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How to Stop Self-Sabotage: 9 Tips to Prioritize Your Self-Care

stop self sabotage

Ready to break free from self-sabotage and unlock your true potential in health and life?

If self-sabotage has become a roadblock to your well-being, it’s time to break free! Constantly striving, attempting to control outcomes, and placing pressure on yourself can leave you drained and dissatisfied. In this post, we’ll explore how to stop self-sabotage and cover nine tips to prioritize self-care to create a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Many people unknowingly self-sabotage due to underlying subconscious belief systems, suppressed emotions, and energy blocks that keep them fixated on the past or anxious about the future. This wastes a tremendous amount of creative power. The key to co-creating the health and life you desire lies in the present moment. The destructive patterns fueled by feelings of scarcity and inadequacy, such as excessive guilt, overthinking, and over-accommodating, leave you exhausted on all levels. However, there’s no need to criticize yourself. Recognizing your “low-battery mode” is a clear sign to prioritize your self-care.

9 Tips to Prioritize Your Self-Care

Are you ready to unlock new levels of success and LOVE for life? If you find yourself feeling stuck, it’s time to pause and reconnect with yourself. Get started on your journey with these nine tips to prioritize self-care. These suggestions will recharge and elevate your energy, improve your overall well-being, expand your mindset, and help you tap into a state of co-creative flow more frequently. Say goodbye to self-sabotage and welcome the success you deserve. It’s time to heal and embrace a life filled with joy and fulfillment. Let’s do it!

woman breathing deeply into flowers

1. Breathe Deeply

Harnessing the power of your breath grounds you in the present moment, enhances your well-being, and alleviates stress. Your breath is your ultimate energy source, a vital life force that keeps you vibrant and alive. By consciously engaging in deep breathing, particularly in natural environments where free electrons are present (like outside), you amplify the flow of electrical energy throughout your body. The result? Improved health, restful sleep, better brain function, and many other benefits. Embrace the electric potential within your breath and unlock a world of vitality and wellness.

Breathing deeply supports emotional healing, which is often the underlying healing needed.

How you hold and suppress emotions, whether it’s anxiety, depression, grief, anger, or any other, directly impacts the flow of your breath and energy, leading to an imbalance within your system. Shallow, rapid breaths often reflect stress, overthinking, and fear. However, cultivating mindfulness of your breath can swiftly shift your mindset and redirect your energy towards more positive outcomes. When your breath flows freely, so does your overall health and the quality of your life. Begin by observing moments when you hold your breath and where it feels restricted. Take a few deep, nourishing breaths into your belly, and audibly exhale with an “ah” sound to release built-up tension. Walking and yoga can further support conscious breathing and help you regain inner harmony.

2. Rest & Recharge

Making self-care a priority is crucial for your health and happiness. If you’re feeling depleted, give yourself permission to recharge. Allow yourself to pause, take a beat, and circle back. Put aside your to-do list and learn to say “no” to tasks that don’t align with your desires. Establish boundaries and create space in your schedule for activities like meditation, relaxation, taking a nap or getting quality sleep. Rest is an invaluable tool that supports your body’s natural healing abilities and replenishes your energy. Avoid sabotaging yourself by attempting to push through exhaustion. Now is the time to restore your vitality and rejuvenate your spirit. Recharging helps you feel your best and allows for a smoother, more effortless flow in your life. Embrace the power of rest, and don’t resist the opportunity to replenish your energy reserves.

beach yoga woman

3. Get Clear & Move

Creating the outcome you want starts by getting clear about WHAT you want. Take a moment to ask yourself two crucial questions: (1) What do I passionately desire? and (2) What approach will best help me co-create this desired outcome? Put your answers into writing and be as specific as possible. Visualize what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and sense in that ideal scenario. CLarity is a powerful tool to set your intention and focus your attention. Remember, where your attention goes, your energy flows. By honing in on what you want with clarity, you pave the way for manifesting your desires.

If you are trapped in stagnation or sluggishness, breaking free starts with movement. You can release stagnation and stimulate the flow of energy, ideas, and solutions by getting your body in motion. Discover activities that are both enjoyable and engage your body in a mindful way, such as dancing, rebounding, running, walking, hiking, swimming, or practicing yoga. As you gain clarity and engage in movement, you’ll get into the groove more swiftly. Remember, movement is a physical endeavor and a catalyst for mental and emotional shifts. So, lace up your shoes, find your rhythm, and let the power of movement propel you forward.

