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Discover the transformative power of PSYCH-K! Using specific postures and movements to create a Whole-Brain State, PSYCH-K allows you to address underlying issues affecting your health and life. Through reprogramming limiting subconscious beliefs and tapping into higher levels of consciousness, PSYCH-K offers a simple yet potent approach to enhance every aspect of your life. From improving your well-being to addressing stress, trauma, fear, finances, career, relationships, and more, PSYCH-K helps unlock your potential.

biofield tuning relaxation support

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a revolutionary sound therapy method that uses specialty tuning forks to deeply relax your nervous system and activate a natural healing response.

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private wellness coaching

Wellness Coaching

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or develop a healthier relationship with food, Cate can help. She gets to the root of your symptoms so you can heal on all levels.

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relaxing wellness spiritual retreat

Spiritual Retreats

Our 3-Day Wellness and Spiritual Retreats in Bend, Oregon are the perfect way to reduce stress, get healthier, boost vitality, reconnect with yourself, and feel alive again!

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Wellness Coach, Cate Ritter

As a Wellness Coach, I help you overcome the barriers blocking your happiness and success by addressing the core issues affecting your mind, body, and soul. We'll collaborate to transform limiting belief systems, buried emotions, and stress that keep you feeling stuck and frustrated. By letting go of stagnant energy, you'll discover new opportunities and tap into your limitless capacity for healing. This allows you to connect with your soul, love, and Source, creating a profound sense of home within yourself.

Coaching Testimonials

Beyond Amazed

“I have worked with Cate for PSYCH-K and Biofield Tuning, and I am beyond amazed by the results I am experiencing. Working with her has helped me to transform and let go of old beliefs that I had difficulty changing on my own.

Cate is uplifting, makes our sessions fun, and I receive incredible perception shifts in a short amount of time. I feel powerful and liberated, and I am so thankful for her services. I highly recommend working with Cate!”

— Melissa K. from Bend, OR

Inner Peace & Joy

erica bend testimonial“Hi Cate! I just wanted to send gratitude for all the help that you’ve given me throughout our PSYCH-K sessions. PSYCH-K has truly transformed my life and helped me reach a level of inner peace and joy that I honestly didn’t think was attainable. You've helped me overcome some of the greatest struggles and traumas that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. I don’t even have the words to describe the impact you’ve had on my life. I’m genuinely grateful and I love you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait for our next session!”

— Erica S. from Oregon

Transformative Process

"After doing PSYCH-K with Cate, I am speechless! Cate embodies every possible attribute that one would want in someone who will guide you through this transformative and powerful process. She’s the perfect balance of knowledgeable, warm, confident yet gentle and fun! She celebrates your success just as much as you! She is truly special and I couldn't imagine having gone through this process with anyone else. Not to mention that the process of PSYCH-K is very real and very transformative, but that part will speak for itself, you will see. Cate, you were born for this and I am so grateful that I was guided to you!"

— Jenny M. from New Hampshire

Mind-Blowing Experience

new york testimonial“I met Cate back in 2019 in the Amazonian Jungle of Peru where we went through Shipibo Shamanism Training. That was an amazing experience where I first learned about PSYCH-K. Cate introduced me to the concepts of PSYCH-K and the connection between what was happening in my life and my underlying subconscious beliefs. My first PSYCH-K session was SUPER MIND-BLOWING. I was not aware of how much self limiting beliefs can prevent us from growing even after doing ALL sorts of other work. After additional sessions, I’ve continued to notice how much more at ease my body is and how much easier it is to self-regulate. The old thought patterns and other things that previously stressed me out or made me feel uneasy are no longer doing that! What I’ve especially enjoyed are the benefits and potential of PSYCH-K to accelerate my development and growth. It supercharges all the other healing work you do and Cate is there to guide you every step of the way. She is an amazing bundle of joy and happiness. I cannot recommend her enough. If you have the privilege of doing PSYCH-K with Cate… don’t wait. I know the impact it has had on my life. It has given me the perspective that, when we remove the roadblocks, anything is possible! Like anything else, the PSYCH-K sessions need to be integrated. However, I will say that the work you do on yourself becomes much easier and effective after PSYCH-K. Thank you, Cate!”

— Jessie R. from New York

Huge Emotional & Physical Release

“Wow, my Biofield Tuning experience was intense! The tuning process felt like a huge wave of emotional and physical release. Like a hidden weight I had been carrying for years came out of the depths and poured out of me. Every molecule in my body was vibrating. It was the first time I actually felt like I was not a solid being. Immediately afterwards I felt calm, relaxed and exhausted. In the following days I've felt much more calm, stable, and resilient to the stressors in my currently turbulent life.  I owe Cate a debt of gratitude for all the transformative subconscious and energy work we've done.”

— Kate M. from Sisters, Oregon

BIG Improvements

"I had been studying Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Eckhart Tolle and others and became very interested in PSYCH-K. Since working with Cate I’ve noticed subtle, yet BIG improvements. I didn’t realize how tense I was before. Now, my body is much more relaxed. I feel calmer and more peaceful with much less stress and worry. I’m not being triggered as much. Things definitely flow better and I’ve noticed a lot more synchronicities.

Overall, I feel PSYCH-K has helped me see things more clearly from a fresh perspective. I’m more creative, intuitive, and trusting in the process of life. I can’t thank you enough for all of the positive tools you've given me, Cate. I’m so excited for more time with you! You are such a blessing in my life. Much LOVE to you!”

— Vicky C. from Nevada

Trusted Wellness Coach

testimonial florida dave"To use a golf analogy, Cate has every tool in the bag to help you with your nutritional, psychological and wellness needs. Whether you're an athlete trying to achieve peak performance, or someone who simply wants to improve their overall health and state of mind, Cate will help you accomplish your goal. She'll also provide you with a game plan, words of wisdom, and motivation when you need it most."

— Dave A. from Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Immediate Shift

"It is almost unbelievable how much healing took place in just one session with Cate. I felt an immediate shift during the session. She helped me in so many ways.”

— Erik V. from Moelv, Norway

Liberating & Empowering

“Before attending a Personal Wellness Retreat with Cate, I was really struggling. I felt exhausted, stressed, and worried most of the time. Fortunate to have found this holistic retreat, I signed up immediately. Cate used a variety of methods to guide me in releasing old emotions and trauma that I was unknowingly holding onto. It felt liberating and empowering! Throughout my 3-Day Retreat, I was pampered from head to toe! She prepared a customized itinerary for me with all the things I love to do and at a pace that was relaxing. Can’t recommend this enough.”

— Jill from Portland, Oregon

Elevated & Euphoric

“After doing PSYCH-K, I’ve been feeling somewhat elevated and have been enjoying integrating my belief statements into my daily life. Directly following our session, I felt almost euphoric and have been doing better since. And extra crazy and vivid dreams, too! Thank you again!”

— Maggie C. from Michigan

Joyful & Heart Healing

biofield tuning testimonial Washington

“From the moment I met Cate, I could feel her passion and enthusiasm for guiding others into a space of healing. She took me through a journey to my inner child and communicated with me in a motivating and compassionate way. The joy I felt during the session really touched my inner child and heart. I love her spark for life and how she approaches everything with curiosity. I knew right away that she would make Biofield Tuning her own and create something extraordinary to offer the world. Cate is a beautiful, kind, and compassionate soul. We all need someone like her on our journey to healing and self-discovery. I'm so excited and appreciative to be on this journey with her.”

— Marion H. from Port Orchard, WA