lemon water health benefits

One of the best things you can do for your health is to drink lemon water upon waking.

Brighten your day and benefit your health with this citrus superstar!

Lemon water is bursting with tart flavor and health benefits. This fruit increases hydration and helps cleanse your body. That’s why drinking a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice in water when you rise will help you shine the rest of the day! This bright addition to your morning routine can certainly result in BIG health improvements.

Health Benefits of Lemons

Lemons are an alkaline source of vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, and electrolytes. As a result, these nutrients work together to support immune function, detoxification, digestion, and weight loss.

Hydration Helper

Rich in electrolytes, lemons help hydrate the body. Potassium, in particular, nourishes brain cells, supports the nervous system, and controls blood pressure.

“Lemon water is the perfect way to hydrate, purify, and revitalize your body each morning.”
Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium

Immune Booster

Lemons are high in immune-boosting vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Consequently, these nutrients are excellent for reducing inflammation and preventing illness. Also, include the peel when possible as it’s particularly rich in anti-cancer compounds, called limonoids.

Detox Delight

Especially when enjoyed first thing in the morning, fresh lemon juice can help cleanse the liver. Eliminating toxins reduces body fat, clears acne and rejuvenates the skin. This citrus fruit also stimulates bile production and elimination to aid digestion and dissolve gallstones. It can even inhibit kidney stone growth and harmful calcium build up.

Digestive Support

Enjoy lemon water 10 minutes before meals to aid digestion. As a result, this can stimulate digestive juices that break down, absorb and process nutrients. Especially when combined with warm water, lemon juice increases peristalsis, the muscle contractions involved in elimination. This is why lemons are especially helpful for alleviating constipation.

Weight Loss Winner

Did you know lemons are excellent for weight loss? That’s right, this fruit can help reduce body fat. Their pectin fiber reduces hunger cravings, while their beneficial acids lower blood sugar levels. They can even slow down the digestion of carbs.

Alkaline Lover

Although acidic in nature, this citrus fruit becomes one of the most alkaline foods on the planet once metabolized by the body. As a result of creating a highly alkaline internal environment, lemons can help decrease inflammation and reduce this risk of disease.

How to Enjoy

Try this lip-puckering fruit juiced in warm water, green drinks, and dressings. This citrus delight is also delicious squeezed onto bananas, fruit salads, mixed green salads, veggies, chicken or fish. Enjoy the Homemade Lemonade recipe below for a refreshing treat.

Fresh Homemade Lemonade

Full of flavor, this refreshing lemonade is sure to satisfy your senses and your thirst!

Serves 1
2 cups of water
2 organic whole lemons
raw local honey, to taste
ice (optional)
Instructions: Add ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth. Strain and enjoy cold.

Note: Many of the nutritional benefits of lemons are in the peel. So enjoy organic lemons whole for best results.

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