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Synctuition Deep Meditation Program

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Have you tried Synctuition? This deep meditation program can take your mindfulness, intuition, and health to the next level!

What is Synctuition?

Synctuition is a deep meditation program designed to help you relax, reduce stress, and increase intuition. Listening to Synctuition for 25 minutes has the same effect as four hours of regular meditation! This type of meditation is unique, POWERFUL, and backed by science. Some of the world’s leading sound experts and researchers have come together to create this unique meditation experience that includes personalized frequency, 3D sounds, binaural beats, and brainwave entrainment.

Using the Synctuition app is easy. Simply put your headphones on and close your eyes as you prepare for an awesome audio adventure! Synctuition uses “magically realistic audio soundscapes” to transport your mind to a deep meditation experience and it feels so real! You’ll feel super relaxed as you sink deeper into the hypnotically soothing sounds. Synctuition is much more fun and engaging than regular meditation. You won’t be thinking, “Am I doing this right? How much longer do I have to do this?” Whether you’re a beginner or advanced meditator, you’ll look forward to this daily meditation practice.

Why Synctuition?

Synctuition goes beyond meditation. “Unlike regular music or other meditation programs, Synctuition stimulates the brain and uses its natural neuroplasticity to create millions of new synapses…” This enhances creativity, intuition, and decision-making skills. The increase in brain connectivity keeps your mind sharp and refreshed.

How does it work? Synctuition uses advanced sound technology to guide you into a deep meditation. Each session is an exciting adventure into self-knowledge, mental clarity, and stress relief. Your journeys include personalized frequency, binaural beats, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, gamma waves, and 3D sounds. The 3D sounds make it feel like you’re there in real life. It’s the best meditation music ever! 

This meditation tool takes you on a journey to embrace your true self and create a life you LOVE! During each experience, you’ll discover more about yourself, your life, and your purpose. It helps you connect with your inner voice that knows the right path for your highest good.

Start Meditating…

  • Download the Synctuition App to sign up
  • Set aside 25 minutes of your time
  • Sit or lay down in a quiet space
  • Optional: cover your eyes with an eye pillow or towel
  • Use stereo headphones to begin your sound healing journey!

Sound Healing

Synctuition is sound healing at the highest level. It’s been designed with the help of top medical experts, neurologists, psychologists, musicians, and sound engineers. They spent over a decade analyzing research on audio therapy and stress to create the best sounds to calm your mind. Then, they recorded and created each audio track to create a perfect formula of specially composed and natural sounds to reduce stress.

Healing Meditation

There are countless benefits to using Synctuition. This form of healing meditation has the same benefits as meditation, sound baths, and more!

  • Benefit brain health
  • Reduce stress, fear, anxiety, worry, and depression
  • Improve your mindset, health, sleep, and well-being
  • Increase happiness, creativity, and intuition
  • Feel more connected to yourself, others, and spirit
  • Heal mind, body, and soul!

Improve Health

Got health problems? Start healing with Synctuition! Scientists have found that as many as 80% of us live mostly from a stress response. This stressed state puts healing on hold, so if you have any health problems, then start by calming your mind. Acting like a brain bath and mind massage, Synctuition releases high amounts of feel-good hormones to create a healing response. Only when your body is in a relaxed state can it fully heal. 

Benefit Your Brain

Want to give your brain a workout? Synctuition is a gym for your brain. This deep meditation trains your brain to benefit your mental health. “Each 25-minute sound journey creates over a million new synapses as a result of the expansive mental imagery that is generated in the mind during the listening experience.” These new synapses improve brain function, decision-making, and more. Using Synctuition is the perfect way to prepare your brain for stimulation or sleep.

Sleep Better

You can use the Synctuition app any time of day, but it’s especially relaxing before bed. “Synctuition has worked with some of the world’s leading neurologists to develop the perfect sound frequency to help you fall asleep easily, sleep deeper, and wake up more refreshed and rested than before — completely naturally.” The specific combination of binaural beats and 3D sounds help clear your mind of negative thoughts, stress, and worries. This is great for preparing your body for a restful night’s sleep.

Does Synctuition work?

Every Synctuition session includes special sound frequencies that help relax your body and benefit your brain. Check out the Synctuition science…

Personalized Frequency

Want a customized meditation program? To get started, this sound healing program utilizes personalized voice frequency. Before you use Synctuition, you’ll record a short voice sample to allow the app to mix that frequency into your sound journeys to give you a deeper meditation experience. Incorporating a frequency you’re familiar with creates more feelings of safety and comfort. As a result, this puts your mind at ease during your meditation.

3D Sounds

Ready to feel like you’re experiencing your sound healing session in person? Well, you can with Synctuition! This program includes 3D sounds to deliver an authentic and real experience. The creators of this incredible meditation tool specially recorded binaural sound technology to allow you to hear sounds as they happen in real life. Mixed with precise frequencies, this makes your brain respond as if you’re there in person. That’s why it’s best to wear stereo headphones for these meditative adventures.

Binaural Beats

Synctuition uses specific binaural beats in the Gamma ~40Hz range. This “magical frequency range” increases connections in your brain. As a result, it enhances neural talk and intuitive processes. Binaural beats are also great for reducing stress. Even twenty minutes of listening to binaural beats can increase parasympathetic activation. It takes your body out of a stress response and into a relaxed state that’s beneficial for healing, sleep, and other vital functions in the body.

Brainwave Entrainment

What could make your meditation even more relaxing? How about some brainwave entrainment! Synctuition includes brainwave entrainment frequencies and rhythmic synchronization to improve brain function. This also stimulates whole-body relaxation. These specific brainwave frequencies and rhythms decrease stress and promote relaxation. Brainwave entrainment is also beneficial for memory, learning, mental performance, and therapeutic rehabilitation. This makes Synctuition great for people of all ages. You can use it to boost your child’s developing brain. It’s also a great way to keep an adult’s brain young and healthy.

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Synctuition Review

“My experience with Synctuition has been INCREDIBLE! I’ve made more progress using this program in a few months than I have meditating regularly for over a decade! It’s truly a game-changer for self-discovery, increasing intuition, and transformation. I’ve always found it challenging to go deep with meditation. But, Synctuition enables me to enter what feels like a magical realm between deep meditation and lucid dreaming. It’s unlike any meditation I’ve ever experienced. Each track invites you on a journey to expand your consciousness, re-discover who you are, and blossom into the most badass version of yourself! I highly recommend this as a daily tool to reduce stress, feel more grounded, and increase mindfulness.”

— Cate Ritter, Wellness Coach

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