into our sessions:

1. Cultivate Conscious Awareness

The first step toward healing is awareness of the present. Breaking free from limiting beliefs and expanding consciousness provides more clarity, confidence, and connection in your life. Like Ram Dass, you can affirm: "I am loving awareness."

2. Connect to Your True Nature

We're all interconnected, part of a unified whole. Shatter the illusion of separation, which often fuels struggle. As Deepak Chopra said," You are not the drop in the ocean, but the ocean in a drop."

3. Choose Love Over Lack

Transition from scarcity ("I'm not enough") to abundance ("I'm enough"). Fill those voids of lack with love. Healing begins within. Your healing journey will be much more effective and enjoyable from a place of love rather than lack. 

4. Flow, Don't Force

Stop forcing, start flowing. Step out of stress and activate natural healing. Express emotions, make peace with the past, and embrace change. Your well-being ripples out to benefits others and beyond. 

Ready to Try a New Approach to Wellness? 

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