4. Get to the Root

At the root of most issues are suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, and energy blocks. Many people focus on physical healing and get frustrated when diet and exercise fall short. There are more effective methods for digging deeper. Using a blend of subconscious reprogramming (PSYCH-K) and sound therapy (Biofield Tuning), Cate helps you shift perspective, transform old b.s. (belief systems), and release buried emotions that drain you. PSYCH-K proves particularly beneficial in addressing self-worth, self-love, safety, and trust, which form the foundation for success. Additionally, a Biofield Tuning Adrenal Rhythm Reset helps recalibrate your nervous system, inducing relaxation that promotes recharging and healing.

connecting to nature lavender field

5. Connect With Nature

Immerse yourself in the healing essence of nature, connecting with its vibrant frequencies. Step outside and align with the rhythm of the natural world. Bask in the sunlight, listen to the melodious birdsong, find solace near flowing water, embrace forest bathing, and ground your feet to the earth. By tuning into nature’s energy, you awaken your inherent connection to the cosmos, tapping into your true essence as an integral part of the universe.

The illusion of separation is at the root of nearly every issue.

All is truly one… ONE light, energy, and source. Nurturing a profound connection with yourself, others, and the natural world is vital for your well-being. Remember, you are forever intertwined with everything around you; the entire universe resides within. As a microcosm of the macrocosm, experiencing this profound interconnectedness brings a sense of belonging and contentment—a rarity in today’s society. Amidst the relentless pursuit of external fulfillment, nature is our most incredible wellspring of timeless wisdom, offering solace and guidance on our journey.

6. Nourish Yourself

To recharge, hydrate and eat a high frequency diet. Drink plenty of fresh spring water or filtered structured water throughout your day. Avoid self-sabotage by steering clear of junk food. Instead, opt for a high-frequency diet of natural, organic, whole, and living foods. These healthy choices carry abundant life and light force, providing vital electromagnetic energy for your electric body and overall well-being. Prioritize fresh fruits and vegetables grown under the nurturing sun in organic soil. Embrace a rainbow of vibrant, fresh, whole foods while minimizing packaged items that offer minimal nutrients or life-sustaining energy.

woman in rain smiling shift perspective

7. Shift Perspective

Perspective plays a HUGE role in your enjoyment of life. Unfortunately, many individuals are confined to narrow perspectives due to limiting subconscious perceptions. Instead of perceiving reality as it truly is, they view it through filters reinforcing their deeply ingrained belief systems. Consider, for instance, a limiting belief that you are unwanted, stemming from being perceived as an accidental pregnancy. In such a case, your filters unconsciously highlight evidence supporting this belief. Even when surrounded by people who genuinely care about you, you may struggle to fully embrace their affection until you address and remove this internal blockage.

It’s important not to be too hard on yourself if you find yourself in this situation. It’s nothing personal, and it’s not your fault. The good news is, there are practical solutions to stop subconscious self-sabotage and shift perspective. Using a unique blend of healing modalities, Cate guides you in clearing old b.s. (belief systems), releasing buried emotions, and changing how you think and, thus, live. Your thoughts create your reality.

Even the smallest shift in perspective can help you see the world in a whole NEW light! 

8. Express Yourself IRL

Many people swallow their words and don’t say what they want. Then, they spend tons of mental energy sabotaging themselves by staying stuck on something in the past. Expressing yourself I.R.L. (in real time) is one of the best ways to stay present and maintain harmony. Express yourself as soon as discomfort arises. If you’re upset with someone, find a way to diplomatically speak your truth AND allow them to do the same. Express yourself through talking, writing, singing, dancing, laughing, crying, or creating. Let things flow without attachment. Staying clear with others in each moment prevents you from lugging around a sack of uncompleted conversations that drain you. The better you can express yourself, the better things flow with your health and life. 

Don’t forget to express what you’re grateful for too. Gratitude is the most coherent waveform there is. If you’re feeling depressed or sad, then list all the things you’re grateful for and write something new daily. This greatly benefits your vibration. Celebrate EVERY success. When your body hears you appreciate the little things, your energy opens up to even more amazing things to appreciate.

9. Surrender to the Process

Slow down and enjoy the process of life. Be playful, have fun, and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Watch or read funny things, hang out with friends, practice cracking yourself up, and don’t sabotage yourself by taking things too seriously. Surrender to the journey and embrace the expansive energy of possibility. Although it’s tempting to keep your kung fu grip on control, controlling comes from a lack of trust. Control drains your energy and stops the POWERFUL co-creation process.

Stop the self-sabotage cycle, get curious, and open to the infinite potential within and around you. How good could this get? Set intentions, stay present, and trust. Trusting allows you to approach decisions out of love instead of fear. Take the pressure off of having to know it all. Nothing is “good/bad.” Everything is an opportunity to learn, grow, and expand. Don’t wait to enjoy your life until some perfectly planned future. From now on, surrender to the process and commit to doing more of what you enjoy every day. The more you get out of your way, love yourself and love your life, the more you inspire others to do the same.

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